We know JailbreakMe is right around the corner. Comex keeps dropping hints at an imminent release but unfortunately there always seems to be bumps in the road. This time though, it appears that Comex is almost done ironing out the kinks of JailbreakMe.

In a tweet sent a few hours ago, Comex said he’s running out of bugs to fix, which seems like an indication that we might finally see an iPad 2 jailbreak sooner than later…

How many times have we been excited about the release of a jailbreak before? Too many times. Until JailbreakMe is officially out, I’ll do my best to keep my hopes low.

Is Sunday gonna be a Funday?

  • meena

    Yeah its gonna be my wish

  • Funked

    I sure hope it’s out soon. All these teasers and hints have my nerves on end!

  • thehelio

    I cant contain myself

  • Buba Abdule

    @comex is playing World of Warcraft today…don’t expect anything to soon from him…he has been slacking lately

    • Coop

      Oh yeah? So when is your jailbreak methods ETA you ungrateful prick! Comex does this shit cause he wants to not cause he has to. I wish Cydia could block your UDID you are very undeserving

  • Mac

    Je ne suis pas intéressé sur son jailbreak!

  • Mac

    Yo no estoy interesado en su fuga de la cárcel!

  • Yea I’m pretty impatient now.

  • Eldaria

    No do not release it until IOS 5, not unless there are other ways to JB IOS5.

    • c0edx

      Relax he know what he’s doing. Obviously the exploit is patched in iOS 5. There will be more exploits in iOS 5 so we will see a JB a month into the releas in Fall.

    • Funked

      Obviously you don’t have an iPad2. Every single jailbreaker who owns an iPad2 wants the jb right now, I sure as hell don’t wanna wait until iOS 5. I’d be pissed if he decided to wait…

  • James

    Hmmmm, maybe an Indepence Day from apple lockdown? (july4th for the USA folks)

  • LT916

    OMG!!!!! man I’ve been waiting too long for this since March!!!! Been checking foe iPad 2 JB every hour every day now!!! Please please Comex release it on Sunday!! I am running out of patience! 🙂

  • Dodgerdeezy

    I hope it drops on 4th of July! Fireworks to celebrate FREEDOM!!

    • Jarrod

      Hope it’s a 4th of July release. Would be the best birthday ever! 🙂 haha

  • Fietzy

    Please. Please! Some 1 tell me 4.3 will be included in the new JBme, i’v got a newer ip4 with no shsh’s saved in cydia! And am have’n trouble with all other J.B’s!

    • kokhean

      Use redsn0w!

  • babeh

    hmm, gotta to choose galaxy tab 10.1 16gb lte 4g sale for 586 usd (more 20 usd sale for first 200 lineup) or grey market ipad2 16gb wifi for 625usd. Apple local store not sale ipad2 yet on my country. tommorow is a one day sale line up for 1000 10.1 lte stock. Please hurry comex.

  • Benji

    HOPE it will work on the Verizon iphone 4.2.8 Cuz i cant find any way to jail break mine!!

  • babeh

    OK, tommorow Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G-LTE gonna launch and fast sale just 568 USD just for 1 day.
    Meanwhile, Ipad 2 still no appear in apple local store, but the grey market sell ipad 2 16gb wifi for 625 USD. Tegra sucks at 3D, but the price still tempting….
    Anyone suggest what i should choose?
    Comex is ipad2 jailbreakable or not?

  • Well thats good.

  • kokhean

    Technically, the iPad 2 is already jailbroken by him, other than the first PDF exploit that he used in 4.3.
    I agree that iOS 5 will have more exploits; more features will always result in more bugs and vulnerabilities.

  • phosphorus

    He is basically forced to release the jailbreak.

    If people don’t save their SHSH blobs on their current firmware, they won’t be able to downgrade back from iOS 5.

  • c0edx

    From what I read from his twitter replays the iPad 2 JB will cover 4.3 – 4.3.3 The new GP JB will cover all the iDevices from 4.2.1 – 4.3.3

  • Anonymous

    Why do you guys have to make a post about every tweet he makes you act like you’re the only one that follows him

    • Because some people don’t follow Comex and wants to get updates about an iPad 2 jailbreak.