It would seem like the iPhone 5 rumor mill has been in full swing over the past few days. We’ve seen everything from cases to concepts. Now, 9to5Mac is claiming they have pictures of the real thing.

The same blog that brought us the leaked photos of the purported iPhone 5 case has just published a photo of what they believe to be Apple’s next smartphone. It certainly fits the typical “leaked photo” criteria, as it’s extremely blurry and hard to make out. Could this really be the iPhone 5?

The folks over at 9to5Mac received the photos last night from a San Francisco native. The tipster believes he caught what he believed to be, “an Apple employee hunched over the device on his way home from work.” Not knowing what to think, Seth Weintraub and company did some investigating.

“We contacted the tipster by phone and checked his background. We believe he saw a totally new Apple device, probably a prototype iPhone 5. He contacted us because when he got home, he doubted what he saw was legitimate until he looked at the green cases we posted.”

The tipster claimed to get a good look at the device, and that the pictures he snapped didn’t do it justice. The long time iDevice user said that the gadget was like nothing he’d ever seen before:

“Almost EVO-like in screen size, this iPhone also appears thinner than the current iPhone 4, but also wider. The edges are rounded metal like the edges of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but could still function as an antenna. The back is curved/tapered glass or plastic. He couldn’t tell but if he had to guess he’d say glass. He said it looked too amazing to be built by anyone besides Apple (fanboy alert).”

Although he didn’t get a look at the front of the device, he did notice an Apple logo on the back. He also noted that the man holding the gadget was more secretive than the typical smartphone user, constantly hiding the gadget in his hands.

So what in the world is this thing? It’s too thin to be an iPhone 3GS and too rounded to be an iPhone 4. The tipster obviously thinks this is Apple’s next smartphone, and commented that the device would fit perfectly into the leaked iPhone 5 cases we saw yesterday.

What do you think? Is this really the next iPhone?

  • iPhoneFollower

    /wrists, yet another i5 rumor story…

  • Zac

    That isn’t too thin to be a 3GS…that IS a 3GS. You can see that there isn’t a flash on the back. That picture was obviously taken from a distance.

    • Josh Lee

      Zoom in to the top left corner and tell me if that’s a 3gs.

      • Ken

        correction: Is this an iPhone 3GS prototype?

  • Dane

    If he didn’t get a look at the front of the device how does he know how big the screen was?

  • That looks exactly like my 3GS. I’m getting sick and tired of these people with nothing better to do than make up rumours about some phone.

    The Apple rumor-mill is just getting ridiculous nowadays.

    • ic0edx

      I’m with you!!!

      • Frankie

        me too.. there iphone 5 rumors are stupid!

  • Dane

    Also why not just ask him what phone he has. People are narcissistic and love showing off their phones unless it really is the unannounced, top secret, highly anticipated next iPhone from Apple. which would become clear very fast after 4 guys in black suits and sunglasses toss the guy who let someone get a photo of it into an unmarked van and he’s never seen again

  • Spa

    Look at the top of the phone. Looks like there’s a dock connector of some sort; definitely not a 3GS.

    • Joe

      dock connector? how about a glare?

      you are such dumb

      • Bryn

        You are such dumb? That is hilarious.

  • Takean

    I don’t think it is a 3GS. If u look at the camera location, it looks like there are 2 LEDs under it. Save the image and blow it up. It’s really blurry but it does look like 2 LEDs.

  • nikky

    There are too many iPhone 5 rumor topics, enough to have an independent section for it own already = P

  • Na that’s the Samsung phone apple sueing them over lol

  • Mysteryman3546

    There is no flash and the volume buttons aren’t seperate.
    It’s is a 3GS or 3G.
    If you look at what i told you, you would see i am right!

    • ic0edx

      Thank you.. why is everyone so blind.

  • Dan

    That is absolutely a 3G or 3GS. There’s no dock connector on top and in its current resolution it’s already way to blurry to tell whether or not there’s an LED by the camera. Blowing it up will only exacerbate the issue. The device may look thinner than a 3GS, but that may simply be a side effect of the blur and the angle at which the photo was taken.

  • WonkieInc

    At first I was thinking 3Gs, but no, it looks different. Dual flash on the back, looks like a dock connector on top (that is a great idea). I think someone just got fired…

  • Josh Lee

    The phone is definitely in a case so it’s hard to tell.

    • ic0edx

      Where do you see a case. It’s a 3GS!!!

      • Josh Lee

        zoom in to the top left corner . From afar it looks like a 3gs. But if you look close when zoomed in you can easily tell that there is a case on it by the way the case curves over to the top of the screen.

