It’s no secret that I consider biteSMS to be an absolute iPhone staple; it’s among the first apps that I install after jailbreaking my iPhone.

For those of you who, like me, decide to jailbreak your iOS 5 installation, you’ll find that the public version of biteSMS crashes upon launch.

Fortunately, the biteSMS team has produced a beta version of their popular SMS app that works great on iOS 5. Check inside for the full details on how to score it for yourself…

To add the fully functional beta version of biteSMS to your iOS 5 installation, simply add the following repo to your list of Cydia sources:

biteSMS beta repo:

Upon installation, you may need to reboot your device. Just keep in mind that since iOS 5 is currently a tethered jailbreak, and you will have to perform a tethered boot to get back to your Home screen.

As you can see from the video, biteSMS has changed a bit in both the looks and functionality department. It even integrates nicely with iOS 5’s Notification Center.

What do you think about the latest version of biteSMS?

  • Wms

    Bitesms the main reason i jailbreak! So happy to see it make its way to ios5, just hope the jailbreak is released soon!

  • Kevin

    Can anyone else confirm with iOS 5 jailbreak with or without bitesms unable to send video mms?

    • Derpy

      Just cause I’m a nice guy, I did this for you. I sent myself a video with imessage, it worked well, it even sent it in the original high resolution, when I went to send it to myself via SMS, it worked as well, but was compressed.

      You heard it here first folks, iMessage > SMS

      I also did the same in BiteSMS, works as the original messages app did. So, no worries it seems.

      • Nice…

      • Mounir

        Jeff, your avatar is very pixelized, you should get a new one LO_o”L

      • I’m actually considering it. πŸ˜‰

  • Come on guys, what take you so long to make us an untethered jailbreak ? not that i’m angry or anything, but i can’t help it, i’m dieing to get it in my phone, tried to do the tethered with redsn0w but i end up upgrading my baseband πŸ™ without getting it to work.. so i’m back with my 4.3.3, ….

    • James

      Seriously dude use your brain ffs, why would they release an untethered jailbreak before iOS 5 is released to the public, just so Apple can patch it and put pay to months of work !! Just wait until it’s released on Wednesday .. Also, if you’d jailbroke using Snowbreeze then you wouldn’t have upgraded your baseband.

      • I know all that, Can’t use snow breeze ( Have a Mac ), isn’t GM is the same as final ? πŸ™‚

      • James

        Nah man not quite, there won’t be any untethered release until Wednesday at the earliest .. Chances are the final version won’t change from the current one but that’s too bigger risk to take to release it now, only for Apple to patch it before the final.

  • jeff is very responsible person. dont u believe in his video.

  • Brett


  • Loving the new beta. Works great with the new notifications.

  • Woody dog

    Iv had bite6 since first day of beta one. Great app and great support from the developers. A must have app. Ios5 sucked till they came out with beta1

  • Kevin

    Again I’m asking Can anyone else confirm with iOS 5 jailbreak with or without bitesms unable to send video mms?

  • liwe

    where can i find this theme for the bitesms? is noki?

  • Is IOS 5 save with gevey sim? Thx

    • Kjeldor

      yes, GEVEY SIM works with ios5 GM jailbroken with snowbreeze, so you can keep your current baseband..

      using redsnow and other jailbreak or installing stock firmware will upgrade your baseband

  • Kjeldor

    is there no APPSYNC for 5.0 yet?

  • Digz

    Can sumbody help me out wit this ios5 gm install? Got windows itunes 10.5 beta 9 keep gettin 3194 error

    • Use iTunes 10.5b7 instead. Windows wont work for beta 8 or 9

      • Digz

        Thanks 

  • Josh

    I don’t know why, but my iPhone is untethered somehow. I have an iPhone 3GS 32Gb (I think it’s old-bootrom). Is it because of that maybe? I am running iOS 5 GM jailbroken with RedSn0w.

    • old bootroom is the only reason. lucky you

    • crap

      Lucky guy. I have a 3GS 16Gb “newer version” jailbroken with redsnow, and its definitely not untethered. πŸ™ But otherwise iOS5 seems a good upgrade for the 3GS as well. πŸ™‚

  • jed

    I have a problem. i just updated too iOS 5 and this bite sms app keeps crashing but i can quick compose. can anyone help ?

    • qer


      • nathan

        rebooted , nothing. Why won’t it worrrrrk,
        (iphone 4 5.0 final)

      • Who0p3

        Are you sure you downloaded Bitesms from source? If not then that’s your problem there sir.

  • Kyle

    Same here, iPhone 4 iOS 5. Bitesms crashes but quick reply works.. Tried rebooting, safe mode and everything. Any ideas??

  • Nathan

    Someone needs to figure out what’s going kn here.. I can’t comprehend how quick reply works but the app itself doesn’t.

    Inception o.o

    • danny

      do you have an iphone?

      • Nathan

        Yeah, iphone 4 gm. Why?

  • danny

    it didnt work for me, opens and crashes, currently looking into the problem

    • Nathan

      If you don’t mind me asking, how are you looking into it?

  • Javed

    Truly amazing dude… You rock πŸ™‚

    Quick Compose & Quick Reply from notifications are fantastic πŸ™‚


  • Chris

    BiteSMS does not work for me. when i download it, it doesnt ask to reboot and than springboard crashes when i try to type a message. HELP?!?!

  • Rfc

    Bitesms is the main reason i did a jailbreak on ios5 So happy to see it make its way to ios5, just hope the jailbreak is released ASAP !!! Thank you

  • logan

    hey it works great! but I cant get it to quick reply from a locked screen…I looked for the settings, but it doesnt say anything about it. I can QR from anywhere else and QC too…but not from a locked screen. it just shows I have a text message from so and so, and then i have to unlock to reply

  • Adel

    Hey guys, is it me or have they removed the delivery reports from the settings of the application? :/

  • Gray

    I hate how the took out the privacy and ringtone options!!! I hope they bring it back.

  • Matt

    Yeah, I just noticed those features are missing (delivery reports and ringtone options). These are two of the best features of BiteSMS so I hope they bring it back SOON.

  • Matt

    Delivery Reports available!

    The communication on the website is not great, but with a little Googling and trawling through forums, I found out that delivery reports are available. iPhoneDelivery is still in a beta stage for iOS5 and you have to add the following repo to Cydia to get it:

    It looks great! Working well so far with my BiteSMS beta on my iPhone 4. There are some very clever people out there! I wonder why these features are just part of the iPhone already. This app is one of the main reasons I jailbreak,

  • Who0p3

    You guys should get app from cydia called “BARREL” it’s from the source. One of best iphone customizations out there!

  • Repository is not being recognized in Cydia. Other sources?

  • Add the following Cydia repos: (note: it got changed at beta14)

    Beta 14 – released on 10 November contains: CURRENTLY ROLLED BACK to 13 due to some crash issues being investigated.
    Tried this one – crashes too.

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ Was wondering why the source didn’t work!

  • i tried adding the repo address to my cydia sources but every time i tried it said it didnt reconize the address and i made sure that i had it typed in perfectly…anyone have any ideas why its wouldnt be working?

  • Nice video, biteSms its the best app ever and ios5 integration makes me happy ;0

  • well i just jailbroke untethered (iOS5.01) and installed BiteSMS and it doesnt work right. Wont send an iMessage and stays green for text message. SHows preferred method is imessage in settings.

  • Sorry but bite SMS crashes my iPhone4 whith iOS5. I will not reinstall it until a new version will be released.

  • So once I purchase it, it’s free right? I was confused about the SMS credit, like do I have to buy that to send out messages too?