Apple today made iOS 5 available to the public, with the update now being pushed out via iTunes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The update, first previewed back in June, has seen 7 betas seeded to iOS developers, as well as the final GM release after last week’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event.

Offering more changes than we care to list (we’ve already done that once), this is the biggest revamp of iOS to date…

The new Notification Center completely rethinks the way notifications are handled in iOS. Gone is the modal, intrusive system of iOS 4, and in comes a slick pull-down list of pending notifications. A new lock screen is the second half of Notification Center, giving users a list of all notifications that were received while the device was locked. No more missing push notifications!

You’ll also need iOS 5 in order to take advantage of iCloud syncing and backup service, and with all the new features that it brings, you’ll be wanting to use Apple’s new cloud service. We’ve spent plenty of time with all the iOS 5 betas over the last few months, and Apple’s baby has grown into quite the impressive little OS.

We strongly suggest you upgrade to iOS 5 at your earliest convenience, if only for the awesome wireless iOS updates it brings with it! Unless, of course, you’re one of the many jailbreakers who relies on certain jailbreak apps or an UltraSn0w unlock.

Up to the Golden Master release of iOS 5, the only working jailbreak was of the tethered variety, which isn’t really ideal. Our suggestion? If you really must jailbreak your iDevice, hold off upgrading to iOS 5 until we hear something concrete from the Dev or Chronic Dev Team. Unlockers who need to preserve their basebands should definitely wait for a jailbreak update.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak. And you know where you’ll hear about it first? That’s right, iDB!

iOS 5 can be download right now in iTunes. Plug your iDevice in and start downloading! You can always head over to our download page to download iOS 5 directly to your computer.

If you do take the plunge, let us know what you think of iOS 5. If you discover any show-stopping bugs along the way, let us know.

Grab direct download links for iOS 5 if you need them!

  • Aisim

    Anyone can get a direct link ?

    • William

      I just upgrade to iOS5, but can’t move MobileMe account to iCloud. It gave me an error “try later”, anyone has the same problem?

      • Nigel

        Yes me too. I may have to wait until most of the western hemisphere is asleep and try again!

  • Tomas

    Then you should get it 🙂

  • its workig now with 4.3.5 in the face of 5.0

  • So wonderfull ! Downloading

  • Dave

    downloaded… now the phone is backing up… I backed it up before I downloaded it to cut down on backing up time… so far I’ve been waiting 20 minutes and the backup is only 1/4 of the way done… lame… can’t wait any longer….

  • bossmads danish

    yes im happy

  • wasabi

    Is it available for 3gs? Not updating on mine.

  • stevie may

    i now only have 56 minutes to download !!!!!!!!!

    • Wow that’s fast mine says 3 hours wtf

  • Gabriel

    I’m downloading right now 😀
    Im’not sure i I should upgrade but bah what the heck
    I have confidence that chronic dev team launches their untethered Jailbreak soon 😀

  • Does anyone know if IOS 5 will make the 3GS Slow. I saw the Bata IOS 5 on the 3GS on youtube, it was a little slow, but again that wasn’t the final release.

    • Sparr

      I heard it makes it run BETTER! Do it.

    • Woody dog

      Yes works great on 3GS. It’s alot faster

  • Adam

    Waiting for jailbreak

  • prplaya42

    when do u think the unteathered version will come out

    • Patrick

      Some time after the 4s maybe

  • wasabi

    NVM, it started for 3gs, finally populated here. phew

  • Chris

    All we need now is iPhoto to be updated and

  • Tomas

    hmm :/
    Overloaded!!! takes a while to download…
    It says 3 hours for me ;(

  • leviboxer

    Downloading now in UK

  • fintz

    downloading..tho slow any direct links pipo

  • dw1981

    I have a question… I already have the iOS 5 GM installed on my iPhone 4 and I haven’t jailbroken it. I want the final version, but iTunes is telling me that my version is the current version. Did the GM and the final version turn out to be the same and I just got to experience it a week early? Or is ther more in the final release? If so, How do I upgrade to the final release?

    • Chris

      The Gm is normally the final release if there are any changes we would have got them in the developers website

      • dw1981

        Sweet!! That’s what I was wondering! I was hearing that there was supposed to be a lil more that wasn’t in the GM, but when I went to the direct link shown here the download came up as the same as the GM.

  • It’s the GM!

  • bossmads danish

    no bugs for my iphone 4. YES

  • Drs

    Does anyone know if there’s a way that when you delete a song from your phone it doesn’t just get put back on the next time you sync?

  • Guys, you don’t need to update from the GM. The downloads are exactly the same.

  • Julio M.

    im getting an error when its verifying apple -_- can any help?

  • Sy01

    Quick question I’m on 4.3.2 & jailbroken don’t need unlock. If I update to 5.0 and decide I miss my jailbreak can I go bk down to 4.3.2 using a custom ISPW & redsnow the same way I jailbreaked before?

    • Sure you could downgrade+jb with SHSH at 99%

      • Sy01

        at 99% im not sure what u mean!!

  • Jason

    fuck! I wanna update but wanna wait for an untethered jb first…………. so tempted……….

