Well that didn’t take long now, did it?

The much-anticipated and apparently leaked Facebook iPad app’s life was short lived, with TechCrunch reporting that the social networking giant has already blocked use of the app, using the power of magic remotely.

Update: It’s working again!

If you didn’t get your hacking done early, it seems you might have to wait for Zuckerberg and co to release the app officially.

The Facebook iPad app, which turned out to be hidden inside its iPhone counterpart all along, was just a info.plist file edit away— until now.

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler broke the news that users could force the iPad version of Facebook’s app to show itself with just a little text editing, and we told you how this morning. Unfortunately, TechCrunch is now saying that Facebook has halted all our fun, and they didn’t even need to force an update to do it.

“We’re hearing tons (as in hundreds) of reports that users who are just now getting around to checking out the trick are unable to do so. The iPad-friendly app still launches — you just can’t do much, as newcomers are being turned away at the login screen.”

The good news is that it appears users who have already followed the guide are still seeing good results, though the app has been acting up slightly— notifications and the like aren’t working well, though that could just be a Facebook server issue.

Oh well, guess we’ll just have to move over to Google+ instead.

  • kirk

    but google+ doesn’t have an ipad app either…besides i would rather use the fb iphone app on my ipad than deal with g+ and its annoying circles. Don’t even get me started on the barebones and glitchy iphone app.

    • sohail

      no no don’t stop .. please start on the bare bones and glitchy app. we would love to hear what u have to say.

  • Jason Masters

    Who’s really in a rush to get on this crap site and poke your grandma and listen to people rant all day about their pathetic daily events like getting soda from fridge and bout to watch ncis who gives a sh$&t I can’t wait till Facebook is dead and all those losers wander the Internet wasteland looking for a place to hang lol!!!

    • Shamus Conundrum

      See, you had me at the beginning, but then you started rambling like a child.

      • Pieter


      • Jason Masters

        I care so much of your opinionion ha

      • iPwn

        So, what makes you think anyone cares about your opinion? Not to mentioned you sounded like a pissed off teenager who only hates facebook because he has 5 friends and 3 of them are family members.

  • Funked

    Seems to be working fine for me (well, as fine as it ever was – still random crashes and other stuff didn’t work, same as earlier today). Although I uploaded a photo using it earlier, and now the photo has disappeared haha. Facebook must be trying to tell me to stop using it 🙂 I’m gonna continue to use it until it’s officially released though.

    • Jason Masters

      No I hate Facebook because your moms always sending dirty messages to me plus your always posting about your boring ass life lol unlike you I have a life that’s why you’ll keep responding cuz your a douchebag

      • Dude, go back in your corner. Nobody wants to hear your immature comments.

      • Binary-Stalker

        Go troll another blog, Jason. No one gives a damn about your opinion, because you’re a troll.

  • tkong

    Worked fine this morning…then i read this and thought i would try. It opens but when I try to login – it tells me “unable to connect to facebook”

    oh well….

    • Jason Masters

      Shut up no one asked your opinion either go troll elsewhere vitaliy

      • Binary-Stalker

        He doesn’t have an opinion in that comment. You have one in yours. Take that advice yourself, Jason.

      • Binary-Stalker

        Not an opinion because it’s a fact.

    • Jason Masters

      Another troll come to comment sheesh you guys are like Lil minions and your contribitution us the same so you prove no point this is a blog I leave a comment that’s what comments are if you don’t like them fine but you people act like you own the site or you act like your opinion is worth more than the next persons bottom line it’s a comment you dont like it oh well move on but trying to bully people like your sone cyber tough guy is hilarious im sure another person will continue the troll rants unless your man enough to just grow up and shut up

  • Sajid

    it was just a publicity stunt..

  • It logged me out

    • blckaapl

      Me too! >;(

  • yOy0dEv

    It works just fine for me 🙂

  • LT

    What’s the Freaking big deal of this FB iPad app anyways??????

  • John

    It’s the EXACT same thing? Seb, I assume your not on G+ because of the name correct?

  • Jason Masters

    Google plus is pretty good I’m betting it takes Facebook by storm and it will eventually have twitter integration.

  • Ghiles

    If you really want to get it again just add faceforward on the bigboss repo which re-enables it

  • Twited21

    Big boss has just released a tweak called face forward which bypasses the lock out and reenables Facebook for the iPad
    Have fun

    • JAK

      Mahalo’z Twited21! Works!

  • green_comet

    Damn, why couldnt this be the Skype app for iPad?!

  • Awwwwwwwwww!

  • SpideyRules

    Well, got woken up this early for wok and happened to catch this also. I can report that the native app does NOT work on it’s own as I’m still getting blocked from logging in.

    Using the FaceForward tweak did allow me to use it though.

    (You guys may want to update more that simply “It’s working again!” that links to the original article)

  • potamus

    I can’t log in…

  • Jason Masters

    To the guy pretending to be me, lame not even man enough to leave a real email or real name ? Come back when you’ve moved out of mommys basement. Sheesh what a wussy can’t even fight fair on the net lol

    • SpideyRules

      ROFLMAO that you even consider “fighting” on the Internet…

      And besides that, he’s probably right. I also assumed you are a huge fat 10 year old retard…

      • Shamus Conundrum

        I second that. Bring on the main course, Jason. I myself am dying to hear it.

  • C0edx

    You guys are going to get sued by th Jew claw.

  • I looking the update for long days. Now it working nicely. Thx

  • Shamus Conundrum

    Oh wait, it’s been over a month. Maybe he turned 13 in that time. =^^=

    • Jason Masters

      Get a life mate seriously are you one of those fat douches that just have to get the last word