When the iPhone 4 finally launched on Verizon’s network, it was expected to be a godsend. U.S. customers could finally choose a different carrier if they had issues with AT&T. The device was projected to sell more than 5 million units — and then it didn’t. Verizon barely managed to sell half that.

So why were analysts so far off? My guess is that it was related to a misconception that a lot of AT&T customers were unhappy, but we’re not. There is also a good possibility that a lot of folks decided to hold off in anticipation for a summer-unveiling of a new model. In fact, analyst Gene Munster thinks it’s a real good possibility…

Munster recently polled a small sample of 216 cell phone users about their devices and wireless carriers. The survey revealed that a significant number of Verizon Wireless customers have been waiting on Apple’s upcoming smartphone to upgrade.

A staggering 74% of Big Red customers are planning to hold off for the iPhone 5, rather than purchasing Apple’s current offering. In comparison, only 53% of AT&T customers who have been looking into purchasing an iPhone say they’ll wait for the updated model. The low figure might have something to do with AT&T’s $49 3GS.

The data also shows a near-perfect customer retention rate among iPhone owners, as 94% of them say they expect to buy another Apple-branded handset. On the contrary, only 47% of Android users expect to purchase another Android device (42% indicated they will switch to an iPhone).

Although the research was done on a small scale, I don’t imagine the ratio would deflate a whole lot on a national level (global, maybe). However you slice it, it sounds like Apple and their iPhone 5 are poised to break sales records.

Will you be getting one?


  • James

    No! I am very happy with the look and feel of the 4! I’m so happy I own a verizon black and a AT&T white that I use as my touch!

  • Jon Garrett

    yet another bull sh!t article by iDB. so 216 users represent 74% of Verizon’s smartphone customers?

    only a fool would believe that 42% of Android users are going to switch to the iPhone. Android’s rate of growth is phenomenal, Android is on pace to exceed 100 million subscribers a day !! by this fall/winter

    in addition, Android tablets have 33% of the tablet market and the market place is set to surpass the app store in number of apps by end of summer.

    you don’t get that kind of success with 42% of their customer base wanting a damn iPhone.

    I for one, cannot wait til the contracts are finished on mine and my wife’s i4’s because we so desperately want Android phones and I love my Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    Well they couldnt survey all of verizons customers now could they?

    • Jon Garrett

      NO, and that’s why they should stop with the lies. 216 people do not speak for the other 106.3 million other subscribers. [wikipedia: The network has over 106.3 million subscribers as of Q2 2011]

      that’s like saying Ive had sex with every woman in New York just because I slept with 2 or 3 of them this weekend.

      • Paul G

        Actually it would be more like saying that none of the women in New York would want to have sex with you a second time because the 2 or 3 you slept with last weekend would rather slit their wrists than have sex with you again. Sounds reasonable to me.

        Seriously, how big of a douche do you have to be to come into an iPhone blog and start spouting your fanboy views about Android? You want an Android? Fantastic, go buy one. Enjoy it. Why do we need to hear about it? This is an iPhone blog, not a “What do you think is better, iPhone or Android and why?” blog.

    • Jon Garrett


      The real percentage would be 0.00020319849482596425

      • Jon Garrett

        for your information I have an iPhone 4 and its a great phone, my wife has an iPhone 4 and she thinks its so-so. since 2009 we’ve had 5 iPhones and 2 iPod touch so I think I’m qualified to speak my opinion on matters concerning apple products and my experience with them

        I now own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which absolutely blows the doors off the ipad/ipad 2 and I would NEVER buy a tablet from apple and I will NOT buy another iPhone after the iPhone 4.

        I only come to this site to keep up with the latest news regarding Jail breaking, other than that I don’t care about anything else because most of the stories on this site are either exaggerated or an outright lie.

        so you want to know why I think Android is better. well here’s why

        1. I hate the cat and mouse game of almost monthly firmware updates and waiting for an exploit to be found.

        2. with Android I wouldn’t have to hack my phone, voiding my warranty, slowing down my phone, random reboots, crashing, and other strange behavior because of the need to jailbreak in order to make my phone work the way I want it to work as opposed to the way Steve Jobs wants it to work.

        3. I don’t need iTunes which even a fan boy like yourself must admit is a hassle. with my Galaxy Tab 10.1 all I have to do is drag and drop. done. I can install what I want, I’m not limited to what Steve Jobs wants me to install.

        4. Android phones have been shipping with dual core processors for several months now. apple has none. but here’s the cool part. when the i5 comes out, it will have a dual core processor but by October-November 2011, Android phones will be shipping with quad core processors !! AND real 1080p resolution !!!! the iPhone wont get anything like that until maybe Fall 2012.

        5. Android manufacturers don’t withhold features from their products the way apple does to artificially inflate sales. a perfect example of that is the ipad fiasco. the ipad 2 is just over 4 months old but the ipad 3 will hit the streets this fall !!! WTF is that? I’ll tell you WTF is that. the ipad 2 was D.O.A and apple knew it., they also knew that people would run out and buy it even though it didn’t really offer much over the ipad. I mean hell, the damn thing only comes with a 0.7mp camera !!! WTF is that? 0.7? the ipad 2 doesn’t even have a camera flash !!!

        6. Android phones have micro USB ports and Micro HDMI. why doesn’t the iPhone have that? its because Steve Jobs wants to tell you how your phone should be used. freedom and flexibility isn’t part of his vision for you.

        7. Android Tablets come in 5 inch, 7 inch, 8.9 inch and 10.1 inches. Android Tablets have higher resolution cameras and higher resolution screens. Android Tablets have full size HDMI ports or mini HDMI, they have Full size USB and mini USB, they have Micro SD slots and Full Sized SD slots. some, like the Toshiba Thrive have ALL of them !!

        8. Android supports Flash, Steve Jobs ego wont let you have it.

        9. you have to get all of your content through iTunes & the App Store. with Android you can get shit from where ever you want. if apple wont approve something (especially something that’s better than what they have) you’re basically out of luck. NO such thing with Android.

        10. with Android, there’s something new and exciting on a weekly basis. there’s always something new…ALWAYS. with apple, once a year…..maybe, unless that year runs from summer 2010 to summer 2011.

        11. the list goes on an on.

        I don’t want to support a company that tries to suppress healthy competition with an endless array of frivolous lawsuits.

        I don’t want to support a company build on the technology and ideas of others, then patents it and claim it as innovation.

        I’m tired of an obnoxious fanbase and their worship of idevices. Im tired of the endless apple invented-everything-everybody-else-copied argument.

        Android offers something Apple NEVER will. Choice. I choose what I want, I use my devices the way I want. there are dozens of great phones to choose from and nearly a dozen tables of all sizes. there is a reason why Android has overtaken apple as the OS of choice in what? only 3years !! even with tablets, last year apple had over 90% of that market, 1 year later its down to 60-something %.

  • Paul G

    Here’s what separates you and me. You’re a fanboy and I’m not. I can understand why some people would prefer an Android over an iPhone. I personally couldn’t care less about most of the things you listed. When it comes right down to it an iPhone is a much better fit for me personally. It obviously isn’t for you, which is why I encouraged you to buy an Android. How can you be so small-minded to say in your post that the thing you like most abou Android is choice, and then criticize people for choosing an iPhone? How is it that you can’t comprehend that there is more than one solid phone platform? And why is it your job to go on the Internet and convince the world that your viewpoint is the only one?

    So keep on going on to iPhone blogs and touting your Android. I’m sure it’s time well spent and you’ll save countless people from buying evil Apple products.

    • Jon Garrett

      this is now turning childish and going nowhere. enjoy the rest of your day.