AT&T has not one, but two worthy competitors ready to battle it out for iPhone 4S supremacy, and this time the playing field is far more level than it’s ever been.

No longer is Verizon relegated to playing catchup, and did you hear? There’s a new kid in town named Sprint.

How does the iPhone 4S match up on America’s three biggest mobile providers in terms of sheer network speed? We’d thought you’d never ask. Tune in as we go head to head…to head.

Yep, we’ve got three iPhone 4S’, running on three different networks, exposed on video

The results speak for themselves. Sprint is by far the slowest of the three networks, with AT&T and Verizon having similar speed results with web browsing.

When considering flat out download speeds, though, AT&T ate the competition for lunch, as it theoretically has a much higher download ceiling to work with thanks to improvements with the iPhone 4S’ antenna system.

Which carrier are you using for your iPhone 4S? Are you experiencing results similar to these? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Michael

    AT&T-Lansing, KS 348-ping/ 5.41-download/ 1.66-upload. On wifi I’m doing about 18.81 on download and .80 on upload. That’s with time Warner.

    • LP

      iPhone 4 on AT&T Dallas, TX 78 ping 5.12 down 1.07 up

  • I think you did a great job answering some of my questions. I’m going to search to see how much faster the 4s is on 3G vs the Droid Bionic on 4G, would be good to see because I want to collect some info before I take the plunge. Great Job, Thanks

    • mrh

      i dont know if you have done this yet, but i tested the Bionic 4g at the store next to my iphone and fathers BB and it KILLED everything. The Bionic is fast!

  • martha

    i currently have Sprint and i love the iphone 4s but unfortunately its too slow and had to take back and deciding between verizon and AT&T.

    • Applefan200x

      Dude this comparison is bullshit. I time my sprint iPhone 4s exactly at the same time he did in this video. My phone went faster then his sprint iPhone. Also I live in NYC.

      • Exactly, The guy in the video never says where the test is being conducted. It could be that the video was produced at a Verizon Marketing Department. Looks very official, but seriously the speed test at the end confirms that the video is BS because two of the locations were Chicago, IL and the third location was in Lexington, KY. So why not disclose the location of the test? who is to say that someone cant do a speed test for themselves when they get to the store and test the phone they want to buy in the area that they want to use it?

  • Dave

    Very helpful – You’ve sealed my decision on Verizon.

  • blaze

    I have a spint 4s , and it is slow kompared to what i see koming from att and verizon 155 ping 1 Mbps down .40 Mbps up . Los Angeles , CA -_- .

  • Xavier

    I actually have the Evo 4G. I will say that I have noticed a substantial slowdown in network speeds since the release of the iPhone. Before, I would average 5 Mbps/1.5 Mbps, with an average ping of 100 ms. For the past three or four days, that’s changed to an average of .50 Mbps/1 Mbps, with an average ping of 200 ms. I’m wondering if the iPhone’s data usage is bogging down the network as a whole? I’m in Seattle, Washington.

  • Andy Shannon

    You must not have any AT&T HSPA+ 3G service in your area for this test because all the tests I have done with Verizon Iphone 4S and AT&T iphone 4S here in New Jersey, the AT&T model blows away the verizon model. I am getting 3.5 meg speeds on the AT&T model and around 0.7 meg on the Verizon.

  • This is somewhat pointless because several things can change the outcome including – carrier cell tower location, tower network updates, the fact the Sprint phone was between the other two phones (RF is very sensitive to outside interference), cell tower users (was the tower loaded up?) and much more. For example, certain frequencies for CDMA vs. GSM do better in certain areas. In other words, if you moved the phones, you might get different results. If you do the same test minutes later you might get different results. I’m an AT&T user because you can surf and talk. The speeds I get in Indianapolis on the iPhone 4 or 4S are great, but vary by time and location. Remember cell phones are just fancy radios and are subject to all kinds of variables. Other limiting factors include carrier integration, authorization by the FCC and local government to put up enough towers. The reason Verizon has the best voice coverage is because their system is build on the oldest US cellular system. They already had thousands of towers running when AT&T and Sprint got into cellular. It’s easy to upgrade an existing cellular tower versus convincing the FCC and local government to let you add a new one. AT&T’s done a heck of a job catching up. I think they started about a decade behind Verizon.

  • yeah sprint service is shit on the iphone…. smh.

  • I had the spint iphone4s and it was so slow I took it back and got AT&T even when I had to pay450 $ I rather pay high with AT&T then have the latest iphone suck on sprint’s network

  • sprint is sucking balls on this iPhone 4s Data… I would sell it on eBay but I would be an evil person to trick someone else into this fate

  • I wouldn’t have believed it before I got to use a Sprint iPhone 4s here in San Diego. Are the Android phones they use just as slow on 3G?

  • Ok, So I’ve put myself in a bit of a jam. I was a loyal iPhone AT&T customer for quite some time, but last week on an impulse decision , traded in our AT&T 3GS’s for a 4 and a 4s from Sprint. Love the phone but now my service blows and I’ll be out 600 bucks in ETF’s from AT&T. I’m still under my 14 day cancellation period with Sprint, and could avoid the termination fees from AT&T by just paying their bill and the $40 dollar reactivation fee… but I could ONLY do that if I could unlock my Sprint iPhone’s so I can order replacement sims from AT&T and make the switch back over. If ANYONE KMOWS A WAY, ANY WAY to switch a 4s from Sprint to AT&T, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I am currently running 5.1.1. And if this is not possible, does it look likely that it may be in the next few weeks?

  • Rob

    For a second or two…I can wait and have unlimited data and a MUCH lower bill! And network vision will be just as fast soon 30-50 percent faster. My company is saving thousands of dollars a year with Sprint and the coverage is everywhere. I have the HTC EVO LTE and the iPhone with LTE on the Sprint network and my speeds are ridiculous and with my employee/company discount, the prices just don’t come close. But have fun spending extra money while I’m spending mine taking out your girlfriend bcus your broke now…jk but that’s funny tho.