Homescreen Settings is the type of innovative tweak that doesn’t come around too often, but when it does, you wonder, what took so long?

It’s one of those, “well, duh!” tweaks that leave you scratching you head as to why it hasn’t been done before.

That’s what I love about the jailbreak community, because no matter how far we think the developers have pushed the envelope, they continue to amaze us with their work.

Homescreen Settings is just that, an amazing tweak, and worth every cent of its $1.99 asking price. It allows you to place any, literally, any settings panel onto your iPhone’s Home screen as a quick and convenient shortcut.

Not convinced? Check inside and be convinced…

Being a natural skeptic, I was sure that there had to be a catch somewhere. I was positive that there would be some sort of restriction when it came to adding any settings panel to your Home screen, sort of like trying to cash in your frequent flyer miles.

But nope, there’s no catch here. You can literally add any settings panel to your Home screen as a shortcut. Upon tapping the shortcut, It’ll open in a folder-esque spline view for easy access to all of your settings, toggles, and whatever else you decide to transplant over.

So, Jailbreaking is dead, huh? Well this, and other recent tweaks make me think that jailbreaking is as alive as ever.

Let me know how you feel about Homescreen Settings. Do you think I’m overhyping it, or does it deserve its praise?

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  • Timohty/klouud

    Very very nice. Why hasn’t Apple done this? Its an easy fix and/or alternative to some of the features in SBSettings.

    Really really cool!!

    • James

      I wouldn’t even bother with sbsettings after using this tweak if only there was a way to respring from an icon.

      • MALdito

        I’m pretty sure their is, look for respring in cydia

      • Timohty/klouud

        I think the most important aspect of SBSettings is the “Processes” Function. It also has poof built in as well as toggle on/off Mobile Substraight settings. So we are a long way off from replacing SBSettings.

      • James

        I forgot about respring lol, as for the processes bit, that’s a valid point but I use remove background anyway so the only thing sbsettings lets me do is see how much mb I have free as on the iPhone I can never actually free up memory until it falls below 300 mb.

  • Kero

    Perfect! Love it.

  • Jon

    Wow… Way better then sb settings – no accidental pull downs…. Can we place those icons in a folder?

  • Sangha

    Told u so!!!!!!!

  • Frg

    two words SB settings

  • Khoa

    You can put it in folders but doesn’t look as nice. I have everything else in folders so my second page is just full of these shortcuts. SB Settings is nice for quickly turning things on and off but for WiFi you can’t choose the network for example. Now you can!

    • Josh

      Install “YFiSelect4” and then you can choose networks by tapping and holding the WiFi button in SBsettings.

  • Rick

    I hear you can’t put activator there, is that false?

    • Khoa

      Nope doesn’t work.

  • Hack

    The only problem is that the icons are not in retina resolution…

    • Sangha

      That is because it uses the small icons next to your toggles. You can always chane the icons manualy

      • Sangha
      • Khoa

        SSH instructions please :). I’m lazy to go to Macthemes.

      • Sangha

        SSH to /User/Library/Webclips and find the folder for the setting (it should be something like

      • Sangha

        cont: (it should be something like this com.prefsicons.Wi-Fi.webclip) inside it change icon.png with your icon. and if you want to remove the shine then open the info.plist in text editor and where it says IconIsPrecomposed change ‘false’ to ‘true’ then respring

      • Philip

        @Sangha: Where did you get those HD Icons?

      • Philip

        @Sangha Where did you get those HD Icons?

  • zwipy

    it does’nt work with “call forwarding”
    anyone else has the same issue?

    • Zeev Gutkin

      Doesn’t work on my phone also.
      It’s iOS5, any ideas someone?

  • Chris

    isn’t this Like SBS Settings? I mean it’s Sweet n all, and if i didn’t have Sbs Setting i’d Use it. BUT….I’ll swell on it a bit more.

    • Khoa

      You need to use in together. SB Settings is good for turning things on and off quickly. With this you can choose WiFi network, choose wallpaper, change settings for things such as Barrel, etc.

  • Eric

    Who wants MORE freaking icons on the home screen. There’s a bew tweak on Cydia now that puts the sbsettings toggles on the switcher screen. No residing needed to move or remove toggles. It’s sweet.

  • Khoa

    Guys this isn’t click WiFi and it’ll turn on and off. It gives you all the options for that setting which is something SBSettings does not do.

  • Fojam

    Wasnt this in the ios5 concept video that someone made?

  • c0edx

    Why add more icons to your springboard. SBSettings it tucked away nice and clean. What your going to scroll to the 3r page to open a folder just to adjust the brightens of your screen or find a WiFi acces point. You can just go in to settings and do all that or SBSettings.

  • XepptizZ

    Damn people should realize this is nothing like sbsettings.

    It gives you full settings functionality, not a toggle. That’s what sbsettings is for.

    I say, this tweak is freaking awesome, but there are no settings yet that i have to tweak all the time, I aspire the opposit.

  • anon

    what would be the point of this really? save yourself one click and clog up the springboard instead? using the settings app sounds more productive

  • Mike

    @Jeff This is great, however, I still think some1 needs to make a autobrightness ‘on’ and ‘off’ toggle for SBSettings!!

  • ashran

    This is great, but it would be sweeter if the shortcut created is IN SBSettings!
    Just imagine, we could either enable/disable WiFi (default in SBS), or we can open the shortcut to select WiFi networks, etc.

    • Gssangha

      I’ve been thinking the same thing and after the release of tweaks like Yfi select and Bluselect I still don’t know why it is not added by default to sbsettings

  • K

    what ashran just suggested would best of both worlds. anyone?

  • Rip

    It’s a nice idea but needs more work. Not all of a particular setting is useable. For example, with WiFi settings it’s impossible for me to toggle ‘Ask to join networks’ because when scrolling to it, springs back.

    The background also shows as the default folder background. It would be nice if this could be changed to black or better still user selectable.

    Hopefully it’ll get some updates but it’s not quite there yet.

  • I would love it but I don’t have it nor the money. Is anyone willing to let me use their account? I want it so bad

  • I would love it but I don’t have it nor the money. Is anyone willing to let me use their account? I want it so bad.

  • Érico

    this will be as a featured action in the next ios!

  • Andrea

    what about a IOS 5 Final version? When?