The Apple-Samsung lawsuit has been grabbing headlines left and right over the last few months. The action has especially heated up over the past few days, as Samsung tried to prove to a Dutch court that it’s not copying Apple’s products.

But even with their Kubrick evidence, the judge found the Korean company to be in violation of Apple’s patents. The ruling bans Samsung from selling several devices, including the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, in the European Union…

As FOSS Patents explains, the ruling only covers countries in the EU where the patent is considered valid. There are many countries that Apple hasn’t taken the necessary steps to file patents correctly, including Estonia and Greece.

Estonia or not, the invention in question has to do with viewing photos on a touchscreen device. In particular, Apple’s patent describes browsing through images on a device by swiping the screen.

Folks hoping to snag a new Galaxy handset in Europe shouldn’t be too concerned though. Samsung has said that it has more than enough time to modify its software, as the ban won’t start until mid-October.

But as Gizmodo points out, why didn’t Samsung implement this modification in its photo browsing system in the first place? Isn’t saying that the problem can be fixed, admitting that there was a problem to begin with?

I’m getting as sick of patent lawsuits as the next person, but in this case it seems to be spurring innovation, rather than hurting it. Apple simply wants people to come up with their own ideas. Just look at Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft literally went back to the drawing board and came up with WP7’s tile interface. The UI is completely original, and could never be mistaken for iOS. Should Google try the same approach with Android to halt further litigation?

  • Dane

    Blah blah blah blah. Legal bs. Who cares. Apple is so afraid if competition instead of having faith that their device is better they try to tie up their competition in red tape

    • Mike

      Quite the opposite. Apple knows it yields a superior product and is sick of it, as am I. Look at the tablet market, or lack thereof, before apple came out with the iPad. All of these companies are copy cats with zero originality!

      • soccerkrzy

        No, it’s hindering innovation and productivity by blocking such a generic design with patents. Same with Apple fight jailbreakers, we’re innovating the software and they’re copying it into their design.

    • Jude

      Competition is the business world -____-” It’s a dog eat dog market. Get used to it and stop judging apple for their actions. I mean your not affected.

    • Mike

      Quite the opposite. Apple knows it yields a superior product and is sick of it, as am I. Look at the tablet market, or lack thereof, before apple came out with the iPad. All of these companies are copy cats with zero originality.

  • Ken

    European has to use what Apple said to?

  • I think Apple is in the right here. At least this patent is relative to their actual product line. I’m only bothered by patents where a product doesnt exist and someone is holding the patent waiting for a company to pay them to use it. With multitouch interfaces there are so many ways to implement an interface. Samsung should be able to tweak their stuff and maybe even come out with something that sets them apart.

  • ok apple was right but is this to say everyone one will be trying to sue everyone for all kinds of crap i mean ok let them use your ideas but beat them with your loyal fan base and customers that want an ios ipod compatible device. i think we need android or samsung or anyone else that can give you a little bit of Apple for a little bit less. dont forget you pay a hell of a lot in the uk for a iphone than you would do for another android or nokia. the market space for handsets has always been active when it comes to copying but nokia never sued it kept making better products. i think apple will always be on top fact . app went out of there way to stop samsung with tons of patents. 1 stuck so this was only about apple trying to get then in (trouble!!!). worlds biggest company does not need to act as the small guy trying to make money when its the big guy trying to take over all.

  • Warneve

    They ruled out two of Apple patents, why don’t you say that? Fanboys.

  • sean

    its so crazy, ppl saying that this hinder innovation, when it seems like its not hindering Apple. APPLE IMAGINATION STRETCHED FURTHER THAN WHAT WAS CURRENT, AND PPL ARE CRYING CAUSE THE OTHER COMPANY IMAGINATION STRECTHES AS FAR AS APPLE PRODUCTS TAKE THEM. Every company has a chance to be innovative , you cant say apple sucks one minute then cry another minute cause apple dont want those same innovation you talk crap about implemented in your device

  • sean

    btw, your examples sucks,Apple didnt invent the very first phone and say no one else can use it, it developed a type of phone. i think apple has a huge problem with those same companies back in 2007 saying that their type of phone “wasnt going to be succesful”, “we dont have to change our phones, cause our does everything iphone does”,”apple knows nothing about the mobile business”, etc, and turn around making me-too phones a year and a half later. thier egos was the reason that their was no innovation in the first place, and they wasnt going to change either until they saw how successful iphone was. when ipad came out, it wasnt no stalling they jumped all over it. theyre probably waiting for the next apple product to come out, so they can “help innovation”