When Facebook entered the murky waters of the instant messaging business with Facebook Messenger, many eyebrows were raised by its US-only launch. With over 700 million users worldwide, that left a fair chunk unable to take advantage of Facebook’s latest venture.

As of now, that’s an issue that’s on its way to being addressed, with Facebook Messenger now being made available in the U.K. App Store…

Priced at the same low, low price of free, Facebook’s U.K. app is identical to its US brother; it offers a way of accessing and sending Facebook Messages without venturing into the official Facebook app. If you’re the kind of person that loses hours on Facebook, then that’s a winner right there.

There’s been no official word why the app was US-only in the first place, or why the app isn’t available worldwide yet, but we suspect it’s all a case of managing the load on Facebook’s systems, and that Facebook users worldwide will eventually be able to get in on the action.


  • can you do that video calling through it yet? don’t see point in getting it as have other chat apps if needbe, and even then i have skype for video to family and friends abroad 😛

  • Dave

    I’m in the UK and I got this through installous when it first became available – it’s a very pointless app. It simply mimics Facebook’s built in messenger function. As they rolled out the relationship between chatting and messaging in Facebook, this literally just tells you when you’ve got a message. Pointless. Just keep the Facebook app as it does the same job.

  • numbnuts

    no confidence, their last main app update was bugged to hell and froze my device. no thanks

  • Dane

    SMS isn’t going amywhere. It’s $30 a month for unlimited text and pic plus unlimited mobile to any mobile for all the lines on my share plan. That’s $6 a month per line.

    Texting is universal and you can send one to every person w a phone. No need to worry if they have Facebook, what’s app, BBM, google, an iPhone, or even a smart phone for that matter. I have the convenience of being able to access wifi almost any point throughout the day but for those who don’t the smallest data plan overage is probably more than unlimited texting.

  • can I find it on the Canadian app store?