We always assumed the top dogs at Apple received a decent wage, but MacRumors has dug up some information on just what kind of bonus new CEO Tim Cook will receive.

In an 8-K form filed with the SEC, Apple ┬áhas outlined a share deal that will make your eyes water. Cook will receive 1,000,000 shares which, when vested, would net the new CEO around $380,000,000 if they were cashed in today. Part of the deal is that he can’t cash his investments for another ten years…

“In connection with Mr. Cook’s appointment as Chief Executive Officer, the Board awarded Mr. Cook 1,000,000 restricted stock units. Fifty percent of the restricted stock units are scheduled to vest on each of August 24, 2016 and August 24, 2021, subject to Mr. Cook’s continued employment with Apple through each such date.”

On top of that we have Cook’s normal anual salary and bonuses which, according to MacRumors, netted the former COO a cool $58 million in 2010.

  • mo

    Pretty similar to what most hedge fund managers or top PE managers make in a year.

  • Roy

    I wouldn’t get out of bed for that …:)

  • Dane

    Pretty sad this company has so much money and still doesn’t want to pay decent wages and adhere to American labor laws so it outsources all it’s work to china where they’re paid dollars a day and moat end up just committing suicide because the conditions are so bad.

    But hey as long as all the big wigs and investors are making more than they can count what do they care about creating jobs here in America.

    • MALdito

      Hey, don’t forget about us. As long as we get our favorite products, we dont speak out about all that and things such as this are okay and acceptable. Sad but true.

  • Revvxz

    Sold my apple stock, I hope I made a wise investment :I

  • Does he need an assistant to do some filing?

    • You just never know, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!

      Jokes aside, that’s one heck of a huge bonus, I guess it really does pay to work at Apple.

  • Sam

    I remember not too long ago, when people were saying Apple will go out of business, lol.