Sprint’s iPhone 4S launch turned out record-breaking handset sales for the carrier. After four years of waiting, the operator is finally able to offer its customers Apple’s coveted smartphone. But the rollout hasn’t been all sunshine and roses.

Several Sprint customers have been reporting 3G speed issues with their new Apple handsets. And although we’ve seen it with our own eyes, Sprint has stated that there isn’t a problem. But The Next Web has evidence that proves otherwise…

TNW is reporting that an internal email is making its way around Sprint right now in regards to the customer complaints. The email reportedly states that Apple and Sprint are working together to fix this “confirmed nationwide issue” of slow iPhone data speeds.

The site points to the Twitter account of a Sprint subscriber which confirms the internal message. Apparently Don Southard was read the email after speaking with his 6th customer service agent in the last two weeks regarding his iPhone’s poor 3G speeds.

But Sprint continues to maintain that there isn’t an issue, giving The Next Web another statement claiming that the iPhone 4S is performing as expected. But we’re not buying it. $10 bucks says Sprint customers receive a carrier update by Thanksgiving.

  • babe

    Thats why apple must provide unlocked r-uim cdma handset, so we can change the provider easily like in my country.

    • Manuel

      Apple isn’t going for that, because than carriers will lose money. I wish they just made 1 phone and you choose you’re carrier after.

      • Steve

        +1 on that!

  • Sprint has never been fast, people should know better than to complain, they should have already known

    • Actually, sprint is quite fast. My friend had an old Windows phone on Sprint’s 3G that loaded pages as fast as my Verizon iPhone 4 (which, by the way, is faster than AT&T’s iPhone 4 loading web pages)
      And Sprint’s 4G is amazing, just like Verizon’s. I don’t know about AT&T’s 4G. It’s just the 4s that’s slow buddy.

    • Rob

      How dare people not know the things you know!

  • Look, EDGE is even faster than that.

  • ElJobso

    This is the SAME speed I get on Verizon in NYC….kind of regret moving from AT&T.

  • happy

    its too much slow

  • happy

    my 3g speed downloading speed is 0.65 and upload 0.50

  • Madhatter

    I am severely disappointed with sprint’s iPhone. I went from at&t’s iPhone 3G to sprint’s Evo. I loved my iPhone, but the bill was getting to be too much for the limited serviced they provided. I hated the Evo and the stupid android platform, texting was a nightmare, the UI was a hassle… I was dying to finally go back to the iPhone. Finally…it came out on sprint.. The best of both worlds for me!…..so I thought… This iPhone is the slowest POS ever! The data speeds are almost non existent! siri can never connect, the 3G is so slow that it’s not even useful….the only time this phone rocks is when I tether it via wifi to (now) my mom’s evo! Which I had to do to even activate it! This is sad… Sprint better do something soon, the customer complaints about this very topic on sprint’s website is over 70 pages long! And it’s the phone, not the network, cause the Evo’s 3g is about times faster than the iPhone’s. Even when I tether my iPad to the Evo, it smokes my iPhone’s 3G connection.

  • pUNKxINxDRublic

    Sprint Kicks ass and even more so now that they finally got the iPhone. I’ve stuck with iPhone for sometime, then got smart and ditched at&t’s ridiculous overpriced plans and went with Evo on Sprint. The Evo rocked but just not an iPhone. Glad to see Sprint finally got it! Like one of you said, best of both worlds!!!