As time goes on, and as more people get their hands on iOS 5, Notification Center is fast becoming the next big thing in the world of jailbreaking.

Originally designed by Apple to offer a new home for push notifications, emails, messages, and anything else that pops up on-screen, Notification Center is also home to the Stocks and Weather widget. The jailbreak community clearly thinks that’s a waste, and has set about releasing new and interesting widgets at an alarming rate.

The latest widget to catch our eye is WeeCompose – a handy widget that offers a quick way of sending new emails, iMessages, and texts…

Once installed via Cydia, WeeCompose can be turned on or off via the Settings app, and it does not create its own icon on your home screen. Less clutter is always a good thing, right?

After everything is switched on, you’re faced with the new widget in all its glory, along with a handy character counter for those who aren’t using iMessage and need to worry about how SMS messages will be received at the other end.

At $1.99, WeeCompose is perhaps one of the more expensive jailbreak tweaks around, but to be absolutely honest, it’s the kind of thing we’d be using constantly at iDB Towers. For less than two dollars, it’s an absolute steal.

Have you been using WeeCompose, or do you know of an alternative we should try? Let us know in the comments!

  • Andrey

    Nice ! Could be a replacement for biteSMS…

  • Manuel

    I wonder if someone will ever port iMessenger to iOS 4, because I know there is a lot of people who don’t want to update to 5.0, since there isn’t an untethered jailbreak out at the moment. I know for me, I don’t want to take the chance of certain things not working for me and I can’t go back to 4.0.

    • Bob

      No… That’s a lot of work to port something that would be used by only a few people (in comparison to total jail broken devices) for a short amount of time since an untethered exploit(s) already exists.

      • Don

        Theres no unthered jailbreak yet bro, but good try

      • Bob

        I said exploit not jailbreak

  • tigo

    I tried it and didn’t like it. The test email i sent to myself came from the developer email account, wtf? and there is a counter of sms left which means in some point you will be out of sms to send.

    • ourjim

      SMS 1 – 103 left
      This means you’re sending one sms message with 103 characters left in the first message. If you go over the character limit, it will show SMS 2 – xxx left
      where xxx is the number of characters remaining in the second SMS. etc.

      • tigo

        ok, that make sense, but what about the emails sending from some email different than mine?

  • Seth

    Don’t like it at all. Bite SMS beta is out for ios 5 and it is WAY better. At least for sms. You have to add another source to cydia to install it though.

  • Chris

    here are the problems i have encountered testing this out as a substitute for bite sms (which i love most!)

    i just tested by sending myself a text from weecompose, went thru fine, but when i responded, it did not clear the badge counter in the messages app on springboard. not a big deal, just annoying

    as for bitesms, unfortuntely, if you are using it, no messages get logged in the notification center, and the old feature to tap the icon in the status bar that said how many messages u had, no longer will allow you to open quicky reply, or even the entire app. so u have to exit any app you may be in, got to the app on springboard and open and respond from there 🙁

    has anyone else encountered this?