M, would approve. SpyPhoto is a recently released jailbreak tweak that allows you to take Photos without detection.

Utilizing the ubiquitous Activator to do its dirty work, SpyPhoto enables users to snap pics void of shutter sounds, flashes, or heads up display. You can literally take photos from any app, anywhere.

Check inside for a video demonstration of this covert jailbreak tweak in action…

Obviously, it’s highly recomended that if you do choose to use this tweak, you use it for good, and not for evil.

SpyPhoto is available for $1.50 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. That may seem like a lot, but I’ve heard the spy business pays well.

  • Steve1

    This is for lurkers/stalkers lol..

  • Vega

    Too bad that the Done popup entirely defeats the purpose of the whole tweak.

    • Jbravo

      Need update to make “Done” popup to be an option, not a must.

  • n0m0n

    Well this is crashing my device of I try to take pic after pic.
    I tried to take 5 pics and it says it did but no pic 4 times, 1 was taken.

    Anyone else having problems, or is it me?

  • gr33n13m0n

    No settings icon on iOS5 beta7

    • Yboy403

      Yes, preferenceloader isn’t working on iOS 5 yet. There’s probably a way to edit the plist manually to add the settings, but I can’t help you with that.

  • iamevl

    Same here. No photo gets saved. Im on 3g 4.2.1. Wondering if photoalbums+ could be a conflict?

  • peter

    n0m0n ,me too.

  • Britta
    • Me

      Britta’s knowledge of Cydia tweaks ftw!

      • crazyyyishhh

        mmmm 😉

  • iphone 5 now avaiable at apple store

  • Slayer

    Yeah it seems to be a bit buggy. It’s a hit and miss for me, meaning sometimes it works and the majority of the times it doesn’t… I like the Idea behind it cause I can then use my headphones like a shutter button…

  • Slayer

    After buying and trying this app out thoroughly.. I have come to the conclusion that it is crap, if the dev wanted paying beta testers he should atleast be straight up about it! on the other hand some activatort actions implemented into stealth cam would be perfect…

  • iamevl

    Ok. Got the upgrade but still the same problem. No saved photo. Its bound to be something simple. Wish i could find the app folder in ifile so i could have a look at the code

  • n0m0n

    iamevl… dido that.
    The author seems to be nonrespondent.

    I guess the developer has “paid” beta testers.

  • iamevl

    Ok. New upgrade. Things still the same. I double checked all my settings and activator listeners to make sure they in order. I have a 3g so only back camera so i made sure my front camera settings were not a conflict. Still nothing. I was convinced that it might be photoalbums+ but with so many others having same prob now i not sure. I dnt mind being a paid beta tester as long as the developer continues working on upgrades to fix the issues. Its a nice tweak idea besides it was only $1.50 which is only about 80p in real money!

  • iamevl

    Another update. Still no joy. Wondering if its just a syntax error causing the problems?

    • abe

      hi iamevl.Have the bugs been fixed or has the developer responded? Does this work with iOS5?

  • abe

    Have the bugs been fixed or has the developer responded? Does this work with iOS5?

  • iamevl

    Still nothing and there have been no further updates