It’s been about 48 hours since many of you have acquired a shiny new iPhone 4S. You’ve played with Siri, you’ve used dictation, and you’ve probably taken dozens of pictures. But have you gotten a chance to try AirPlay mirroring?

As we’ve said before, this has to be one of iOS 5’s most understated new features. There’s something magical about seeing everything you do on your iPhone mirrored on your big screen TV. And it’s easy to use, too. All you need is an Apple TV…

If you have a new iPhone (the 4S) or an iPad 2 with iOS 5 installed, you can use this easy guide to activate AirPlay mirroring on your device. Remember, you need an Apple TV (2nd generation) in order to utilize this feature.

Step 1: Make sure that your Apple TV is on, and that it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iDevice.

Step 2: From your device’s home screen, double tap the home button to bring up the multitasking tray.

Step 3: Swipe to the right two times to bring up the volume slider (you’ll pass the media controls), and tap the AirPlay icon.

Step 4: Switching the source to Apple TV should reveal the Mirroring option. Enable it.

Unlike Apple’s initial AirPlay introduction, almost all apps are compatible with AirPlay mirroring (except video from apps like Hulu that are copyrighted). Even the Camera application can be mirrored on the big screen, turning your TV into a giant viewfinder. FaceTime works great via mirroring on the 4S.

Apps appear on-screen in vertical view, and rotate to landscape mode to mirror the device. Though a majority of the titles in the App Store don’t support full screen just yet, the ones that do look amazing. This feature can only get better over time.

  • Conrad G

    Is there a tweak that enables the iPhone 4 to do this?

    • J

      Is there a jb tweak so you can do this with an iPhone 4?

  • Thanks guy…I didn’t know how to do that!!

  • Omar

    I can’t wait to buy my Apple TV.

  • Your only option will be if you jailbreak

  • Dalle

    Is there a way to mirror this on an iMac?

    • AIoai

      I would love to know that also.

    • That is something im excitingly expecting as well.

  • Soto

    Does the Apple TV has to be on iOS 5?
    C’mon writers, you guys are the pro. Can we get our answers, thanks.

  • Core2

    Apple TV needs the latest update. I was slightly dissapointed as landscape mode was still chopped off the sides on my 46″ LCD with my 4s. To bad you can’t stretch to fit somehow.

    • Andrew

      Core 2, It’s pillar boxed because it’s displaying the native resolution of the iPad which is 4:3. You can change your TV settings if you wish to stretch the image. Some apps mirror in full resolution

  • Got an Apple TV (and an iPad 2), mirroring works great, but full screen apps like Real Racing appears a bit laggy.
    The only thing I would change (else then the lag) is the resolution. The home screen should be scaled for an 16:9 screen when mirroring. That’s my opinion.

    • Andrew Vaz

      iXanczy. The lag is due to your network. I have really seen no lag on my system except once for a brief second. As for the home screen, the iPad’s native resolution is 4:3 and mirroring is simply forwarding your screen to the TV, unless apps have enabled full resolution. You can change your TV settings for any image to fill the screen.

  • gapfilmvideo

    very surprised there is not a “fix” to make iphone 4 do this

  • Core2

    Obviously Apple thinks A4 does not have the HP, or maybe missing a feature to enable. I’d like to see it for 1st Gen iPad as well.

    • Andrew

      The iPad and iPhone both run the A4 chip, mirroring is processor intensive and requires the HP of the A5.

  • garey

    on my ipad 2 there is no mirroring section to switch on or off, its just got airplay and ipad2

    what do i do?

    • Core2

      Is your Apple TV on?

  • garey

    yes everything on, ios5 on ipad 2 downloaded, apple tv 2nd gen updated but still no “mirroring” option to swipe onto on

    im pretty confused, have i got to configure anything in settings on the device or tv?

    • Core2

      If it’s like the 4s, you just double click to get to multitasking, scroll all the way to the left, and you have the AirPlay drop-down icon there. Once selected, mine looks like this on the iPhone. I only have 1st gen iPad, so don’t get this feature….

    • Andrew Vaz

      Your Apple TV may not really be up to date. Go to settings – About and make sure it says version 4.4 ..that is what is required for mirroring.

  • Daniel

    Apple pulled the new update from AppleTV today. You still get all the new features from the AppleTV update except for airplay mirroring. Apparently it was causing tons of problems.

  • Louie

    Apple TV software version 4.4 is the latest? I have version 4.3 and when I try to update it says ” Your Apple TV is up to date”. So, Airplay Mirroring doesn’t work for me yet. What to do?

    • Andrew

      Grab a micro USB cable and connect to iTunes, make sure to disconnect ATV from power

      • Louie

        Thanks Andrew. I tried that but it still didn’t work for me. I dicsonnected the atv from power, and the HDMI cable. iTunes never detected ATV was connected, ‘Devices’ never showed up. I tried it both ways, first connect the atv to my mac and then start iTunes.. nothing. Second, iTunes running and then connect atv.. still nothing. I’m giving up for now. Thanks for trying to help

  • Brido21

    I have the same issue, no Mirroring button to flick on. Glad it’s not just me! Any word on when there will be a fix?

