After we spent years begging Apple to finally add multitasking to iOS, the boffins in Cupertino relented, bringing the joys of multiple running apps to our iPhones and iPads. Well, sort of.

Apple’s implementation has many-a-geek arguing over whether it really is multitasking. Once you get past that little hiccup, it works surprisingly well. But could it be better?

The launch of iOS multitasking hasn’t stopped the creative types from showing us how they think multiple apps should be handled, and a new video caught our eye today, and we’re rather impressed…

Borrowing heavily from the HP WebOS card metaphor – hey, it’s worked so well for the TouchPad, right? – the concept comes courtesy of Apple fan Marcos Antonio de Lima Filho, and offers something we don’t remember seeing in any prior concept videos: draggable apps.

New Multitask Interface for iOS from Marcsheep on Vimeo

Marcos’ idea is to move the multitasking tray to the top of the screen, rather than the bottom, and allow apps to run in ‘workspaces’ in a similar way to Mission Control on a Mac. That way, apps could be dragged out of the multitasking tray and into an empty workspace. Apps could then be moved and re-ordered, and presumably switched between using a gesture, similar to the ones found in iOS betas on the iPad.

We love these concept videos here at iDB, and if you’ve got one that you think we’ve missed, then please do let us know via one of our various points of contact.


  • Sean

    The way apple did it is perfect for me, accomplish a task without draining battery life. It starts right where I left off ,same as running apps, but with more battery power save afterward

    • Dylan

      The article is really focused more on the aesthetics of the UI.

    • +1
      Agreed & Well said.

    • Joe

      I returned my “Tab” after only two days. I bought an iPad 2, downloaded iOS 5 beta, and now I can’t live without AirPlay and Real Racing HD.

    • iCrapped

      Can’t live with you around.. Toss your Android out and just go on home

    • GeorgeMIchael.

      >you only say what apple has works for you because you know they’ll never have better and >you’re willing to settle for less.

      Wouldnt that arguement apply to your tab as well? Hooray for false dichotomies!

    • Sean

      if your tab was that great , this site wouldn’t even catch your intrest seeing other sites about ur tab would catch more of your attention, as this site caught mine. Apple battery life tops any of tab or mobile device out , so I’ll take apple word over your, they know how to work on a product or feature first b4 they place it on their hardware, not only they do it for the customer but apples ego is too big to not make sure features work well with their product. unlike other companies who race to slap shit on their devices to say they beat apple, without trying to get the best functionility of their product

  • Scaredy Shroom

    I hope he gets the job!! This is so simple but brilliant that its not even funny .

    • BLTKOR

      very very very off topic……..

      • BLTKOR

        FAO JOE ONLY!!!

  • Meh

    The card idea was first introduced with the bb playbook, I believe, and this looks much more playbookesque than touchpadesque, as WebOS lacks the ‘x’ to close button, and only has swipe/ launch. Cool idea though.

    • Jabra

      webOS had cards since Palm showcased on the Pre at CES 2009, over a year before the PlayBook with QNX was even revealed, let alone launched.

  • Antony

    a brazilian guy did it, And it’s actually very good 🙂

    • Isaac

      that sounds racist, like if the fact that he is brazilian makes him stupid or something

      • subb

        no, it doesn’t

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        there’s always a brazilian guy in a good work position on most of the big companies, we’re not that dumb as some may think, of course there’s always those who make us look like dumbass 🙁

  • babe

    i prefer multitask for widgets that sometimes should be run like messenger, stocks, css reader.
    for application, i think the current ios4 is still good, reserving the battery.

  • Anon

    why aren’t the apps on the multi-task tray appearing as already opened windows? he has to drag the app from the tray to the “drag an app here window”.

    you can just open the app instead of dragging it there? o.O

  • Michael

    I like the way apple did it, not “True” multitasking, but i enjoy it.

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      i bet you would also say, not being able to go to flash sites is somehow a positive for idevices

      • sean

        I dont knw if youve been watching but, adobe is finally working with html5 now not the other way around.Apple stuck to their guns and didnt us the flash platform, and adobe didnt stick to theirs, for obvious reasons. so yea it was positive, cause html5 have been working great with my idevice

  • Joe

    You’re still only able to use one app at a time… Even with hp’s web os. While the UI here may be different, in my opinion it still isn’t true multitasking. In fact, I’m yet to see it implemented right on any tablet or smart phone. Yet still, I love my iPad and wouldn’t trade it for anything on the market.

  • kokhean

    Backgrounder, anyone?

  • XepptizZ

    I wanna know from the android people here in what situation they they enjoy their ‘true’ multitasking, because I have had zero use for it thus far. I am jailbroken but never bothered with backgrounder.

  • Srinivas

    is there any tweak in Cydia….when i minimise native youtube application and open safari..still youtube video streaming continues…

    might be off topic..

  • Greg

    Multifl0w solves all the multitasking issues

  • iquanyin

    theres a twitter client in appstore that can watch youtube in a small window while running twitter, safaro, or a couple other things. i forget its name, sorry.

  • Mattia

    I am on an iPod Touch 2G and I’ve got multitasking with the help of a jailbreak. Is working really good battery lasts longer than when it was not jailbroken. I also got HomeScreen Wallpaper and my iDevice runs quite good. I’ve got about 16 tweaks all activated and it runs good. SORRY I AM A BIT OFF TOPIC.

  • In my opinion, Apple’s implementation is the best for now in the current state of apps
    Even though it’s not true multitasking, you don’t really need true multitasking if you aren’t active using multiple apps at once.

    What is really needed is a way to run apps in windows or side by side. Only then can tablets match desktop multitasking, and only then will we need true multitasking.