After weeks of anticipation, we knew that the release of JailbreakMe was imminent. The clues and hints that Comex had left behind were just too obvious. What we didn’t expect, though, was that one of the beta testers for JailbreakMe would leak it out to the world.

Links starting popping up on several websites this morning, and by simply opening a PDF document from your device (yes, including the iPad 2), you were able to install Cydia, much like you install an app from the App Store…

Now here is some sort of disclaimer that I hope you will take the time to read. We felt we had to report the news to everyone because that’s what we do here at iDB. But I have to admit – and I believe I can speak for the whole iDB team – that I am extremely disappointed to see that someone who Comex trusted enough to let him beta test his latest creation has leaked it out to the world. This is very saddening and I hope this won’t turn Comex off from working on iOS jailbreaks again in the future. Whoever leaked this should be ashamed.

That being said, it seems that most, if not all, of the links to the leaked JailbreakMe, have been taken down. While we thought this leak was just a fake, we got confirmation from the fine folks at Redmond Pie that it was indeed real and working. We were not able to verify that information as we didn’t try this ourselves.

The video below shows this unofficial version of JailbreakMe in action on an iPad 2.

At this point, we were only able to find a JailbreakMe jailbreak for iPad 2 Wi-Fi. You can try it by visiting this site from your iPad 2 running iOS 4.3, which should install Cydia on your springboard. Reboot and you should be good to go.

We’ve been waiting for JailbreakMe for a few weeks now, so I highly recommend you wait for the official release to come out instead of using links from unknown sources online. As far as I know, these links may include viruses or anything else you might not want to put on your iDevice.

If you do try it though, we want to hear from you. Let us know how it went by leaving a comment below.

UPDATE: We’ve been hearing from multiple sources that this leaked exploit only works on iOS 4.3.0. All newer iOS versions are not compatible. The links to the 4.3.3 exploit have been taken down, presumably because the person that leaked the exploit wants more YouTube subscribers first.

  • I’ve tried this and work perfect.

  • Funked

    Such a shame that it got leaked. I hope the guy who leaked it is ashamed of himself. I had the chance to download the 4.3.3 jb before it got taken down, but I’m waiting for the official release out of respect to comex, and also I have no idea if the PDF has malware or anything like that. Again, really disappointed to see this get leaked, since it’ll most likely get released tomorrow.

    • c0edx

      yeah such a fucking shame, Im gonna skip lunch and dinner because this happened. Ive already scheduled a visit to the therapist tomorrow.

      Please pray for me. I have to get through this.

      • Buba Abdule

        Please pray for us all…How could this happen

    • tim

      hahahaha, you just made my day. thanks 🙂

      • Vitica

        LMAO! Hilarious!!

  • Knightfal

    I’ll wait patiently for the real thing

  • vik071

    One word: SELLOUT!

  • Kero

    LOL! SHAME!!! i will wait COmex ^^

  • anon

    not just ashamed but should go to hell.
    i’m not even gonna try this until an open beta release is out.

  • Ghonta

    Not Woks on ipad 2 3g

  • Adam

    If idb is so agited about the leak, then why is there a direct link for it?? Just sayin. It’s pretty much saying were totally against this but here’s a link anyway.

    • If you’re gonna report the news, you report the news. We left our opinion in there as well for people to draw their own conclusions.

      • Adam

        But why include the link. That’s like reporting about Madoff and then telling exactly how he did it.

    • goofygreek

      When you report the news, you report the news. If he had the link, then it is job to post it. Its up to you to follow it or not. Besides, a few clicks on google, and you would find the link anyways, so to stop people from bitching, he posted it. But, you cant make everyone happy, so just deal with it.

      And as a reply to this topic, I am waiting for an official release, but thanks to the asshole who leaked it, we may not see one now.

      • IRha

        Yep, it is better to include a link as well. Without the link, some users might search on google and end up on a shady site. With the link, at least there is a better there is less chance of something shady happening (presumably because the author did some validation, or received it from reputable sources).

  • L33Thacker

    What the fucking shit, I tried this on my ipad 1st gen and it doesnt work
    which bastard guys released this????


    • phosphorus

      You can jailbreak your iPad 1st gen on on every firmware using the latest redsn0w. The iPad 2 isn’t jailbroken on most firmwares and versions.

  • MALdito

    Comex must be PISSED!

  • Giant waffle farm

  • jay Wigle

    I can’t believe this guy. Comex has been working his ass off for mths and mths. He let’s some people beta test and he does this? Please wait for Comex or Dev team everyone! Not saying there is but what if there is malware? And by releasing it like that , it just gives Steve Jobs more time to patch. Thanx a lot jerk off, hope they wipe your hd clean.