  • edwardr132

    Why isn’t Mirroring working on ipad2 or iphone 4s? We bought apple tv specifically for mirroring yesterday. Should I return the apple tv? The mirroring option just isn’t there. So frustrating!!!

    • Louie

      I have the same problem. I got it recently just for mirroring and it’s not working. Mine came with software version 4.3 installed in it. I bet yours has that same version too. Check! The problem right now is that 4.3 won’t upgrade to 4.4. For mirroring to work, you need version 4.4 installed. Some people were successfull upgrading to 4.4 via iTunes, but not me.
      For now I’ll wait for Apple to address the problem, or maybe take it back to the store and have them upgrade it for me, or give me a new one with 4.4 being installed.

      Good luck.

  • edwardr132

    The mirroring option worked great at BestBuy. Why not at home?

  • Core2

    I think Apple pulled the update as it had a problem. I would guess it will be fixed shortly.

    Go watch some NetFlix.

  • Garey

    Great feedback on the issue but my only question now would be when do we know when the 4.4 update is re-updated, is it a case of just keep resetting or restoring apple tv?

    I may just take it back to store like someone else has allready mentioned, I don’t want to sit around waiting for something I allready should have

    • Andrew

      When the update is available you simply go to settings – update software. In the meantime you’re than welcome to do so via iTunes

  • Dan

    What does the micro USB cable look like I think it’s something I have to buy because it didn’t come with one

    • Andrew

      Yes, you can find them cheap online, just so a search

  • I have it all hooked up right, but don’t get the “mirror” option once I turn AirPlay on?

    • Andrew

      As was stated above the Apple TV isn’t up to date, you need to be on version 4.4. If not, the direct update is down so connect to iTunes with micro USB or wait until the other is back up

  • Kirill

    Hi, I just bought apple tv with 4.3 updated it through iTunes to 4.4.1 but stil do no have mirror check on airPlay option

  • George

    I had the same problem. Using a micro USB cable “USB charger from an old Samsung phone” I was able to connect it to iTunes and restore/update the apple tv. Just make sure you disconnect the power cable from the apple tv as for some reason this prevents it from restoring properly. You only need the power from the USB cable to the apple tv. So if you have tried to upgrade your apple tv using iTunes and a USB cable and it hasn’t worked, do it again with just the USB and no power cable to the apple tv. Hope this helps!

  • Andy

    I downloaded the 4.4 firmware from and did a shift restore in iTunes and it worked with my apple tv….mirroring is sweet but I wished it was full screen!!

    • Andrew

      It is mirroring the iPad, and it’s aspect ratio is 4:3
      Some apps push out full screen
      You can also adjust your TV settings if you really want

    • core2

      Adjust your TV settings…..

  • Ken Place

    Bought my apple tv also for the mirror program…having same update issue…contacted apple support 3days ago and was told to be patient that as soon as bugs worked out they would open up the update feature…my opinion, don’t make a claim until your ready to deliver. I too will be returning my apple tv until they get it right…

    • Andrew

      you can still update through iTunes if you don’t want to wait

  • Ken Place

    Don’t have the mini USB and I’m wanting to buy one..

  • ken

    we are up and running…all is well in the place household….love that apple…

  • Louie

    in case you haven’t heard yet, apple tv version 4.4.2 was released recently. Those who couldn’t upgrade from 4.3 should try it now. I was having that problem, but not anymore. When you check for software update it will tell you new update is available for you. Airplay mirroring finally works for me.

    Thank you all for trying to help.
    Good luck!

  • No mirroring control when using AirPlay. The mirroring on-off button doesn’t show up. Any thoughts? Need to update? Both apple tv and ipad 2 are brand new purchased 11-5-2011.

    • Mike Memory

      from the Apple TV, download the software update. It adds mirroring capability to Apple TV

      • Jamie Lembke

        I have the most recent software on both and still don’t get the on-off option. Any other thoughts?

      • I have the same problem, no mirroring selection icon and my software is updateded. Did you find a solution?

  • Marcelo Orberg

    Does anyone know if airplay Works with a standalone atv, one not connected to an itunes. I would like to connect my ipad2 to an atv using wireless mirroring without any computers

    • Anonymous

      The Apple TV does not require a computer – to install or use.

  • I was mirroring my iPad for months. Now when I choose Apple TV the mirroring option comes up and quickly disappears. I therefore can no longer mirror my iPad to my TV with Apple TV. I’m not sure what gapped or how to fix it.

  • mArie

    Same here, the mirroring option does not appear to be able to choose. All upto date..? Help

  • Justin Horsfield

    What if you’ve updated to iOS 7, never had mirroring, don’t have Apple TV n use a pc, n suddenly when I go to stream Netflix from iPhone 4S to HDTV I’m now being told to turn off mirroring if using airplay (n can’t find it in my phone to disable nor have ever had this error message before (iOS 7 about week now)?!

    • Lady Dutchess

      I have the same problem:( did anyone figure it out??