According to a new report, the next generation iPhone, the “iPhone 4S,” is rumored to be released in October, while the iPad 3 will see a regular yearly upgrade in the Spring.

The report comes from both TiPB and Japanese site Macotakara, with TiPB providing a October 7th launch date. Both sites have claimed that the iPhone 4S will debut in October and that the iPad 3 would be released in the Spring of 2012…

“According to sources, iPhone 4S which is based on iPhone 4(CDMA) and new iPad will be started produce since 1st week in September and will be shipped in late October.”

Both sites suggest that Apple may very well introduce two iPhones this fall. The “iPhone 4S” would be identical to the iPhone 4 but with a faster processor and better cameras along with a cheaper, more affordable price tag. Whereas the “iPhone 5” which will see a complete revamp, will be a higher-end iPhone priced a bit higher than the 4S.

An alleged 2048 x 1536 Retina Display iPad 3 won’t see the light of day until Spring of 2012, despite previous rumors, according to both sites.

  • MALdito

    As Long as it looks like the one in the image above (and hopefully works on t-mobile’s 4G network), then I’m all set to get it!

    • Kickstar13

      That’s just a concept, although I agree it looks pretty nice.

      • MALdito

        Oh I know its a concept (but one can only hope…). The only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of the home button

      • MALdito

        …other then that I think its “freakin’ sweet”, lol!

  • DeltaJB

    I just want an iPhone 5…

  • DeltaJB

    I just want an iPhone 5

  • mackgook

    this is doing my head in,is a better version of the iphone 4 or a new iphone 5,i would like a complete new iphone,as ive had my 3gs for almost 2 year contract!!!

  • Alberto

    My thoughts are that you should limit the new iPhone rumors to one ore day. This is the third one today.

    • D Rey

      Quit crying. Don’t read the article then.

  • roy

    hey we are only iphone fans.just looking forward to the new phone!!

  • roy

    shut him up!!!….lol

  • I hope the volume buttons stay separate.

    • sOleFresh


      • +1, and no touch sensitive home buttons, hate when i touch my xbox and it turns off or when im playing with a phone that have then and press them involuntarily

  • Eric


  • looking forward to get my hands on iphone 5.

  • I really doubt it’ll be named iPhone 4S.
    Sounds very bad and has no commercial appeal.

  • ace ash

    Remember when we thought the next iPhone was iPhone 5 but it was iPhone 4s so why wouldn’t it also be iPad 2s

  • ace ash

    So anyone there tell me one reason it will be iPad 3 and not iPad 2s

  • ipad 3 is not idol anymore since many people choose samsung