Been itching for a quick and easy way to convert the photos in your camera roll to black and white? If so, then GrayPix might be the jailbreak tweak that cures what ails you.

A TweakWeek tweak that features no settings or app installations, GrayPix places a convenient ‘Convert to Grayscale’ button into your camera roll’s list of sharing options.

From there, it’s just a matter of tapping the button and letting GrayPix do the rest…

I know that iOS 5 will feature some basic editing features like crop, and red eye reduction, but I really think that Apple should look into adding filter options like this directly into the camera roll as well.

What do you think about GrayPix? It’s free for jailbroken iPhones; do you think you would use it?

  • Tay

    Works very fast when it’s converting…only problem is after being in the camera roll for a bit I can no longer click on a picture and bring up my options…had to close and reopen photos….ip4 iOS 4.3.3

  • Mick

    Nice tweak but im personally not into B & W style images .. Could sum1 who knows any of these devs please, please, please lol suggest a tweak that basically autohides the dock just like in windows. I’d really love to see this feature and would look so cool.

  • Nah I want a tweak that uses the iPad camera kit on the iPhone. That would be impressive.

  • J.Johnson

    what repo is it in?

  • This is ok but I’m sure there are free apps in the app store somewhere that will do this just as good if not better