We’re calling it, folks: famed jailbreak hacker, Comex, has uncovered another PDF exploit in iOS that will allow for a userland jailbreak, ala JailbreakMe.

This is based off the above teaser image, which Comex just announced on his Twitter and is available for viewing on jailbreakme.com. If our detective work is correct, we expect a new, untethered, userland jailbreak for iOS.

If you look at the above image, you’ll notice a few things, namely, the PDF and little diamond-shaped icon. The PDF is a clear and direct reference to the previous PDF exploit that Comex is already famous for, and the diamond references Alpine. “Alpine” is the default password for root access to the iPhone.

One thing is for sure: something is cooking in the jailbreak department for iOS. Comex’s last exploit was patched by Apple in iOS 4.3.1, and he’s obviously been working on his next magic trick since then.

The jailbreak could either be for iOS 4.3.3, or iOS 5. We’re unsure about that. And let’s not forget the iPad 2. Comex could be about to bring the first untethered jailbreak for that device as well.

In the days of JailbreakMe, you could visit www.jailbreakme.com on your iPhone and jailbreak right from Mobile Safari. It was easy and simple. Those types of jailbreaks are referred to as “userland.” JailbreakMe was thanks to Comex’s last PDF exploit, that Apple has since patched.

Another userland jailbreak for iOS 5 was hinted by Comex when 4.3 was introduced, but nothing has been heard since then. i0n1c’s untethered exploit has been stealing the limelight.

It seems like it’s a little too late to introduce a new jailbreak for 4.3.3, so there’s a good possibility that Comex could be referencing a PDF exploit that he’s uncovered in the iOS Beta 1 SDK.

Either way, it looks like we’ll be seeing the return of JailbreakMe very soon.

Who’s excited?

  • I’m Exited

    • iamLuqman

      Me too. SSSUUUPPPEERRRR, excited :))

      • Well I’m oke with that I miss Cydia already I just hope it will turn out to be great!!!!!!

  • westbro0k

    I hope it’s for iPad 2, it’s been a long wait and I miss SBSettings.

    • Z

      Same here

  • Kuipo

    Not exited now. Let’s wait till the final iOS 5 is release and then check back with @comex. I won’t get my hopes up now. Hope it happens though.

  • Joeyjojo

    Surely telling the world about a possible PDF jailbreak isn’t the best idea right now though. I’m sure apple will read this and his tweet and figure the exploit out before he releases it if he has anything and patch it in ios5. If anything has been found for existing iOS then iOS5 will be patched straight away.

    • Yeah right. Apple follows a JB Dev. Apple (exept for Steve Wozniak) doesnt even have a twitter acount

      • Anonymous

        Yeah because Apple would say if they were secret following a jailbreak dev. Don’t be so stupid. Of course Apple follow them. The exploit (if found) will be patched by Apple first chance they get.

      • Spencer

        That’s why Apple have integrated Twitter into iOS5, but they don’t use it lol.

  • Burge

    Lets hope apple dont find it and patch it before ios5 comes out ….

    • Z

      I doubt they will… They only patch what has been revealed. Apple is lazy =)

      P.S.: how have you been?

      • Burge

        Not bad …been busy ( working on my house ) where have you been ? ….are you running iOS 5 yet ? It’s got a few bugs ..

  • AMB

    Im confused, is there a way to jailbreak with jailbreakme while preserving the baseband? Because I can’t think of any.

    • Nope.

    • What FW (firmware)?

    • Anonymous

      Jailbreak me only works on 4.0 at the moment and the baseband it comes with is unlockable so you have no worries if your referring to 4.0.

    • AMB

      No well I was reffering to the whole thing in general. Like let’s say that it works on 5.0 and that firmware’s baseband isn’t unlockeable yet, isn’t there any way to preserve the baseband at that point?

      But I guess 7h0masr0ss might have already given me the answer….

      • Anonymous

        Jailbreaking and preserving the baseband are far between each other, when we update to 5.0 you will need to preserve the baseband either with TinyUmbrella or with Custom firmware, then apply the jailbreak (assuming there is one) onto the device.

