Ever wanted to see your app icons randomly flip as if you Home screen was filled with a dozen miniature revolving doors?

To be honest, me neither; but it does look nice once the effect is there and you can see it in action.

Random Icon Flip is one of those tweaks that sounds horrible while hearing it described, but it actually starts to grow on you after using it…

As you can see, this is an extremely simple and straightforward tweak. For that reason, there’s not even a settings panel for it in the settings app.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, Random Icon Flip is a free TweakWeek available in Ryan Petrich’s repo on Cydia. (http://rpetri.ch/repo/)

Do you like the look of your app icons randomly flipping on your iPhone’s Home screen? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Chris

    Jeff, you are definitely on a roll lol. I need to follow you on twitter or something lol.

  • numbnuts

    watching them flip is quite calming and therapeutic, like watching waves gently rolling up onto the beach 🙂

    • numbnuts

      ..the folder icons may flip on the SB but if you open a folder the icons within do not even when the folder does 😛

  • George

    Only the dock icons flip. the springboard icons does not flip for me…
    maybe there’s a conflict with infinidock?

  • hmmmmm

    “how much battery does it use” lol

    couldnt help myself

  • KiraXD

    infinidock is messing it up for me i think… only the last 2 icons on the dock (on the 3rd page over) flip for me

  • Fady T.

    Not working on springboard icons and on the docking icons.
    I have the Barrel and the scrollingboard installed, maybe that’s the reason.

    Fady T.

    • Chris

      It works with Barrel. I think scrollingboard is messing it up.

  • Chris

    Nooo it crashes if you have Springboard Invaders installed !

  • Chris

    Or vice versa

  • zEz

    i wonder if they can be switched on and off through settings?

  • DomPerignon

    Relaxing tweak but pointless, not a cool tweak, conflicting with other apps and a battery drainer. Good luck with it. I am deleting it right now.

  • Woody6866

    My dock icons are the only ones that flip too. I have infinidock installed but not infiniboard. If i use backboard and switch my phone back to stock mode the icons on the springboard flip but I have infinidock still working so Im not sure whats going on. I also have boss paper working to having the revolving background but Ive tried turning it off and still no springboard icon flip just the dock

  • dale joseph

    i am using these with bigity and barrel 2 works great ,no problems yet. made icons a little smaller and turned them slightly rotated gives in more on a rolling barrel affect

  • Érico

    ok this tweak is sweet, but where is the dock icon reflection???!!!

  • SimonOrJ

    This tweak is entertaining me; it’s fun to guess which icon is going to rotate next!

  • Daniel

    From Cydia I added this sources rpetri.ch/repo
    I can not find here Randon icon flip
    Pleas help me