The Notification Center jailbreak widgets are really starting to pick up steam as of late, and that means that there’s a ton of new and innovative tweaks for us to cover.

The latest tweak, is called FavoriteContacts, and as one might imagine, it pulls in all of your favorites from your Phone app. Doing so, allows you to initiate a call, text, or email right from the convenience of iOS 5’s Notification Center.

We’ve gone hands-on with FavoriteContacts, and we’re happy to report that it rocks. Check inside for the video walkthrough, and for a chance to win one of five (5) free copies…

FavoriteContacts makes it simple, because it uses the photos you’ve assigned to your contacts to make it easier to identify specific contacts.

If you’re interested in winning one of five (5) copies of FavoriteContacts, be sure to watch the video for the full lowdown. Remember you must have a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 5 in order to install this tweak.

What do you think about FavoriteContacts? Is there anything about it that you would do differently, or do you think it’s perfect as is?

  • Cool maybe apple will put it in ios 5.2 or iOS 6

  • Pete

    But there’s only a tethered JB out for ios5

    • JoBerlin

      Well it depends. I still have a 3GS with old iBoot/Bootrom – untethered for life 🙂

  • sahar


  • Lochie81

    1. Done
    2. Done
    3. Done

  • BLiNK

    just bought it and it looks great. it appears it does not go too far away from the original UI.

    i especially like this since i am not going to use LockInfo anymore

  • I like you Jeff 🙂

  • Kareem

    Looks useful! Count me in!

  • MIchael Sartuche

    It’s a nice add-on but it needs some work. If I show the labels it shows every label except for the iPhone label as !$$! or !$$!. I’ve contacted the developer but I don’t ever get a response back.

  • Adam Parsons

    Is this compatible with IntelliscreenX?