Great news for the two of you that want to run Android apps on your iPad!

Alien Dalvik, the software layer that allows all Android apps to run on the Android platform, is being ported to various different platforms, including BlackBerry’s PlayBook. More importantly, and certainly more interestingly, Apple’s iPad is also on the list of devices that will soon support Android apps…

While it’s almost guaranteed to offer an experience that lacks that special something, Alien Dalvick adds its own virtual machine between the Android app and iOS that should make the whole thing feel less glitchy than it sounds, though we foresee more than a few bugs creeping in!

“From a user perspective, Alien Dalvik 2.0 is completely transparent and installed without user disruption. Users simply enjoy the same rich Android ecosystem they have become accustomed to via mobile on other key screens, such as playing Angry Birds on HDTV. This all while gaining faster access to a wider range of apps, thus encouraging a higher frequency of downloads and increased ARPU.”

The real question here has to be whether there are any Android apps that we’re desperate to run on our iPads. Perhaps Google’s own Gmail and Music apps would be a plus for many iPad owners, but those just aren’t going to make the jump to iOS thanks to more licensing than anything really needs. Besides Google, most developers are sensible enough to either start on iOS, or port their apps across.

Are there any Android apps you’d like to use on your iPad? Do let us know in the comments!


  • jo-macral

    Ok, that sounds cool.

  • Alex

    Isn’t Fruit Ninja free in Market?

    • niels

      Whatsapp is also free in market….

  • BoardDWorld

    You have got to be joking, what use is that?

    • David

      More use than you can comprehend.

      • BoardDWorld

        Well that was a meaningless reply. Do tell me what use you will find in having this, I’m sincerely interested in comprehending. I personally only see it as a means to execute all the malware Android is becoming famous for.

  • George

    I would really like to have Amazon MP3 for my iPad, iPhone and Mac would be nice as well

  • Eldaria

    A browser with Flash support? 😉

    • iPhone4Same

      i love having flash on my touchpad…too bad apple can’t produce a capable enough product. shame.

      • I have an Ipad. the flash issue is why I went with a android smartphone. Personally both systems (ios and android) have their good points and draw backs.

  • Fjghg

    Loads of apps are free in the Market that aren’t in the App Store.

  • For ipod touch too??

  • Varun

    If I am not wrong, Angry Birds is Ad supported (albeit with ads). This could be useful to the fans.

    • iPhone4Same

      on the touchpad its free with no ads. wish we could get the android app market ported over. or iOS’ app store 🙂

  • kokhean

    Internet tethering apps.

  • Mu’aawiyah

    Just another reason to kill any incentive to buy a crappy android device. Much like having a mac with bootcamp or running parallels in order to run windows or Ubuntu.

    Plus, it can be one of the many tools used to wind up Fandroids as we can run whatever that can (although I’m sure we wouldn’t want to).