The reports are coming in, and users are already beginning to perform over-the-air updates from iOS 5 Beta 3 to the just-released Beta 4.

As you can see from the above screenshot, OTA updates can now be turned on under Settings > General > Software Update.

Here’s what OTA updates look like on the iPad:

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  • iPwn

    Mine won’t start the downloading process… it says “downloading” and shows < 1 minute but there is no progress in the progress bar

  • Ziggy

    I had the same problem just leave it for a while it will start downloading

  • QuarterSwede

    It says I’m up to date. I did use a jailbreak workaround though.

  • me

    I can’t wait for it to be fully released in the fall!!!

  • Geek

    Already knew this feature…. Back on iOS 4.0 installing carrier bundles to over ride ATT via Internet…

  • maxx

    Does anyone know how big the “update” downloads are?

    • Devokan

      This one is 133 MB vs around 650-800 MB for the previous one that were not Delta

  • Mike tae

    Settings > General > Software Update??? mine didnt appear the software update form lol…

    • You have to be on iOS 5 Beta 3 to do that.

      • ic0edx

        I’m on iOS 5 Beta 3 (9A5259f) and when I go to Settings > General > Software Update it says my software is up to date. Any help?

  • Mike tae

    ways? =)

  • George

    Any idea if iOS5 will be free for ipad users?

    • Johnny

      Apple stated that it will be free for all devices.