The legal team over at Lodsys doesn’t seem to have been phased at all by Apple’s cease and desist letter, or attempt to intervene in the patent dispute. Not only is the company not backing down, they’ve actually upped the ante.

FOSSPatents reported yesterday that Lodsys has amended its patent complaint and modified the list of defendants. 5 new companies were added to Lodsys’ infringement case, including Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, Atari, Square Enix and Rovio- the makers of Angry Birds

If you’ve been following the Lodsys story, you’ll understand how this move seems to come from left field. When the patent licensing firm sent out the initial round of complaints regarding IP infringement back in May, they only seemed interested in the smaller software companies.

Florian Mueller explains what we can determine from the amended complaint:

“Lodsys is not afraid of suing deep-pocked app developers. And Lodsys is obviously still not impressed by Apple’s assertion that its own license to Lodsys’s patents extends to its app developers.”

Mueller also points out the fact that with the addition of these 5 companies, Lodsys is now suing a total of 37 defendants. It will be interesting to see what Apple’s next move is, considering the outcome of this case will have a heavy impact on their rich developer community.

Hopefully Lodsys learns that you don’t want to make an Angry Birds bird extra angry.

  • Dan

    In the sentence about the company not not backing down, I believe there is one too many ‘not.’

    Apple and the debs should beat Lodsys’ ASS!

  • Dane

    Double negative is a fail.

    I hope LODSYS wins this case. They own the patent so each company should have to pay for their own license. Apple can’t just purcahse it and put every single developer under their umbrella.

    I’m sure these dev’s wouldn’t like if just one person bought their app then cracked it and shared it w everyone and said hey you already got paid by that guy. Real funny how all these devs and apple are so hypocritical.

    • Night

      The thing is @Dane, if LODSYS gives APPLE a contract that says, ok you pay this and everybody that develops on your SDK is cover, and then LODSYS thinks, wait, I can make more money if I make each dev buy the rights, and starts suing. Well that is not legal and it is what APPLE is defending.

      All this happens because USA allows to patent an idea, so tomorrow I patent the idea of something heavier than air that can fly and sue everybody that builds anything that can fly, which is quite stupid, and this kind of abuses should not stand

      • moob

        tomorrow? too late, you snooze, you lose! thanks for the tip I’ve just gone and patented your idea 😛

      • Goofygreek

        Totally agree with you. It’s lodsys’ fault they didn’t make each developer get a lisence. Technically, if your a developer for apple, with the membership and all, doesn’t mean you pretty much work for apple? Not really sure on that one, just thinking out loud.

      • Goofygreek

        Meant to say “doesn’t that mean”.

    • moob

      …and to add, Lodsys dropped the ball when they issued the license to Apple. They can’t now go suing people for their original lack of foresight into how that license would be used by a 3rd party. too bad, stop being greedy, bite the bullet at your mistake, move on.

    • Jon Garrett