  • Jeff

    Clearly an iPhone 3Gs. Another worthless waste of time post from iDownloadBlog about iPhone5 rumors… might as well call it the iWasteMyTimeBlog.

  • Blake Alexander


  • Josh Lee

    Actually I think this could possibly be the iPhone 5. Zoom in to the top left corner of the phone. The back curves up to the screen so you can pretty much say that it is in a case. Also, above the camera there seems to be a space in between the case an the phone. If this is the real iPhone 5, that’s a heckuva skinny iPhone. And also, if that’s a case, the case could just be made so that there is no flash hole. But of course, this is just my opinion and I could be WAY off. My opinion: iPhone 5 disguised as an iPhone 3gs.

  • ic0edx

    ITs a 3GS you can see the buttons on it… are you guys serious.

  • Philly

    Didn’t gizmoso get their hands on a prototype iPhone 4 before release, which had a rounded case on the back to disguise it as an 3GS…?

  • LT

    Sick of these lame iPhone 5 rumors

  • me

    cant say who i am buti can confirm this is 100% real, that is the iphone 5 we will be launching in a few weeks, fri 2nd sept will be d date for all d news, i know you might not believe me but this is defo it! mark my words and youll see πŸ™‚

    • Deathstar

      I cannot speak proper English but yo trust mi it is cuming out on sept 2nd FO Sho! Come ON! Seriously? Is Everyone is missing the obvious?? The case renderings and green “prototype” case shows the vibrate button toggle on the right side of the case…so why is this devices vol keys and vibrate toggle button on the left side of the device like the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4??? People are really grabbing for iNews theses days!!!

  • Deathstar

    As for the Secrecy…if you were looking at porn on your iPhone in a public place wouldn’t you try to hide it too?!!!

  • babiloe

    At last saturday, at 01.00 morning, the people lines already closed for 1200 pieces samsung nexus s2 that being sold at 08.00. Hmm but apple always underestimate about our desire of gadget on asia, even 3gs is still being sold at the same as nexus s2 price, ridiculous.

  • dtdw

    if he was apple fanboy or anywhere interested in an iphone, he would be (SHOULD be) using ip4 already.

    a pic taken by ip4 wouldnt be this blur. this quality only comes out from a cheap so called smart phone.

    even if it was ‘real’, why would anyone ‘damage’ a pic and make it blur if they are trying to prove something ? its like those ‘ive found an alien’ pic thats uber low quality.


  • Ken

    correction : Is This an iPhone 3GS prototype?

  • Dan

    I cant wait new resigned of iPhone 3GS coming out this fall.

  • Applefanboylee

    Ha ha love all the apple rurmers peeps moaning need to get a grip great story keep them coming idb ξ€Žξ•

  • Applefanboylee

    Ha ha love all the apple rurmers peeps moaning need to get a grip great story keep them coming idb 

  • Jason Masters

    So the family guy episode where Stewie beats Brian over money is on right now it’s hilarious..

  • Johari

    The tipster must be a little bit tipsy…..hahahaha

    • iCharles

      ha this is the best rumor I’ve heard yet ^^^

  • pablo

    How anyone can confirm this is an iPhone 5 (or whatever name apple choose) is beyond me. There are some real dumb quiestions and arguements in this post. The rumour mill is most definitely getting out of hand. This phone looks more like a 3G S in my opinion. Yeah I see the bits under the camera location but zooming in shows nothing, it could have been anything. “It’s in a case” how can you see, I zoomed in, it’s just blurry. Know one can say for sure but it looks way to much like a 3G S. If you wanted to start an iPhone conception story how hard is it really, I could have grabbed my old 3G S and stuck 2 lilttle stickers on it, taken a zoomed in pic to make it distorted, then posted it to a website and there ya go, a concept is then out there and people ask, “Is this a prototype?! Getting ridiculous now, I love the iPhone and I’ll always read the posts as iDB is a great site but this type of post achieves nothing! Rant over, carry on………………… Ha! πŸ˜‰

  • I will wait on the iPhone 6, just got my 4 from Verizon and love it.

  • I doubt if it’s the real deal. Tipster mentions EVO like screen which means it has to be bigger than the iPhone 4 however, the dimensions in his hand seem to match more of the current one rather than a bigger iPhone.

  • Γ‰rico

    this is a 3gs!

  • jason

    Definitely not an iPhone 5. Its the 3gs. I think i have the same case as him I’m not sure but it looks similar. And even if I don’t have the same case, any case can make your iPhone look different.