A recent survey of 70,000 US consumers by the American Customer Satisfaction Index shows that Apple is once again holding a comfortable lead in customer satisfaction over other computer OEMs.

This won’t come as a surprise if you’re a Mac owner. Having made a complete switch from PC to Mac myself over a year ago, I can’t even fathom the idea of ever owning a PC again…

According to Claes Fornell, founder of the American Customer Satisfaction Index:

“In the eight years that Apple has led the PC industry in customer satisfaction, its stock price has increased by 2,300%. Apple’s winning combination of innovation and product diversification—including spinning off technologies into entirely new directions—has kept the company consistently at the leading edge.”

Innovation and diversification might not be the only reason Apple ranks so high in customer satisfaction. If you ask me, this success is due to a mix of beautifully designed and engineered products, simple, and reliable products, topped by a clever marketing/branding strategy and outstanding customer support.

Listen to me speaking like a fanboy!

[ZDNet via OSXDaily]

  • MrA

    Sebastien fanboy???? Noooo not him :p

    • In all honesty, I don’t consider myself a fanboy because I’m very critical of what Apple does. Being a fanboy means finding excuses for everything Apple does. I’m not like that. Instead, I like to think of myself as an Apple believer.

      • kadz

        Me Too .. 😀

  • Apple makes it hard not to be a fanboy… BTW i made the switch after owning a 3GS, i though; since im going to be a programmer i should test this poor unused OS just in case anyboss finds it intereting in my RESUME, and i could install windows 7 for everything else…

    boy was i wrong…. mac OS x is so much a different world, i cant tell how many times windows gave me headaches and its fine integrations between devices makes it a pleasure to operate them.
    PD: i didnt know apple or how to use itunes before the 3gs came out. but since that, well , im here 🙂

  • CostaXtreme

    if you managed Windows all your life…. pss You see what Apple does. They sell computers at double price, with less things.

    Im super happy with my hackingtosh worth 400€