Most of you know by now that Apple and Samsung are in a grueling court battle. Back in April the Cupertino company filed a lawsuit against Samsung for violating its “trade dress,” or in layman’s terms, blatantly copying its device designs.

The ongoing litigation has resulted in a temporary ban of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and other devices in multiple countries, and the two companies are about to square off here in the US. Judging by this new “evidence,” I’d say Apple has the upper hand…

John Gruber of Daring Fireball points to this interesting collage of photos that recently surfaced on Reddit. The images show several instances of Samsung getting “inspiration” for everything from the the design of its tablet, to its device packaging, and even its USB cable.

You can argue all you want about Apple’s claims that Samsung copied the iPad’s design. You can even say that Apple can’t trademark a thin, rectangle case design because it’s the natural evolution of tablets.

But you can’t say that Samsung isn’t copying Apple in multiple aspects. It’s like Apple is the smart kid in class who always gets straight A’s on tests, and Samsung just got caught cheating.

What’s your take on Apple’s copycat accusations? The comparions above seem to be proof enough.

  • Ershad

    @seb… i told you 🙂

  • Frank

    damn… samsung hasnt come up with something of their own!

    • “Been Caught Steeling”
      by Jane’s Addiction
      Rituaal De Lo Hatitual Album

  • blink creations

    I hope Samsung has to recall their copy models..and or pull them from the shelf.. On that note they are really doing kind of the same thing just more extreme as Microsoft does. They find out what Mac is doing then try and copy and reproduce it. Take Windows 7 for instance.. It’s pretty much leopard just not as smooth work flow.. And it’s a headache to get anything done.. Why because they are COPYING MAC. Yet it sucks because they don’t want it to be to the T so they don’t get sued like Samsung is now..

    • Alex

      What’s “smooth work flow”?

      If Windows 7 is slow for you, get a better computer.

      Also, have you seen Windows 8? Looks pretty cool.

  • adam cohen

    Samsung fail, next thing you know samsung is going to make a mac looking pc or whatever

  • whykeepthissgoing

    So whats your point OOOOOOO THEY COPIED APPLE OOO NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    apple does it all the time and they pay people not to take it further does this make apple any better? everyone does it. everyone copies get over it, childish post man………………….
    car shapes are all the same ALL THE SAME who sues who over that? who gets the right to the shape or interior design? look at anytech they all copy each other.

    please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • POQ200


    • Andrew

      Speaking of childish posts….

      • Glave


    • Shut up bitch

      • CyPhErLoUs

        Jump your ass back across the internet border.

    • Irha


    • God

      son, i am going to need you shut your stupid ass up… your post is the childish of all, iDB is giving us what the hell we want, POST ABOUT THE SHIT APPLE IS DOING AND GOING THROUGH, don’t get on here with your propaganda talking about “oooo apple copies to”… COPY WHAT!!! WHAT DOES APPLE COPY, the way their laptops looks, yeah sure its a square like all the rest, but what laptops was made of a unibody aluminum case with black keys with spaces in between each key, NONE, APPLE DID IT FIRST. don’t come on here bashing iDB for doing what the F*** they set out to do, that’s like telling a teacher not to teach to class when she is already in the classroom, that’s what the F*** that teacher is suppose to do and this is what the F*** iDB is suppose to do, take your CHILDISH, simple minded ass somewhere else… why don’t YOU “PLESE STOP” go to a WINDOWS blog site and bash on their journalist you fag….

      • Alex

        Apple has copied quite a lot actually, for instance is the pull-down notification drawer in iOS5.

      • God

        Hardware buddy.. And correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t apple hire the guy that originally made that notification system for jailbreaking… Apple didn’t copy him, they simply hired him do that he could put it on the iPhone without it having to be jailbroken

    • kirk

      so this is a childish post while your response is “ooooooooo they copied apple ooonoooo” lmao… is this supposed to be a joke??

  • David

    Samsung sucks in general. I just bought a new Sony TV because my Samsung kept on needing new parts and repairs. Way back when flip phones were the rage, I had a Samsung for a couple of months before I started having problems with the earpiece not working. I don’t have an iPhone (yet), because I’m with Sprint, but my choice last year was between the HTC Evo and the Samsung Epic, and I easily made the decision to get the Evo. Samsung’s quality sucks, and observing from those pics, they blatantly copy Apple’s design.

    • soccerkrzy

      Samsung is still the best of the best in all Televisions (DLP, Plasma, & LCD), so you’re just ignorantly wrong. Not to mention they’re top of the line in nearly all appliances as well.

