And the onslaught of jailbreak utilities continues, with this new release from iSam. The package will allow you to automatically insert your email address into a text field upon double tapping the “@” key.

While you could accomplish this with an app like Xpandr, Double At is much more simple. This utility is for power users who are constantly sending out their email address from their iDevice…

I guess it doesn’t have to be your email address. Double At allows you to program the text from the Settings application, so you can pretty much put anything you want. Once it’s set, you can insert it into any text field by — as the title suggests — double-tapping the “@” key.

If you already have Xpandr, obviously you won’t need to pick this one up. But if you’ve been looking for a condensed alternative, check out Double At. It’s available for free from Cydia.

Have you tried Double At?

  • Chinster

    what repo is this one in?

    • ur mother

      big boss i think

      • Chinster

        I couldn’t find it
        someone please help

  • Angelo

    I love it.

  • One word… F*€knAwesome!!

  • Dane

    I think it’s most obvious use is for log ins, not sending out your email address to people. Lol.

    That was the main reason I got xpandr so I didnt always have to put in my email but it barely worked on any login fields so I uninstalled it

  • Very nice Cody, first I’ve heard of this app. Any app that makes my life easier is good, thanks!

  • Tony

    we will have this option in iOS 5.

  • Tony

    we will have this option in iOS 5

    • allMac

      Really? How does it work exactly in iOS 5?

      • Tony

        Under Keyboard in the General settings, you can create shortcuts
        @@ (or any other letters) for your email. You can set many shortcuts

  • ic0edx

    I love this app, I wish it was encrypted so I can use it for all my password.

  • Shannon

    Love this. I have two emails though so it’d be helpful if I could use both. Maybe three taps for the second email, or long hold.

    • allMac

      Couldn’t have agreed more!

    • allMac


  • UnderWaterHound

    I use xpandr but it doesn’t always work and have to type what I need any way. Maybe I’ll try this