New Apple CEO Tim Cook Responds to Emails Like Steve Jobs

By , Aug 28, 2011

Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, has been the center of attention recently. Tim has reportedly began replying to user emails. I emailed Tim myself, and I got a response within three days.

Steve Jobs is known for occasionally responding to emails, and Tim has started doing the same. I emailed Tim congratulating him on his recent position of CEO at Apple…

I wasn’t expecting a reply from Tim, especially because it was a short email.

This is what I said to Tim when I congratulated him:

Congrats on being the new CEO of Apple


Lo and behold, he responds a couple of days later. I got a short and simple response, much like how Steve Jobs was known to reply.

This is Tim’s response sent at 5:42 AM:

Thanks Zech.


Sent from my iPad

It seems that Tim Cook has been sending emails to several other people, and the text of the email appears to be the same: Thanks [INSERT NAME].

If you’re interested in emailing Tim, you can email him at

What do you think? Did you get a response from Tim? Leave it in the comments below.

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  • lol, there is nothing much more he could say in reply to that email, could he. Why not asked him , when is the iPhone 5 coming out?

  • Mike

    I’m glad I didn’t miss out on that enthralling convo !!

  • @Max_Kas

    It’s good to see that things are drastically changing with Mr. Jobs stepping down. Hopefully Mr. Cook will be just as friendly.

  • Kamal

    Somebody Help me Please. I m struggling a Lot in my Life !! 🙁

    • Jules

      hey kamal, therapy will help you. i’ve gone through it myself. look for free therapy in your area. sometimes the government offers it. or your school. or your workplace 🙂

  • MALdito

    This is what passes for news?! Ah man, this is why I hate boring sundays. I think I’ll go back out into Hurricane Irene until things pick up here…

  • Meh

    …Tim has reportedly began replying…

    …Tim has reportedly **begun** replying…

    • Mike

      I was wondering how long it would take before somebody started correcting any gramatical errors, pathetic or what.

  • Wonder if he woulda responded if he knew Zech’s iPad was jailbroken..

  • Jbravo

    No big deal, its only auto answer, like they made autocorrect on text, sms etc

  • Patrick

    He answered to mine in about two hours just now.

  • rick maahea

    yeah he responded to me in like 5 minutes. still it’s pretty cool to know he cared enough to auto answer back at least.

  • Ernesto

    Yup, He is, in fact, answering e-mails!!

  • rick maahea

    I can confirm it is not an auto answer now. he is actually responding in person:)

  • Davw

    I e-mailed Tim and got the following reply. Def an automated reply.



  • rick maahea

    he responded to my first one within 5 minutes time, my second one, which was of a much more professional nature, has not had a reply in 3 hours now.

    • Davw

      I replied to his e-mail in response to my e-mail and….. Nothing. It’s an automated reply system they have set up. dnt sweat it guys and gals…. Like he was really going to reply to us all individually? Yeah right

  • The emails are definitely not automated. The header of the email says it was sent from an iPad.

  • Chulo357

    It’s definitely not automated. I used my experience with communicating from Iraq to my family in addition to his congrats and has thanked me for serving.

  • Chulo357

    I used my experience with communicating from Iraq to my family in addition to his congrats and has thanked me for serving.

  • Anonymous

    He used the tweak FakeOperator to change his carrier name to “Zech”.

  • iBenny

    It’s not fake. I emailed him last night asking him a question about iCloud storage, and when I woke up I received an email. Not from Tim Cook, but Ed Cue. The email said that Tim had forwarded my email to Eddy. I’m still surprised that my email was seen by not ONE Apple executive, but TWO.

  • Can you tell me what’s Tim Cook email address please?

  • Still waiting . . .

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  • Is it possible that it’s an automate response set to delay?

    Thanks [INSERT NAME] is pretty easy to achieve with form mail.

  • I did, I asked him a questions asking why it takes so long to get new IPads in the stores on military bases, he wrote back saying he would look into it, and thanked me for serving

  • tim cook should realize not everyone is rich enough to buy a new apple computer and that many people start with their first mac is at least 5 years I am writing this on an ibook 12 in. g3 from 2002 and I am happy with it and also own an ibook g4 from 2004. apple should show more respect to those of us who are broke ass bitches trying to attend college w/o any financial aid for six years to stopping the practice of planned obsolescence on older mac laptops that run on osx my g3 was top of the line for its day with 640mb of ram 32mb of vram 900mhz processor at least allow me to use itunes on this dinosaur it supports up to itunes 9.2 and I should be able to listen to itunes if I pay for the damm songs on my g4 generosity goes a long way many people who buy these old machines when they have a positive experience do upgrade to better laptops over time so apple should do better make every experience with their first apple a positive experience even if it is an old dinosaur like my g3 and g4 laptops remain up to date and support and i might consider working 60 hours a week to save and buy a macbook air 11.6 someday. so make my experience with my older laptops by not making them obsolete when there is no need to do so i want itunes on my g3 and stay on my g4 please .

  • Vũ Nguyễn

    How many day did you get the email response?

  • Larry sweet

    I just completed a remodel of the Carmelite Monastery in Carmel. The sisters have a pager system that is broken. Apple’s IPad Touch would be perfect for them. They would need instruction on how to use them that I couldn’t give. They are a cloistered order and cannot leave the Monastery. Can Apple supply a rep to come into the Monastery and give 1-2 hours instruction. The sisters would love to pay for the service.
    Thank you

  • tell us his dam email address!!!

    • Julie Jeffery
      • Valerie Poole

        Mine came back said address was a bad destination . Knew it wouldn’t work

      • MJJames

        That means you put the address in wrong, dumbass.

      • John


  • shema

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  • Dean Gier

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    phone 517-240-5587

  • Julie Jeffery

    Still waiting for a reply….. 25.3.14 from Tim Cook –

    Maybe I should approach Microsoft or Dyson (UK)

    • ITech Device News

      same here

      • ITech Device News

        its been about 2 months and i emailed him twice

  • Valerie Poole

    My email to him came back. As bad destination. Surprised. Nope!

    • MJJames

      you put the address in wrong. That’s what that means.

  • Valerie Poole

    Incorrect James

  • Swee

    is it normal to be put on hold for Apple Customer Service? I had been on hold with music for 1 1/2 hours already today! argghhhh

  • Swee

    is there an email that top executive knows the agony of getting customer support… ????

  • Mark Roach

    Jameson 5 Teaching little sister Carson to use the I pad Jameson received from Santa. Carson is already using the Ipad in preparation for College in 18 years. She more then likely will be an Engineer like her Grampa. Thank you apple for making the I pad childs play in the ease of use.

  • Azmi abbu

    hi sir
    My name is abbu azmi
    I am deaf

  • Harold Chanin

    Hi Tim. To globally market “Apple Pay” by incorporating ISO’s chip card technology (circa 1970), such as the U.S. “EMV” or U.K. “chip-and-PIN,” truly is underwhelming to merchants and customers. At best, the chip statistically ‘protects’ from cybertheft at points-of-sales, but by design cannot ‘prevent’ the crime. The question is why does Apple ignore the cost-effective 2011 U.S. non-identity cyber card technology which can stop this global cyber crime?