The iPhone is easily the most recognized smartphone in the world. As most of you know, the iPhone 4S is well on its way to becoming the fastest selling consumer device in history. Not bad for only being in the business for 4 years.

With that in mind, MacRumors points to an interesting video by the folks over at CNET UK. The clip takes a look at Apple’s popular handset, and all of the people and technology that have been involved in making it what it is today…

Steve Jobs’ forced removal from Apple that drove him to start NeXT, poster-boy designer Johnny Ive, the internet, and several other factors all played a role in the iPhone’s creation. See for yourself in CNET’s Animated History of the iPhone:

It’s crazy to think that if one or more of these events hadn’t taken place, the iPhone (along with hundreds of other devices) might have never been. Imagine if Steve Jobs would’ve chosen a different career path, or if the system-on-a-chip was never invented.

  • Gilad

    I wonder if the guy that invented the web understood what a difference it would make for the world…

    …first btw


    Gagal pertamax gan.. -_-“

    • iWannaBe

      Bule juga pake pertamax2an ternyata..


    Well done to the guy that done this it was excellent.

  • Soto

    Holy crap! I love this site and all, but what’s up with all the vids not being iPhone compatible? Can’t be my Dolphin browser because even Safari doesn’t show it either. and Redmond Pie works, get with the program people.

    • AMB

      Dont know what youre talking about its all compatible with me and when i visit this site its 90% on my iphone

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    It didn’t have siund for me O.o

  • kokhean

    I hate it when people refer the iPhone 3GS as the iPhone 3Gs, with the lower case S.
    iPhone 3G – 2 iPhone 3Gs
    iPhone 3GS – 2 iPhone 3GSes
    See the difference?

    • Gilad

      Dude, who cares?

  • Fjghg

    Internet has a capital I. It’s a proper noun.

  • Kelvin

    Great video, well designed and very informative. 🙂

  • Mike

    Bravo. Well done.