Itching for yet another unique way to launch all of your favorite iPhone apps? Wish the iPhone featured more Android inspired styling?

If so, then AppDialer might be right up your alley. With AppDialer, you can launch your Activator assigned apps using an Android styled pattern launcher. Check past the break for a full video demonstration…

In theory, you could launch an infinite amount of apps using the pattern launcher, and the phone dialer launcher. You’re only going to be limited by how many apps your have installed on your phone.

I can’t say that I’m a big fan of launching apps in this manner, but I can see the appeal to those of you who dig Android. All three of you. I kid.

AppDialer is available for free to jailbreakers on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you get a chance to take it for a whirl, be sure to leave us your feedback below.

  • Mark

    Wrong video…the video is for KBShortcuts

  • Mark

    Wrong video……

    • Fixed. Not sure what happened there, I messed up. Thanks Mark!

  • surya

    Just love tweak!!

  • Josh

    ENOUGH WITH THESE ANDROID-INSPIRED SH*T. The jailbreakers and developers’ works are much appreciated, but these are the kinds of things that make Android users think they’re on top (when they’re clearly not). I mean, not to be ungrateful, but is this really necessary?

    • Navs08

      I agree,Android doesn’t have much to compete with Apple and these small things aren’t gonna get it anywhere.

  • Coronos

    I think this should be used for the lockscreen. I realize that there IS this kind of thing for the lockscreen in Cydia, but none of those are as clean looking and easy to use as this.

  • Ibrahim Sait

    Just love it !!! Amazing !!! Thanks Jeff.

  • Rirath

    I sure find this useful. I’ve been looking for a “quick-launch” solution that I liked.

    As for “Android inspired” – I don’t know, it’s a neat way of inputting a pattern. Not much more.

  • sherr

    this is dumb, and I actually like android. It’s also nothing like android unless you’re comparing it to pattern unlock. The iOS homescreen is an app launcher. Why would you need another one? It takes less time/work to just launch from the homescreen as long as you know where the app is.

  • Rajan

    Androidlock xt is a better tweak than this Appdialer because it allows 4 other lock screen tweaks along with android lock.