Although Apple has stated that it won’t sell the iPhone 4S unlocked until sometime in November, reports are showing that several people in the US have already obtained an unlocked iPhone 4S from the Apple Store.

One of those lucky individuals happens to be iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith. Steven Troughton-Smith is also the developer behind the port of Siri to the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. We at iDownloadBlog have been able to purchase a retail iPhone 4S and use it on T-Mobile… 

According to Steven, it seems Apple is selling the devices as “Off Contract” devices. “Off Contract” devices are sold at full retail price and don’t require you to sign any sort of commitment with AT&T (similar to a factory unlocked iPhone). These “Off Contract” devices will cost you anywhere from $649 to $849 before taxes, depending on which storage size of the iPhone 4S you purchase.

Additionally, members of MacRumors forums claim that when they restore their iPhone 4S (which they purchased full retail price), iTunes gives them the “Congratulations your iPhone has been unlocked.”

“I really have no idea. Part of me thinks it was some kind of glitch. The only thing I can think of is that a paid full price and didn’t extend my contract. I ordered through Apple too. I wish there was a way I could confirm it, but I don’t have any T Mobile or foreign sims laying around lol – BFW122083

The same thing appeared on mine when I did a restore… I am wondering if it came like this from the factory because I paid the full $849.99 for a 64 GB because my AT&T contract was not eligible for an upgrade.”

We’ve independently confirmed that this report is accurate. We bought a retail priced iPhone 4S on AT&T and inserted our T-Mobile USA SIM card. After a couple of minutes the phone acquired signal and everything was working, including calls, internet (EDGE only), and FaceTime.

Have any of you purchased your iPhone 4S retail price without extending your contract? If so, have you tried restoring your iPhone 4S to see if you get the “iTunes iPhone unlocked” message? Let us know in the comments!

  • Judom

    Got an iPhone 4s at the apple store in while on vacation in Waikiki last week,no contract under AT&T hoping I would have it unlocked in the Philippines, having read the comments here I bought a microsim of our local carrier in the Philippines inserted it and voila!! It works, it was actually unlocked from the start

  • Murad

    @Judom did U put Ur microsim in before U connected iPhone with iTunes?

  • Murad

    I just heard that first batch of iPhone 4S are unlockable, but second batch are not unlockable. is that true?? Please, anybody let me know asap!

  • Yi

    I just got one yesterday, will let you know.

    • Murad

      thanx! waiting!

      • Yi

        still works on off-contract AT&T purchased on 10/30.
        just tested it on my 32GB that I paid $749 + tax for…
        so expensive, but sooooo good.

  • Murad

    Ok. Thanks!

  • Samuel

    What are you guys saying when buy iPhone 4S ? Because gere in Manhattan they are sayingg that are not selling off contract yet.

  • I just did this today and it worked fine!

    • Just wondering, all you have to do is insert your tmobile sim card & it’ll work? or do i have to restore it first?

  • Auvo Kaikkonen

    Bought my white 64GB an hour ago, inserted my T-mobile, pre-paid card in and, voila, works just fine. More interestingly, I also tried to insert my european sim, and after a couple of minutes, it connected to the T-mobile network, too.

  • What happened to the previous comments? So is this 100% confirmed?

  • do you have to buy it off from the apple store? If it’s factory sealed, is that equivalent to what apple is selling? I’m trying to buy one online since it’s a bit cheaper than 700 (with tax)

    • Same situation. Can anyone confirm if the ebay sealed ones are arealdy unlocked?

  • Will a microsimcard in the philippines which is Globe be able to work too?

  • I just purchased an unlocked iphone 4S directly from Apple store at a full price, upon connecting to my itunes, I never got the message telling me it is unlocked. It came with a sim removal tool and did not come with a sim card so I assume it is unlocked? I know that the only way to test this is to insert a t-mobile card, which i don’t.

  • srikant p

    f i buy an locked at & t iphone 4s and i unlock it using softwares and use it in india do i still have to pay huge amount of bills to at & t…can u tell me the procedure to buy iphone 4s in us ….

  • Beatriz Randolph

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  • Larson_M889 email

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  • danielgartin6993 .

    Does this mean that the newer phones are unlocked as well,if purchased at full retail price from AT&T,because my aunt Kari purchased an iPhone 7 from AT&T,by paying full price,to replace her aging iPhone 4s,and I’m wondering is that phone unlocked already,because T-Mobile offers a much better network for a much lower price