  • Gabriel

    I want to update as well, it’s just that the untethered JB is like so essential to me right now

  • prplaya42

    mmeeeee tooooo

  • Pierre Gagnon

    Can anyone confirm that this final IOS5 firmware is still jailbreakable (tethered) with RedSn0w?

    • I repeat, it’s the GM, so YES, you’ll can jb with lastest redsnow

  • dw1981

    I found that Untethered jailbreak isn’t all that bad. Just don’t turn ur phone off and don’t let ur battery die. if you worry about battery life and ur out somewhere where u can’t really use ur phone put it in airplane mode

    • Sy01

      yeah unless ur phone has a spaz attack and reboots it self like some do 🙁

      • dw1981

        I tried an untethered jailbreak for the first time recently and I had no problems. I just made sure that my battery didn’t die.

  • prplaya42

    ima bout to say f u c k i t

    • Jason

      haha me too playa

      • Sy01

        yep downloading it now so if i do say ah what the hell i can do it with out waiting 2 hrs!! lol

  • SoCoMagNuM

    i keep getting an error in iTune 10.5 saying there was an unknown error and cannot update iphone 4 (error 3194)

    • Matt

      Server is overloaded.

  • BrotherOfFairness

    Finished downloading via direct link, just installing on my iphone 4 now!!

  • Diamondshock

    I get the 3194 error when I try to update my iPod touch from 4.3.3 to 5.0 and I have iTunes 10.5 does someone know what’s wrong?

    • SoCoMagNuM

      im getting the same with my iphone 4. i been trying everything. DFU mode and all. now i cant even boot phone regular. fail…

  • prplaya42

    so can i tether my ios5 and later upgrade to ios 5 untethered

  • Gil

    i’m getting the ERROR 3200 on my ipod touch 4G. anyone??

  • Jason

    I have the iPhone 4 CMDA, iOS 4.2.8 jailbroken. I’m trying to simply update to iOS 5 and I keep getting a 3200 error. Would anyone know how to remedy that?

    • Gil

      same here.. don’t know what to do right now

  • StyleMann

    I have iPhone 3GS. When I am setting it up every time keyboard opens iPhone stucks. Restoring now!

  • Wikan

    3200 error here to, apparently apples servers are being hit hard with requests, wait a couple of hours.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      thing is it started to install and got like 40% but i got an error 3194 and my phone wont even boot anymore. i can put it into recovery mode, itunes says it needs to restored and updated. i try to do so and after extracting it says error 3194 again. im ont sure what i can do but my phone doesnt function as a phone anymore…which is a problem lol. im not trying to JB just get stock iOS5

  • Gelly Bean

    just keep trying (error 3200) it will work.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      ive gotten both 3194 errors and 3200 error (installed like 70% then got 3200 error again). what the hell is causing it?

  • Jason

    tried to update about 6 times now, still gettin error 3194. tried in recovery mode as well, still gettin 3194. :/ ah well I guess I can wait.

  • Mike Passamondi

    well i cant up to 5 get all the way there then i get an unknown error occurred 3200 can some one help out thanks mike

    • SoCoMagNuM

      mine now attempts to install and gets to like 60-70% then stops and gives me 3004 error

      • Stephen

        I get the same problem! It automatically put my iPhone 4 into recovery mode and now its unusable. I’m about to have to head into the local apple store 🙁

        Let me know if you find a fix!

      • Keith

        Check YouTube how to get it out recovery mode it’s quite ez

  • Ed

    Can someone who has updated to ios5 confirm if you are able to create your own custom sms tones on a non jailbroke phone.

    It’ll take the piss if they havent implemeted this.

    • Keith


      • Ed

        Sweet, about time they allowed this

  • Scooby

    Won’t update my iPod touch 4…says it’s an internal error! Never had a problem like this with Apple updates to any mac product I own. What the hell?

  • Fckstar

    Is it only me or did everyone notice there is no weather and stock widget in ipad 2 notification center?

  • William

    I had error 3004
    I stopped iTunes and did run 2 lines below.
    Then update went ok Iphone4 runs now 5.0

    dscacheutil -flushcache
    sudo dscacheutil -flushcache

    • Stephen

      Didn’t work for me 🙁

    • Vince

      Where do you use those 2 lines?

  • Nigel

    Upgraded everything to IOS 5 without too many hiccups.
    Cannot move from MobileMe to iCloud (Please try later).
    Not a promising start.

  • Lukash

    I have finished downloading … It took me around 1 hour for backing up.. And finally while restoring Iphone it shows me error 32bla bla bla…. I don’t what to do now… Am trying again…

  • Sadie

    i downloaded it and eveything but when it got to the actual putting it on my phone part, it read “there is an internal error, phone cannot be updated at this time?” any ideas!!/

  • Lukash

    Its a same problem mate.. Almost we all are having right now… Mostly we all from western and northern hemisphere are trying to have it as soon as possible… so may be some server problem with Apple… Oh my gosh, soon it gonna be day in China which means we have to wait few more time…am tired now…

  • Liam

    Waste if time. My genuine unhacked Iphone 4 and ipad wont update…an unknown error has occured..bah humbug