      • David

        Hey Soccer, don’t mean to offend you dude. I loved the Samsung TV we had, beautiful picture, and Apple used them, so they have to have some decent stuff. I’m not speaking from ignorance, but from past experience. My Samsung experience has sucked. When I was comtemplating on getting the Samsung TV repaired for a third time, I did some searches on forums for the issues I was having, and a lot of people had the same experience I had with my model of TV. Even my parents bought a Samsung side loading washer and dryer, and two weeks later they had to get them replaced. Maybe it was just a lemon, who knows?

      • soccerkrzy

        @David, sounds like you got lemons. I’ve had a Samsung DLP for 7 years now and 5 other LCD displays (TVs & monitors). Not to mention a washer/dryer. They’ve all worked perfectly. Samsung consistently ranks top for televisions, so it sounds like you just got unlucky.

        I have heard poor things about their customer service though, so I don’t envy having to deal with that.

  • Remmy

    Nobody is going to realistically mistake a Samsung device for an Apple device. I don’t think it should be a copyright or trade dress violation unless the intent is to deceive the buyer, which it clearly isn’t because they have Samsung written all over everything.

    The adapters are legitimately the most efficient shape for their purpose, the connectors are a move towards standardization, the boxes are the same for every electronic device I’ve bought in the last 5 years, and as far as app design goes, there is only so much you can do to skin universal tools like voice recorders and for the record I don’t think those two apps look anything alike in the photo.

    I have a Galaxy S phone and a friend of mine has an iPhone and we get confused when we have to use the other’s device because they are VERY different.

    • kokhean

      Those who have not seen an iPad before will always call Samsung’s tablets iPads. It’s so freaking annoying everytime I hear someone say “iPad” instead of Galaxy Tab, because I know that they are wrong, but I didn’t want to embarrass them.

    • DJ

      You do know that Samsung’s own lawyers couldn’t tell the difference between the two right?

  • David

    Samsung sucks in general. I just bought a new Sony TV because my Samsung kept on needing new parts and repairs. The picture was beautiful on the Samsung…….when it worked. Way back when flip phones were the rage, I had a Samsung for a couple of months before I started having problems with the earpiece not working. I don’t have an iPhone (yet), because I’m with Sprint, but my choice last year was between the HTC Evo and the Samsung Epic, and I easily made the decision to get the Evo. Samsung’s quality sucks, and observing from those pics, they blatantly copy Apple’s design.

  • Laga Mahesa

    What Samsung and all the others scrabbling for sloppy seconds still don’t realize is that Apple wins my and others’ hard earned money because of their after sales support. I bought a 3Gs for 1200 USD when it came out, I imported an unlocked model from Australia. Expensive, yes. In the long term? Damn cheap. 2 years later and it is still problem free, still getting software updates and I’m not bored with it thanks to the app store.

    Show me an android, blackberry, whatever device that boasts the same. They are all still using the business model of forgetting you exist once they have your money. Samsung makes great hardware and I’m more than happy to send them my cash for hard drives and monitors… But phones and anything else that needs updating? No chance.

    • That’s why the Google Nexus line is so appealing; $600 for an unlocked version, the latest updates, and the first Nexus still gets updates. It’s in the same “gen” as the 3GS; it’s Google’s flagship device, just like the iPhone is to Apple.

  • David

    Sorry for the double post….
    I don’t think the article seems childish. Of course there will always be fanboys, but I don’t even own an iDevice anymore (death by water), but when I’m looking at these pictures, there does seem to be a lot of copying. Even Touchwiz looks a lot like iOS. I understand Samsung getting some type of inspiration from a piece of hardware or a user experience, but then they should have created their own experience going on out. Not trying to bash here or cause a fight, just some thoughts.

  • soccerkrzy

    Samsung’s charger looks to be better anyway. The prongs are slightly off center, which means you put it in so the oblong part of the charger is over the grounding plug of the outlet; thus, centering the adapter on the plug so if you’re using it in a power strip, you aren’t taking up extra outlets. Adapters have been moving in that direction for a while, so there’s no ripping on that. The connector looks like a standard USB to some proprietary pinned connection so that’s not really copying, look at the Sansa, they did it first. The box isn’t a copy, that’s just efficient packaging.

    Now for the app icons in the store, yea, that’s copying.

  • TimCook

    Samsung is bad. Apple is good. That’s it.

  • Neglefarot

    Samsung is a copycat…you may like it…there is no problem whit that, but is a fact they are trying looking like apple.

    and doesnt have to hurt, just accept it.

  • Haha this website went from having lots of love. To people hating it hahahha even me. Bullshit articles all over I’m done.

