Have you ever noticed that the iPhone doesn’t seem to pick up all of the available Wi-Fi hotspots? That’s because it doesn’t. As another testament to Apple’s focus on user experience, iOS doesn’t display Wi-Fi hotspots with sub-par signal strength.

While this prevents the user from having a negative web experience, it also handicaps the device when searching for a web connection. How do you make your iPhone show all of the available Wi-Fi networks? There’s a jailbreak tweak for that…

Wi-Fi Booster removes the signal limitation in iOS that prevents you from seeing and connecting to all available networks. If you’ve ever used an app like WiFi Scan, you understand what a big difference that can make. The developer says Wi-Fi Booster can reveal 100% more networks in some areas.

The nice thing about the utility is that it installs right into the Wi-Fi tab of your Settings app. There’s no extra icons or settings to mess with. After downloading from Cydia, just pop into your Wi-Fi panel and check the results. You’ll also notice that the Wi-Fi networks list now includes signal levels and MAC addresses.

If you’re the type of person who relies on Wi-FI networks for data, Wi-Fi Booster might be worth the hefty $1.99 price tag. If you want to check it out, it’s available for download today in the BigBoss repo.

Have you tried Wi-Fi Booster? Do you use a better utility that does the same thing?

  • Finally!! Ive been waiting for a tweak like this for ages!

  • GamerInAMask

    it wont let me buy it :L it only says install and tells me to buy it when there isnt a button to buy it in cydia just an install button. hopefully this is a temporary bug so i can get this soon.

  • BLT

    Waste, didn’t extend my iPhone or iPad to new networks in my area. There are hotspots down the block I still can’t reach

  • David

    That’s a waste. If far hotspots are not shown, that’s because the signal is too weak, and if it’s too weak you can’t use it decently.

  • Paul

    All we need is a jailbreak app that hacks wifi passwords

    • Thats stealing Wi-Fi. But who said it wasn’t legal to connect to a open Wi-Fi network?

  • appletiser

    “The developer says Wi-Fi Booster can reveal 100% more networks in some areas.”

    in my case 100% of two is not going to make me rush out to buy this tweak 😛

  • I’ve got it but the numbers I don’t understand if it’s higher is that better or if it’s lower?

    • SLue

      -65 is a better signal than -75.

  • Matthew Scott

    I’m on iOS 5 Beta 1 and I can no longer purchase applications, it only show the “install” button. anyone know why this is??????????????

  • Michael

    I use WifiTrak, it used to be in appstore until apple removed it. Can still get it in apptracker, it’s great app !

  • STK10

    Wifi-where does a similar job. i always get heaps of networks come up but in the apple app i get only a few.

  • gunther80

    Too bad, not available for iOS under 4…. 🙁

  • Bryan Fauber

    Can I get a wifi booster without a jailbreak for IPhone 3GS?

  • Bryan Fauber

    I don’t need to search for places that have wifi, I need to boost my wifi’s ability to pick up my landlord’s router