As the announcement of Apple’s next iPhone draws near, online resellers are gearing up for an influx in older iPhone models for sale.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 4 at WWDC last year, online gadget buyback service Gazelle bought back 10,000 old iPhone models the very same day, with the site buying back 32,000 iPhones total last year. Sites like Gazelle expect a larger increase in older generation iPhone sales when Apple unveils the iPhone 5 this Fall…

The iPhone has huge worth in the gaget buyback community. On Gazelle, Apple’s iPhone accounts for one out of every 10 gagets submitted for resale. Gazelle told GigaOM that users aren’t submitting old iPhones because of an unsatisfactory experience with the device, but because they’re looking to upgrade to the newest generation.

Sites like Gazelle, NextWorth and ebay Instant Sale are eager to buyback your old iPhones. If you’re looking to upgrade to whatever Apple announces this Fall, now would be a good time to sell your old iPhone on a site like Gazelle — before quotes on iPhone sales decrease. The closer it gets to an iPhone announcement, the less money you’ll make on a buyback site like Gazelle.

This year has seen abnormal iPhone buyback sales, as only 18,000 iPhones have been submitted to Gazelle. Apple didn’t release the iPhone 5 during the typical timeframe at WWDC this summer, and reports have surfaced that Apple’s next event could take place as early as September 7th.

Many are waiting for the next iPhone, and the reselling ecosystem has nearly been put on pause. This is good news for those wishing to sell their old iPhones, as buyback quotes are generally higher than normal, due to the unusually low number of submissions.

If you’re wanting to get more bang for your buck, we recommend sending in your old iPhone before Apple’s next announcement. Once the iPhone 5 is announced, everyone will be clamoring to get rid of the suddenly-outdated iPhone 4.

  • Outdated iphon4 me thinks not I’m never getting rid of mine
    And to all who do trade in any I device be prepared for fuglyiest iPhone ever

    Some time form is better than function

  • Dane

    I want to sell mine and get maximum value for it but I can’t imagine going a month with out my iPhone. I know if I wait the market will be flooded with iPhone 4’s. I think even if you wait though you’ll still easily get $300 to $350 for a 16gb iPhone 4.

    I have AT&T and don’t mind signing a contract so always get the new one for $199

  • Ethan

    I’ll stick with Craigslist. Sold mine last week with pretty good deal but living without my iPhone is really pain.

  • James

    Where do they come up with this shit, “outdated”, it might look different to the new iPhone (maybe) but it will never be outdated, even the iPhone 3gs is better than any other manufacturers phones out there, obviously not component wise but aesthetically it still looks good, that can’t be said for any Android powered handset.

  • dabe

    Those “outdated” 3GS still sell in droves on eBay everyday for about 250 and up. Even broken ones sell for 150! If you look at completed sales on eBay you’ll see the resell ecosystem is still thriving.