iPhone 4S Showdown: AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint Speed Test!

AT&T has not one, but two worthy competitors ready to battle it out for iPhone 4S supremacy, and this time the playing field is far more level than it’s ever been.

No longer is Verizon relegated to playing catchup, and did you hear? There’s a new kid in town named Sprint.

How does the iPhone 4S match up on America’s three biggest mobile providers in terms of sheer network speed? We’d thought you’d never ask. Tune in as we go head to head…to head.

Yep, we’ve got three iPhone 4S’, running on three different networks, exposed on video


The results speak for themselves. Sprint is by far the slowest of the three networks, with AT&T and Verizon having similar speed results with web browsing.

When considering flat out download speeds, though, AT&T ate the competition for lunch, as it theoretically has a much higher download ceiling to work with thanks to improvements with the iPhone 4S’ antenna system.

Which carrier are you using for your iPhone 4S? Are you experiencing results similar to these? Sound off in the comments below!