Apart from the weekly app sales we see from developers, there are other ways to get good deals on games. One way, for instance, is to go to Starbucks. If you don’t mind their coffee, the retailer gives away free apps to their customers.

But what if you don’t like coffee? Well then you could check Apple’s App Store Facebook site. According to TouchArcade, the company has started giving away free app promo codes to Facebook users that “Like” the App Store’s page…

Apple is currently giving away free promo codes to the popular Jetpack Joyride title. The game is normally $0.99 in the App Store, but you can grab it for free by visiting Facebook.com/AppStore. Here’s TouchArcade‘s explanation of the promotion:

“It’s the first of a new promotion process courtesy of Apple, and I can’t wait to see what else they end up giving away for free. Now, I’ve got no idea either how long this promotion is going to last, when it’s going to rotate to something else, and how many promo codes there are to give away…”

Seeing as how no one really knows how long this app giveaway is going to last, you may want to act fast. If you don’t want the game or already own it, it looks like you can give your free copy to someone else. Here’s hoping that Apple makes this a weekly or monthly event.

Did you grab your free copy?

  • john

    of course

  • Burge

    For the first time I get a free app that’s been shown on iDB..even though it wasnt from you I thank you for the heads up
    THANKS ….

  • Daniel

    Unfortunately Australia is not an eligible country.

    You only find out after you approve the website to access your FB info and click Like.

    • MrMBerman

      You can anytime dislike and invoke access to your FB info via account settings > Apps..Try this code I got a spare 9TMPNLNHXJ33

      • Daniel

        Thanks but looks looks like I was a little too late and it was already redeemed.

        Oh well.

  • SJ

    got it!

  • Burge

    Ps ..cool game..thanks again..

  • jamesandyori

    Thanks Cody!

    I just got it!

  • AsianLeader

    You guys are the best, Got it πŸ™‚

  • Thanks! I got one! Valid from Philippines Apple account.

  • Wow lol I literally just bought this game 10 minutes ago.. Wow…

  • albertgrv

    got it . hey guys when you first launch it what jetpack do you have? the stock one or the steampunk one?



  • AJ

    Lol just bought the game this morning.

  • Taz

    I liked it on Facebook. Now what? I haven’t got a promo code… Help?

    • Weebsurfer

      Same here? Is there more too it?

      • Like the article says, just visit facebook.com/appstore. You should see a big image in the middle of the page about the free app promo, with a red button that says “Get app now.” Click it, and follow the instructions.

        Thanks for reading!

  • Weebsurfer

    Finally got it… And let alone the article didn’t give those details @cody, the mobile page kinda sucked and showed only the latest wall post. You have to do the whole “allow this app to steal your soul” thing. Meh. Since it is apple, there’s not much more they couldn’t get from me anyways.them and Rogers have me by the short curlies. πŸ˜‰

  • DebTym

    yehey! free app!!!! so cool! my first time to get a free one!!! thanks cody!!!! this made my day! haha

  • Jex

    Working in India

  • not available for puerto rico…

  • Mark

    Thanks for the heads. This made a nice little birthday present.

  • R

    Someone plz send me a code. Its not available in my country. email add: reaz69@gmail.com

  • Viktor

    Lol didn’t get it… Plz if can anyone help me… Not working here in Brazil… πŸ™

  • Viktor

    Lol didn’t get it…Plz if can anyone help me… Not working here in Brazil… πŸ™

  • Γ‰rico

    downloading this game (this great game by the way!) is not possible in brazil even using a proxy server… any idea or help with that please?!

  • Stephen

    Nice. I already bought it, so I gave away my code on Twitter.

  • Is there still a way to get Joyride for free?

  • here is my code u can use.