  • Burge

    Jailbreakme was just the site you went to to jailbreak, the jailbreak was called STAR

  • Pieter.steenssens

    Hope it’s unpatchable iPhone 4/iPad 2 (2 Devices I own) userland. Just ‘slide to jailbreak’-simple

  • SomeoneSomewhere

    let’s all hope it’s for iOS 5 when it get’s released 🙂

  • I really hope its for the ipad 2 🙂

  • Really hope it works on the ipad 2
    but isnt it a bad time to be announcing an exploit… I mean right before the release of the final version of iOS 5?

  • I’m pretty sure comex knows what he does doesn’t he?

  • josh

    Why the fuck do we post about jailbreak exploits? Just say “a jailbreak is coming”. Apple probably reads sites like these, and then they find out what to patch!

    • It’s Me

      Exactly, to say they are so bright to find and develop tools to jailbreak but yet they are so dumb they announce tot he world over 2 months before we get the final release, way to go Comex, let’s just hope when it is finally out it works.

      • A patch for a JB is inevitable no matter when it is released

  • You’re reading too far into this. First of all, if he really had discovered a PDF exploit, why would he even hint at it? There’s still months before iOS5 is officially released and I guarantee Apple employees follow his Twitter so even hinting towards an exploit would be exploit suicide as you can bet your ass Apple would have a team working around the clock until they found the PDF exploit and patched it.

    It’s possible he is working on another userland exploit, but the chances of it being a PDF exploit are slim and none. Comex is smart enough to not reveal any information about an exploit he has discovered.

    • c0edx

      I don’t think it’s for the iOS 5 because he would have not said anything. It’s going to be for iOS 4.3/4.3.3 and most likely itsnfor the iPad 2. He know Apple will not update 4.3.x anymore.

      • That’s what I’m thinking as well

      • Anonymous

        No dude. A jailbreak for a iOS that HASN’T been released yet? Thats gold. But he has ruined it. Apple CAN and WILL patch this. The previous one was patched in a matter of weeks and the iOS is still months from release.

      • That’s why we are saying that this is most likely a jailbreak for iPad2 or 4.3.3. If I was a betting man I would say this is most likely an ipad2 jailbreak. Since there are several jailbreak tools already released for 4.3.3 I doubt that it’s another one, even if it were a userland jailbreak it’s pointless to release another jailbreak for 4.3.3, that’s why I’m gonna guess it’s a userland jailbreak for iPad2.

  • I sure hope it’s for the iPad 2.

  • r3ytube

    who cares about your little teaser comex. Just release the stupid jailbreak if you want to be popular. Geohot is the real deal, the rest are full of shit.

    • Who made the first 4.3 JB?
      It was i0n1c

      • deani

        not true

        limerain was used in 4.3 to jailbreak

        ion1c wrote the code for the untether

        dude please dont say stuff if your a dumbass

  • Gutentag

    So how bout them Yankees? Pack of cheaters I tell ya..

    • TheStranger

      Kinda random. Don’t ya think?

  • Doctapeppa

    Wasn’t there a teaser before the last jailbreak me went live?

  • asdrubal

    Please let this be for ipad2…

  • qK0ng

    I don’t really care what FW it’s for. Just release it already!

  • SoundsAV

    Anyone have an extra UDID slot on their Dev account I can buy?

    • I do but its against the Dev agreement

      • SoundsAV

        Ok…so was jailbreaking at one point, yet we are all here 😉

    • contact me

      • Burge

        eBay …there cheap ..that’s how I got mine..but I’ve just downgraded to 4.3.3..iOS5 is to buggy ..wait for beta 2/3…

  • BatteriesNotIncluded

    The black diamond is a symbol found on ski slopes. It means “Experts Only” – for the more complicated routes.

  • Tu

    How can I jailbreak my iphone4 with OS 4.3.3 . Is there a web site and easy way ?? Please help
    I want it jailbroken

  • allan

    how do i jailbreake my lg optimus t t-mobile
    also how do i jailbreake my i-phone 3gs 6g At&t