Want some hands-on time with IntelliScreenX before it is officially released tomorrow?

If you watched our video walkthrough of IntelliScreenX, then no doubt, the answer to that question is an emphatic yes.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 5, then check inside for the details you need to try out IntelliScreenX right now

To try out the beta, simply add the following beta repo to your Cydia sources: http://www.intelliborn.com/isxbeta

If you need help adding the repo, check out this tutorial.

Once the repo is added, you can download IntelliScreenX from the changes section in Cydia.

There are a few features that differ a bit, but for the most part you can pretty much expect it to be like everything contained in the video below:

For your iPad owners, unfortunately IntelliScreenX is only supported on the iPhone and iPod touch thus far.

What are your personal thoughts on IntelliScreenX now that you’ve gone hands-on with it? Does it live up to your expectations?


  • Jacob Nørgaard

    A few other notes:

    SBSettings – latest beta (12, I believe) works fine with this, but add a fewof SBSettings’ options, and I might even uninstall SBSettings!

    It crashed on a few occasions, need a respring. I’ve yet to need a reboot, not even on install. But the the times it crashed, I lost ALL springboard icon layouts, ie. complete folder in folder (via FolderEnhancer) and rearranging 160 icons is RATHER tiresome. Is there no iOS 5 compatible app that saves the springboard layout it at least some manual way of saving FolderEnhancer’s layout?

    • Katie

      Springtomize will save icon layout, but you’ll have too wait for Springtomize2 if you want IOS 5 compatability

    • ReanimationXP

      After setting them up the way you like them you could always use PKGBackup to save, then restore your .plist backups for springboard?

    • Mike

      I have tried to install IntelliscreenX a few times now and it just crashes Springboard into safe mode every time. Could this be due to incompatibility with SB settings?

  • Dennis

    Does someone know how to fix an issue I have with keyboard display in facebook and twitter? I cannot post anything since no keyboard appears.

    • Yohanas

      I think, respring will fix the issue.

    • Meh

      In Twitter to display the keyboard you press the + tab in the upper right corner next to where it says Timeline, then press the tweet tab, then the keyboard will appear. Also pressing the Twitter tab on the top left will display your Twitter mentions.

      Same thing for Facebook, press the + tab in the upper right corner then post, the keyboard will display.

      • davl3232

        the keyboard works fine that way, the only way it doesnt is when you open the notification center in landscape mode.

  • Not there

    Nothing there for me. Did a reprint also.

  • I am a little new to the jailbreaking scene but were it shows the time and the twitter notifications why can’t I see that on mine after installing IntelliScreenX? I went through all the settings but could not find anything that I might of missed. Is it any extra app that I have to d/l?

  • Please ignore my previous post since I just hit reset settings and everything seems to be working correctly now.

  • + works fine and amazing app

    – disable all sbsettings
    – drains battery

  • ben

    sbsettings works fine with mine
    Fantastic app worth buying

  • Vik

    Installed the new mobile substrate update today and now my phone cannot stay stable with IntelliScreen X installed. It was working before (although rather slowly) with the exception of the facebook feed not loading. Ive had to remove it in order to stay out of safe mode ever since the new mobile substrate.

  • Zt

    How do I add idownloadblog rss feed I add it and it won’t load

  • How do I add idownloadblog rss feed

  • They should add this:
    1. In ‘ISX QuickSettings’ switches such as: 3G, Location and Autolock, they could be split into two tabs with 4 options.

    2. Separate tabs with options such as: Respring, Reboot, Power Off, Lock and Safe Mode with confirmation of the action, so you don’t accidentally click.

    3. Able to add pages with selected widgets, for example, widget ‘Marketplace’ annoying me in the center of the notification.

    • Ok, switches 3G we don’t need to becasue it’s on ‘Data’ switcher, it switches from None-3G-E.

  • Jacob Nørgaard

    Occasionally, I need to respring in order to get feeds updating. I am not quite sure what causes it, but it certainly is annoying in the long run and should be a priority bugfix.

    Anyone know what is the cause?

    • I don’t have this problem, I’m using pull to refresh and it’s working just fine.

      • Jacob Nørgaard

        That does NOT work all the time, I have to respring a few times a day. Just updated to a new version, though changelog didn’t mention anything about refresh bugs. But since a respring helps, it’s gotta be a wee bug.

  • Jas God

    anyone havin problems with the recent update? it’s caused my 3GS to go into a non stop crash mode respring, wasn’t having any problems previously. had to restore my phone twice now- I had just purchased it too, dammit.

  • Xbbetterx

    Started the free trial and am so far completely in love haven’t had any of the problemsive read about and I’ve pretty much tested everything. I do however seem to be at a lose on adding idownloadblog rss so if someone could point me in the direction of the http:// it would be appreciated 🙂 thnx

  • Jacob Nørgaard

    1.0.17 here, Sometimes pressing “post” on facebook/twitter sends the actual text box flying up and out of the screen, leaving just the keyboard. But not all the time.

    Oh, and is there no official thread for bug reports for this?

  • IOS-5


    having problem with recent update, it keep loading springboard.
    no luck with tether jailbreak again.

  • Mk32

    Hello all,
    It seems I do NOT get he toggles to change settings..
    When I do the pull down nothing comes up, I have SBsettings installed alongside and it works. I have tried re installing, removing SBS etc none seems to fix it.
    However besides that one bug, loving it 😀
    btw I am on an iPhone 4

    • You need to set it in ‘Notification center”, take ‘ISX QuickSetting’ to “In IntelliScreenX Top Shelf” and it will be working just fine like in my phone.

  • i hav intelliscreenX n every time i slidedown the nc it crashes 🙁 how do i fix this problem

  • Mario Candia-Martinez

    The email and calendar feature doesn’t have the “update” function that intelliscreen original had. With IntelliScreenX, I have to first update my emails by going into the email application and then they show up on IntelliScreenX. With IntelliScreen, there was a small button that would allow full email syncing with one tap.

    If you have automatically pushed email, this is not an issue, it is for me because I have turned off the push feature to save battery.


  • I’d love it but I have some question if I perform the clear function of mail and message at first homepage, how can I recovery it or add another one?

  • hey do you get the code immediate lie or do they send it to your house