  • Shannon

    Any idea when this will be officially released?

    • Roli

      Maybe sunday will be funday 😀

      • Shannon

        I hope so, I’ve been waiting far too long.

  • Worked fine on my iPad 2 4.3.0 wifi

  • LT916

    Hey maybe it’s the real thing ??? I’m gonna try it

  • Aribenda

    I just tried it and works perfectly on 4.3.0 wifi !

    Finally !!!

  • You guys have written “use at your own risk”… Is it because you guys havent tried it out yourselves or is it because there is something wrong with this

    • James

      It’s because this is not an official release and there may be bugs with it that may cause you to have to restore later.

  • Eric

    It doesn’t work
    iPad 2
    32 gigabyte
    Any help?

    • James

      What firmware are you on? This only works if you are on firmware 4.3

  • Manuel

    It was probably comex seeing the results of the iPad 2 working or not without the need to have to buy new iPad’s

  • Abdul abaca

    The link says the site is unpublished when I tried been waiting since the iPad 2 came out hope it’s released soon thanks.

  • Potamus

    I am on an ipad 2 64GB 3G, 4.3 and when I click on the pdf Safari crashes. Any ideas, suggestions…?

    • monkers

      Don’t use it, seems simple enough

    • aa

      Restart the device

  • is it tethered or untethered?

  • Untethered :p. It’s great

  • {AW}ResidentEvil

    The original post said it worked for 4.3.3. So I upgraded to find our it would have worked where I was at!! 4.3….doh

    • John

      yup same here. so stupid. i successfuly did it on 4.3 however i found some bugs like unable to save vpn settings the wifi settings were a bit messed up. so upgraded to 4.3.3 and bam it didn’t work. i probably should wait for the official one from comex

  • jay Wigle

    Just wanted to point out that Comex still has a site up that will jailbreak firmwares 3.21-4.01(not ipad2) the addy is . This is way easier then the bootrom. Hope it helps someone that has older devices.

  • zbegon

    now that exploit will be closed by Apple

    • Manuel

      I say 1 week. Better use the leaked now before a firmware update comes

      • James

        Or just don’t update? Seriously who gives a damn if Apple patch it, Apple probably already know about it. Firmware updates are optional. I cannot see why that is so damn hard for people to understand.

  • jay Wigle

    Hey everyone @Comex 30 mins ago has tweeted that he is not sure but he was a victim of a dictionary attack, and now he has been on a timetable. He once again has asked everyone to save their ShSh blobs from their 4.33 using TinyUmbrella. Please everyone wait, looks like he will release despite the moron. Links to his tweets are below

  • José Luis

    Dont works in mi iPad. 🙁 wih the mediafire link.

  • jay Wigle

    Why are my comments being moderated still? No false info from me

  • jay Wigle

    Hey everyone @Comex 60 mins ago has tweeted that he is not sure but he was a victim of a dictionary attack, and now he has been on a timetable. He once again has asked everyone to save their ShSh blobs from their 4.33 using TinyUmbrella. Please everyone wait, looks like he will release despite the moron.

  • Joel

    I can’t believe people are stupid enough to try this on their iPads. I trust comex he works for free for little thanks until he puts his exploit out then after a week nobody cares about what he’s working on. He makes good fully functional jb that never have issues cause he puts them out when their ready not when people bug him enough. Out of respect for him don’t use this and save your blobs so if the hole gets plugged in an update you don’t have to bother him.

  • Zin Tuan Anh

    Anyone notice the title “no, seriously” on I havent got a good feeling…

  • Zin Tuan Anh

    Anyone notice the title “no, seriously” on I dont have a good feeling…

  • Lil Ralphie

    Anyone know the twitter address of the f’wit that released leaked COMEX’s JB? I feel like venting.

  • SEEL

    Does anyone know of a link to a download that is still working? I’ve found two which are not (including the one above). Thanks

  • kokhean

    LOL, the leaker felt guilty.

    “I know everyone still hates me but @comex I am sorry for leaking the jailbreak for the iPad 2. I have removed all the videos and PDF files. Sorry.
    I encourage you guys to continue to support @comex and donate to him when he officially releases the jailbreak (even if you already jailbroke).”

  • Tr0jan69

    Just so sick of this whole fucking thing! I just want a jailbreak.

  • Dodgerdeezy

    I’m on 4.3.1 and I guess I will just continue to wait and wait and wait. Just when u think it won’t come out… will.