TechCrunch’s Robin Wauters reports what we have been assuming for quite some time now: the iPhone 5 will be a global world phone, by essentially enabling you to roam on any network worldwide.

The report lists the mounting evidence, which backs up this earlier claim by Verizon CFO Fran Shammo, that the next iPhone would indeed have the ability to roam globally.

This is very good news for travelers, who won’t have to worry about the hassle of no coverage in areas where only one type of service (CDMA or GSM) is available…

As Wauters explains, the latest evidence comes from the app usage logs of an unnamed, yet popular, iOS developer. The logs contain data from a brand new Apple device featuring two unique mobile network/country codes — one from AT&T, the other from Verizon — originating from the same device.

While there is obviously nothing in stone here, and Apple is likely still testing its heavily anticipated iPhone refresh, I’d say that this news is highly indicative that Cupertino is streamlining its GSM and CDMA iPhone models into one single device.

Not only would this be cheaper to mass produce and easier as far as managing inventory is concerned, it could also help eliminate the firmware fragmentation that has reared its head ever since the Verizon iPhone 4 debuted back in February.

Word on the street also says that Apple will be migrating completely over to Qualcomm basebands for the iPhone 5. As you may already be aware of, the Verison iPhone 4 utilized a Qualcomm chipset, and that chipset — the MDM6600 to be specific — supports both GSM and CDMA connectivity.

Will we see the first global iPhone hit the market this fall? I believe that all of the evidence points to a wholehearted, “Yes.”

What are your thoughts and an global iPhone 5? Would you be welcome the idea of a globally enabled phone, even if it came at a premium?

  • knightfal

    Great!!! This means more users from remote countries.

    • I think you may be right, but as I remember there was an article a few days ago talking about going over to the Qualcomm chipset for 4G service as well…. And this still needed development time.

      So, for them to switch to a Global Phone this Fall, I’m betting “no” and that they will hold that over until at least Spring 2012 or even wait for Fall 2012 with 4G (as I’m predicting.)

      – Eric

  • DieselMartini

    Why is anyone still using CDMA is beyond me…

    • Jason Masters

      I totally agree the entire world is on gsm so how is including CDMA making it “global” it’s just including an outdated technology that mainly the USA is on.
      That’s not Global now an unlocked
      version is global because all of Europe
      Is on gsm and most other countries.

      • I agree. CDMA is terrible. But what can you do when one of the largest markets in the world is stuck on CDMA?

      • petis

        Agree, I do not want that weird stuff (CDMA) in my iphone 🙁

  • zaba

    lots of comapanies still using cdma for 3g data network because it can operate lot lower frequency then gsm therefore can react far than gsm, we know gsm 3g is faster but cdma tower can be space out lot far from each other it comes handing in rural remote pkaces

  • Rulz

    And do you guys think the i5 will be release for both band 3G capable on att and Tmobile as well?

    • Hm, that’s a good question. I hope so, but it doesn’t look like the whole AT&T T-Mobile stuff has been cleared up enough.

  • Markyo

    Or probably they just wanna have one iOS for both devices GSM and CDMA … just a thought >_>

  • Andy

    I read the same article on RedmondP and they actually make a mention of India running on CDMA. So wrong, CDMA came in much much later and it actually appeals to a larger population that wants to maintain a phone for cheap. CDMA is cheaper here than GSM, though gsm networks pioneered almost 20 years ago. CDMA sucks and I believe incorporating CDMA into a gsm phone will just hike up themprice for no reason. They should keep the two separate….can be released at the same time instead of a year later!

  • Tb

    What drives me up the wall is the two year contracts and spacing of the release of new tech phones. I don’t mind paying for new phones as they come to market. Just give us a break when on the 2 yr contract.