Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak remembers Steve Jobs in this very moving interview with the Associated Press…

  • Ershad

    iLost someone today… he was the apple of my ‘i’ …..

    • Dang that was good

    • +1 well said Ershad.

      Thanks iDB for posting this video. 🙂

      – Eric

  • Juan

    wow. that was a very moving piece.

  • Soto

    Thanks for the iPhone Steve. Feels like a little Piece of me is missing but when I look at my phone. I feel he’s still here.

  • gielk

    that end is so real i stil not belive it !

  • i just got a popup saying that i one an ipad 2. usualy i would ignore it, but it said brought to you by seb is this real?

    • Sebastien

      This is not from us. Definitely not

      • fdxgncgfn

        i got the same thing. when i clicked the link for this post, it opened, but then randomly redirected me to a fake idb page that said i just won an ipad2.

      • Really weird. Did you take a screenshot? Were you on your iPhone or computer?

    • Sebastien

      Can you please take a screenshot if you see that again?

      • Connor

        This false ad:
        came up while clicking the embedded YouTube video.

      • Ok thanks for letting me know. We’ll obviously look into it.

      • Connor

        No problem. Anything to help the good folks at iDB out!

      • Please make sure to email me at seb @ idownloadblog if you see this popup again. Also telling me what page you were trying to access when that happened will be helpful. Thanks for your help and understanding while we try to fix this issue.

      • I was on my computer. if i see it again ill take a screen shot

  • Dodgerdeezy

    They should change the apple logo the the apple where the bite missing is Steve jobs profile

    • DH88

      I think that image is amazing and would serve as an incredible memorial to Steve and the inconceivably profound legacy he leaves behind.

    • XepptizZ

      Totally agree, that only begins to signify how big of a part he was to apple. Plus, it looks beautiful.

  • that was awesome!!! Good Speech!!

    He changed the world, He had enough money to buy a few countries, but everything what he has wasn’t enough to keep him alive.
    You have this MIRACLE which we call LIFE. LIVE life fully. John 10:10 ” I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest. “

  • tsiv

    Now he’s become the proverbial “Ghost in the machine” cos there’s a bit of him in all apple products.

  • Mohammed

    The apple without Steve is tasteless. I really miss him.

    • tsiv

      It doesn’t really make Apple tasteless, my iPhone is still damn cool, but I guess I know what you mean. 😉