    • AGREED

      This is comming from a guy that has pictures of steve jobs on his twitter background, Even he is leaving IDB cos of this crap, the people that hate this kind of rants are apple fans not google lovers but there are way to many IDB & APPLE fanboys here i am also done Bye IDB there are lots of sites that act profesional, dame kids running this site.

    • peace out IDB

      If a guy like (Tito Georgie) leaves IDB , a guy that has a twitter background pic of steve jobs then you must be doing something wrong IDB.

    • Goodbye


        O grow up, you will not try to keep readers even iphone & apple fanatics just cos they are against the way you guys put this copying crap every dame week? people are sick of the way you keep posting your own feelings not fact or truth, you think they copied samsung OK keep that to yourself why post it every week. this is not fact or news of samsung being punished thru a court for copying like the ban they got for breaching apple patents, this is your IDB staff being bitter. i dont know of a single site that does what you do. you make money thru all the people that visit your site (mostly not apple fans) you never respond to people that ask for a change in the way you post but you say BYE to people that wants to leave………… i have been using apple products since 1984 and still do not hate on other products or defeend apple for everything but i guess we are from a much more mature time than you guys. you get money thru people visiting your site but not anymore here is another person you can forget. lets see how many more apple fans you can piss off this week god help fanboys.

      • 1. We don’t post feelings. These images are pretty factual.
        2. Even if I wanted to post my feelings, it’s my damn blog, it’s not the WSJ. We can post whatever we want.
        3. We’re not being bitter in these posts. Please point out to me the bitter part.
        4. Pretty much every Apple blog posted these images of Samsung vs Apple. Google it.
        5. Truth is, a minority of people here are asking for changes. We listen and we act for the greater good of our audience, not for the 6 people that are complaining.
        6. Please point out to me where we hate on non-Apple products.
        7. Again, we don’t force you to read ALL articles. Pick and choose the ones that interest you the most.

      • BLTKOR

        To be fair there are about equal number of people here that think samsung did and did not copy. just saying looking at all the older posts its about the same there.

  • anon

    Other than the App store icons, I have no idea what similarities you see, it all looks different to me side by side.

  • Aaron

    I like the idea of the Samsung 30 pin connector (which apple has been using since iPod classic if I’m not wrong) but according to what I heard, there was a policy or something in Europe that required mobile phone companies to come up with a standard charger. I think it was wise for them to copy apple but at least admit that they did copy and not make a childish game of pointing fingers. Its like Samsung is claiming that they came up with the first iPod which is just wrong…

  • One word response: WHO-THE-F-CARES.

    Seriously, grow up. This is business, not some happy fun little world where everybody gets to play fair.

    If Samsung can make a better product (which, clearly, they have done.. I mean, compare the two in person, it’s fairly obvious that the iPhone is a POS by comparison), then they deserve to get the sale.

    If Apple can’t be innovative enough to keep ahead of their competition, then they deserve to lose sales. Continue your fanbosy-ism all you want, but the rest of the world that does not worship at the cult of Jobs will buy products based on merit, not based on sentimentality.

    • sean

      o-O REALLY? , so samsungdont have to be innovative, just copy innovative products????? ive seen samsung , 1000 batteries in 1year, constant crashing, pinch to zoom lagging, misselecting touches etc. piece of crap. iphone wins hands all the time. u droid users remind me of a person hanging off a cliff and refuse to grab a person hands cause of pride.#petty

  • “Picasso had a saying: ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’… and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.”
    – Steve Jobs, 1994

    • That’s one of my favorite Steve Jobs/Picasso quote.

      What Steve Jobs is saying in there though is that they steal ideas, not implementations. For example, they stole the idea of a MP3 player. They stole the idea of a great smartphone. They stole the idea of tablets. The point is Apple didn’t invent the mp3 player, the smartphone, or tablets. They just stole the idea. And this is what Steve Jobs is talking about.

  • Steve

    I can’t believe how many people get bent out of shape about an article on a website that they don’t even pay for. No one is making you read it! Get a life stupid cry babies.

  • Binary-Stalker

    Anyone who called this a childish post, leave now.

    This is a freaking blog, keeping us updated. It’s not suited for one single person.

    If you don’t like it, DON’T READ IT.

  • sean

    BOOM!!!!!! RLMFAO +1,000,000,000,000

  • sean

    I wonder why is it when ppl say “its only the nrxt step of evolution, its not copying”, iys always after apple makes the first step. are you REALLY saying techonolgy cant go no futher than what apple takes them?

