Does you iPhone currently hold some photos that you would rather others not be able to see? Perhaps you’ve been secretly taking photos of prototype Apple products and don’t want new CEO Tim Cook to see them when you’re showing off your holiday pics?

Safety Photo+ for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch might be just what you’re looking for, as it allows the password protection of all your photographs, right on your iDevice…

“You can now keep your most private photos away form unauthorized access. Introducing the Safety Photo+. Used the most advanced security system to protect your photos. You can then browse, organize, share, and manage your photos right on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • Passcode locking style (combination lock, keypad lock)
  • Selectable stylish theme, yet easy to use interface
  • Take private photos from within the app
  • Export photos to your iPhone/iPod Touch 
- Create albums for your photos
  • Extremely simple to import photos from photo library
  • Passcode protect individual album
  • Supports move, copy & paste
  • Upload/download from PC to iPhone via web browser/iTunes file sharing
  • Share photos within 2 iOS devices with Safety Photo+ installed vie Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • Full Retina display support”

Safety Photo+ is currently just $0.99 in the App Store, but that price will continue to rise $1 per day until it hits its final price of $3.99. So if you’re going to pick it up, we suggest you do it now in order to grab a bargain!


  • chingiz

    steve jobs has just been bited of the largest apple

    • TyposSux

      Uh…what?? “steve jobs has just been bited of the largest apple” What???

  • Chris

    Shame it’s not available for the iPad

  • Shannon

    Is this a good alternative to PhotoAlbums+? I wanted something like that but didn’t wanna fork over $5 for it.

  • Adeybaby

    So, let’s be honest, this is for hiding porn isn’t it?
    No judgement here, but I recommend the free ePhotoChest or “Air Sharing” which allows you to use your iPhone as a storage device and happens to include password protection and photo viewing as part of the package.

  • Jacob Nørgaard

    “didn’t wanna fork over $5 for it” when speaking about PhotoAlbums+? Sure, it’s comparatively high priced, but it’s FIVE BUCKS. You paid like 50x that for the iPhone. The world is full of cheapskates.

    • Shannon

      It may be just $5 but when you buy so many apps and tweaks it adds up, and it’s no longer “just $5.” I’m not cheap, I’m just not lucky enough to have a lot of money to blow. And I won’t buy a tweak if I can’t even try it first and know that it works, if it’s $5. The world is full of judgmental assholes. 🙂

  • While the idea of this app sounds nice, I’d rather jailbreak and get the Photos Album Plus for iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You can create different photo albums and keep everything separate and you can password protect. I guess what I like about it the most is that little ability of different photo albums or rolls, if you will. The cost for that one is $4.99, but imho it’s well worth it. I’m not getting a kickback BTW, just realying that there are better apps out there which do a lot more.