Is your selection of Activator gestures wearing a little thin? Looking to add an infinite amount of app-launching gestures to your jailbroken iPhone?

If that sounds all too familiar, then Gesturizer could be just what you need. This jailbreak tweak allows you to launch apps and perform actions, using custom hand-drawn gestures. Check out our full video demonstration inside…

Once installed, Gesturizer places a new settings panel in your Settings app. Within, you will find two sample gesture profiles, and an option to add additional gestures.

Gestures, or glyphs as they’re called in Gesturizer, can consist of any hand-drawn symbol or character.

Once you have your glyph established for your particular gesture, simply perform the gesture on the top half of the App Switcher window; doing so immediately launches the Activator action or URL that you configured in the settings panel.

At $2.99, Gesturizer isn’t cheap, but if you’re a heavy Activator user, and you’re running low on options, it may be the solution for you.

Gesturizer can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and it’s compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad.

Have you taken it for a spin? If so, how’d you like it?

  • Dane

    What’s with the ugly ass case

  • Dave

    This seems like way more effort than just launching it using the app icon or spotlight.

  • DomPerignon

    I don’t use those gestures that much and the ones I use are the ones that come with the excellent browser Dolphin and they are FREE!

  • Does gesturizer work with lockdown pro?

  • Guthrie

    I like it, it’s especially good for launching web sites. But what’s most impressive is just how slick it is. It feels like a native feature.