iOS 5’s Twitter integration is nice and everything, but it’s not without its shortcomings.

The biggest shortcoming for Twitter integration in iOS, is the inability to send a tweet from anywhere; without an attachment.

As it stands now, you have to perform an action such as sending a picture, in order to send out a tweet in iOS. No longer…

TwitterTask is configured to open a new tweet anytime you open up the multitask window with a double press of the home button.

It’s currently in beta, but I’d imagine that the developer would throw in some Activator options to allow you to open the tweet window using more varied methods.

Regardless, TwitterTask looks to be an essential jailbreak tweak once iOS 5 is officially released. According to developer, Qwertyoruiop, TwitterTask is scheduled to drop shortly after iOS 5 is publicly released.

I’m wholeheartedly looking forward to the ability to tweet from anywhere, and with no attachments at that. What about you?

Note: Looks like Activator now includes a native tweet option as well, so that sort of nullifies the usefulness of TwitterTask. Thanks to Nagy Konstantin for pointing this out in the comments. iDB readers rock.

  • Jason

    qTweeter ftw

    • Damn right u r ! qTweeter is best twitter integration out there ! Been using it since release (;

    • right u r ! qTweeter is best twitter integration out there ! Been using it since release (;

  • Ron

    For everyone who wants to download it, add the repo . And download it .

  • Activator already has Twitter compose window functionality.!/costee/status/123683119248318464

    • Wow. I’m slipping. Never knew this was in Activator. I’ll mention that. Thanks!

  • GoblGobl

    Is there a tweak to take Twitter OUT of iOS?

    • Joe

      Yeah! It’s called don’t use it. ;P

      • ic0n1c


  • Frank

    I prefer Tweetbot, according to the latest upgrade:

    -Support for iOS 5 including system level Twitter integration

    Hopefully is something like qtweeter. Dont get me wrong, qtweeter is cool but i had some major issues which had to uninstall right away.

  • Gus

    Another quality vid, thanks Jeff Benjamin. What’s with the whole name thing? More professional?

    • Yeah, I need to shape up and be more professional 🙂

  • :)

    Does this require ios5?

    • Yes.

      • :)

        That sucks 🙁
        I have an old device
        I got my hopes up this would work good for Whited00r.