So I was messing around with Ryan Petrich’s VoiceKeys tweak a while ago, and stumbled upon a revelation: The tweak’s proximity sensor feature, coupled with my BookBook case makes for an almost iPad 2 imitating Smart Cover feature for the iPhone.

In a nutshell, I decided it would only be right to record the functionality that I inadvertently stumbled upon, with the hopes of coercing someone in the jailbreak community to take this project head on.

What we need, is jailbreak tweak that allows one to activate the proximity sensor anywhere, in any app, not just in the Phone app (or in this case, the Messages app). Check inside for a video demonstration of the iPhone Smart Cover concept in action, along with a call to arms to any jailbreak developer who wishes to take this project on…

This works, because the aforementioned VoiceKeys tweak allows for the proximity sensor to be active while in the Messages app. That’s how I happened to stumble upon the Smart Cover-esque functionality while using my BookBook case.

What we need, is a jailbreak tweak that simply allows you to activate or deactivate the Proximity sensor on a whim. This would allow the phone to sleep and awaken when opening and closing the BookBook case.

I know there are a lot of BookBook owners out there that would probably like to see such a thing. What do you think? Think something like this would be handy to have?

Note: Sorry about the choppy sound. Looks like there may have been an issue with post production interference.

Note 2: So yesterday, I was sent a tweet with a link to Screendimmer With Proximity, a beta jailbreak tweak, that does exactly what I described above. It works exactly as described, and works extremely well with the BookBook case. That being said, it will most likely drain your battery fast if you keep it on all the time. Check out this video demonstration below of it in action:

What do you think? If you want to try it, you can add this repo: to your Cydia sources. Keep in mind that this is beta, so use it at your own risk. Special thanks to @_Yllier_ & @saudumm for being so quick to respond on this.

  • This would work in my iPhone’s belt “holster” since it would cover the face / sensor just like demonstrated with the BookBook case.

    Brilliant!!! Hopefully a jailbreaker will get ‘er done – and then Apple will “steal” it for iOS 6 😀

    – Eric

  • Kevin

    I would buy a book book case because of a tweak like that!

  • Naed

    +1 for this tweak to beade

  • Naed

    *be made

  • BloFish

    my iphone came with a lockscreen.

    • Jason


  • Jamie

    The case is really awful though, it has to be said lol, just my opinion but I think it’s fugly.

    • Personally, I love it. Best case I’ve ever used, and couldn’t think of going back to a “standalone” case.

      • Jamie

        Each to there own mate, not something i’d ever use but taste is very personal.

      • soccerkrzy

        Doesn’t it lack a camera window?

  • Or you could use the case with flipover from cydia.

    • Flip over doesn’t use proximity as far as I know, it uses accel/gyro, so it won’t work in this case.

  • John Mahjikk

    Why do we need it to lock? Everytime you turn the phone sideways to watch a video, your thumb might block the sensor and seriously flup up your watching experience. Therefore this is literally something that I cannot masterbate to.

    • Jamie

      Masturbate, think you may have done too much already dude.

      • v

        Mahjurbator has a point, though, on iPad its almost necessary, on iphone its too small so you would inadvertently interrupt…other activities

    • Mark

      If you actually read the post, it says it can be turned on and off anywhere, hence bypassing your issue.

      • Alex

        If you need to turn it on and off to use it, that takes effort.

        You might as well just use the dedicated lock button.

  • v

    bookbook is byootiful, voicekeys is ### awesome(except it censors, and you need to speak reALly slo-ow, and you need your ‘net on). I like your sleep idea with a cover, keep thinkin, everybody

  • @Jeff where did you get the case from?

    • Adam

      Never mind I see the link.

  • Matt

    That’s awesome!

  • Braulio

    Awesome video, love the idea and hope that a developer takes upon the challenge to make it a reality. Keep up the good work Jeff.

  • Good idea but has an issue

    Love it but when switching from portrait to landscape your left thumb covers the prox sensor camera and earphone speaker so this would cause the screen to shut off when using applications don’t get me wrong this is a great must have tweak but consider the issues you would have since the smart cover has a smart little magnet sensor to have this capability :0

  • It happens on every app that opens up a keyboard.. like Notes, Whatsapp, Safari.. literally anywhere the keyboard pops out the proximity sensor turns on.. !!

  • Hey Jeff. How about asking the dev’s to enhance it by adding a time schedule for it? Like activate for 10min. 30/60/3 hours/6 H and leave on? what do u think?

  • Matt

    Hey Jeff what are the setting you have on that becauase I can’t get mine to work like yours?

  • Matt dee

    Hey Jeff what are the setting you have on that becauase I can’t get mine to work like yours

  • Scottiedubya

    Do you have the link for this tweak?