  • I own a Samsung DLP TV. Works fine. After 4 years needed to replace bulb. That’s it. As far as mobile products, love my Apple. Had a 3G, 3Gs, and now 2 4s. Best mobiles on the market. The 4 will still be better than any competition six months from now. As far as copying. I agree with the comments that the best most efficient design does become universal. The USB power cubes… well really what else was Samsung supposed to do? The shortest route between A and B is a straight in. Just because someone else figured out first doesn’t mean everyone needs to walk between A and B in a jagged line. However other things mentioned in this post are spot on for copying. Come on, using Safari icons in your retail store? And a white box for your packaging of a tablet? Yes white is a universal color and untrademarkable. But it also is known universally as a Apple packaging design element. Yes most people would not part with their hard earned cash before figuring out if they are buying Apple or Samsung. Yet also just recently people were buying wood mockups of the iPad in parking lots thinking they were getting the real thing. People can be dumb. So similar packaging design elements are important. So if some people are willing to buy a 2×4 in an Apple looking package, they’ll buy a Galaxy in an Apple looking box.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree, no matter how similar they may look (actually one is 7″ the other almost 10″, anyway …) an Apple can be easily spotted, has a very iconic trademark, a design that follow a line through every products, most of all a customer that go for an Apple product choose all the Apple environment and philosophy, he can’t buy a Samsung device and then say “damn, I thought it was an iPad!”.

  • Karasu

    Both Products are Good,
    this is a ridiculous battle,
    Samsung provides Apple w/ their A4 Chip
    and that makes me think that it’s an internal ‘under the table’ battle that they are taking out in public in a ridiculous way, probably a deal that’s gone wrong or something…

    in the end, yeah about we make Triangular Tablets nXt time and call this Original Design..pfft..

  • sean

    I dont know about u , but i went to the iphone cause it broke out the norm of what mobilr devices was. that being said mobile companies are doing the same thing they did before; not being innovative but jumping on the next hottest thing. it does matters to me, because mobile tech has been on a stale mate b4 iphone and they are bring stale mates now. Take a fucken risk and stop being safe with what apple. presents, thays how technology grow , hell that how apple came up big, while the ppl you now buy touch phones now were saying ; apple knows nothing of thr mobile business, stylus is better than fingers, or (the best one yet) we are happy the way our devices are.createsomething new , not me-too crap

  • anon

    Apple should take all apple farms to court and ban them from seeding, growing, and selling apples.

  • wlj3004

    Samsung, what a lazy bastard!!!

    • anon
      • theodore Strong

        haha sony did that in 2007 CES as well as releasing the first OLED tv, its 2012 and samsung and lg are just now thinking its big haha

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, funny as LG is the first to release an actual Oled TV, unless you consider that 10″ Sony joke a real TV

  • Laga Mahesa

    The OS is the decider, after support. Show me Samsung hardware legitimately running iOS and I’ll be all over it provided the price reflected the expected after sales support and the third party nature of the product.

    • Anonymous

      Are you aware of what happened last time Apple licensed their OS to third parties?

  • Bob Saget

    I am thankful for Samsung…some of us want product like Apple, but the pricetag is ridiculous. Over $500 for a tablet?!! Over $1,500 for a basic dual-core computer! Come on Apple! Apple is a company that only designs for the super-rich (or people who are not rich but spend money poorly). Sorry, I only make 35K/year – so Apple products are not for me. If you are buying Apple product and making less than 40K you are bad with money.

    • Laga Mahesa

      Money well spent considering their expected lifetime. Android still had a short shelf life.

      • Anonymous

        It’s up to you to decide when your device gets too old, I’d never buy it cause it may hold its price, it won’t

    • I bought macbook and ipad and I am using it for years. Money well spent. However ,I am aware that I could spent them in a better way.

  • nomorecopy

    Now I finally met some people who have a ‘brain.’
    Samsung has always been a copy machine.
    At first, they copied Sony, now their target is Apple.
    I know, you can just say ‘Who cares?’ but the thing is Samsung is suing Apple for patent things.
    After all these years of copying, now they are trying to officially ‘steal’ iPhone and iPad from Apple.
    This is just sick.

  • File Course

    There are 15 or more different tablets that resemble the iPad, samsung is not the first and won’t be the last. Apple has turned their design into a fad, thats the point you want everyone to copy you because you are “better” than everyone else. So stop being a baby about it. Suck it up and keep putting out new products that might actually have some innovation some day, unlike what they do with their iPhone4 to iPhone4S upgrade. Really I need to pay another $300 to get a new app that talks to me?
    Just do something new and if you really need to keep your ‘Small, Thin, Rectangular’ design to yourself then try to patten it or trademark it. Don’t go to court and as some judge to re-interpet patent laws.

  • jathak

    While those are all valid, and I do agree that Samsung copies a lot from Apple, that’s not what Apple’s suing for. Instead, they’re suing over a holistic search patent.