The release of updated iPod nano firmware 1.2, along with a cheaper price for the hardware itself, quickly got overlooked due to all of the hype for the iPhone 4S, Siri, etc.

For those of you who love to rock their iPod nano as a watch, though, the announcement of a ton of new watch faces was probably your highlight of the keynote.

If you’ve yet to download the latest iPod nano firmware on your device, or you haven’t checked out the expose on Apple’s website, here’s a visual roundup of all 18 watch faces included with the new software…

Watch Face 01

Watch Face 02

Watch Face 03

Watch Face 04

Watch Face 05

Watch Face 06

Watch Face 07

Watch Face 08

Watch Face 09

Watch Face 10

Watch Face 11

Watch Face 12

Watch Face 13

Watch Face 14

Watch Face 15

Watch Face 16

Watch Face 17

Watch Face 18

The firmware recognizes the color of your device, and will automatically coordinate the color of the watch face, with the color of your nano. Pretty slick, no?

Which one is your favorite? I’m going with #17. Stay tuned for a full unboxing and video walkthrough of the iPod nano using firmware 1.2.

  • Sergio

    I’m diggin’ #7 and #10.

  • Andrew Enriquez

    Is the firmware already out?

  • I so want one 😉

  • G

    Can you customize your own?

  • pn2bade

    You may want to fix your numbering. You have 2-18, not 1-17

    • That’s because #1 is the standard clock. I’ll go ahead an include it, but it’s nothing new.

      • pn2bade

        Oh, ok. So there are 17 new, 18 total? Wait, are you counting the two original faces as one?

  • pn2bade

    What were the prices before? I am now thinking about getting one and kind of want to know what they were before the price drop.

    • $129 – 8GB, $149 – 16GB.

  • Jeff

    I want to make one of my own, or I would like to see Disney supply 1 more. I have an 11 year old Goofy watch I would love to replace as it is getting pretty warn, Disney does not make a Goofy watch anymore so this would be a way they could bring him back without having to invest in a production run.

  • jungle jim

    Does anyone know what the dials mean on #10?

    • Gadgety

      The dials on #10: Left hand side small dial is weekday number (Sunday at the top, 2 = Mon etc). Right hand side is Month and date, where the date changes, and shows in increments of 12 days/month it seems, and the middle low small dial shows the seconds ticking by.

      • Actually, the left is the date. the pic was taken oct 5, the right is the day. It was Wednesday.