I remember a few years ago when the iPhone first came out, getting your Hotmail emails on the Email app was just a struggle. Then Microsoft figured it out and let its users easily set up Hotmail on the iPhone and other devices.

Adding an Hotmail account on the iPhone is going to be even easier with iOS 5 as it is now a default option, just like Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL are…

To add your Hotmail account, simply go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Windows Live Hotmail. From there, add your Hotmail email address as well as your password, select what info you want to sync (emails, contacts, calendars), and you’re good to go.

Are there any Hotmail users left?

  • XtrlRulz

    a lots…

  • jwelden21

    does the iphone mirror to a tv as well as the ipad with ios5?

  • Breno (brazil)

    in brazil, Hotmail is the most popular. It’s good to be a standard in iOS5 like gmail or aol.

    • Érico

      that is not true nowadays. in brazil, older internet users used to have hotmail accounts, but , today gmail is the most used service since 2006 – after google released their own email service for free. besides that, you can never forget that orkut is still a fever in that country and google is the most popular search engine. those facts helped gmail to gain position a lot (source: Revista Info).

      • Victor

        Orkut it’s not so popular, people are with Facebook as well, Twitter…

  • William

    Does setting up Hotmail this way give you Push email? Or Fetch-only?
    If it’s fetch only, then I’ll pass.
    I currently set up both my Gmail & Hotmail account on my iPhone using Exchange, and the Push email works awesome!
    By the way, I don’t see “Exchange” from the above screenshot, did Apple get rid of Exchange support in iOS5? If so, I be goddamn.

    • saleh

      its above u cant c on screenshot

  • john Wallace

    I’ve been reading my hotmail account at least since IOS 4. I’m accessing my hotmail account through the mail program on both my iPhone 4 and my iPad 2. I think you just set up via exchange settings.

  • Jacksparrow

    Hotmail is a good reliable free mail account to have for light users. Been around for ages.

  • Bow

    Why is there Mobile Me if that no longer exists?

  • Dodswm

    It’s push mail…. Can also be setup as an exchange account, using the server m.hotmail.com 🙂

  • Sean

    Really disappointed if the Flag option does not sync with Exchange Flags. I’m a heavy user of Flags in Outlook 2010 as I get 100’s of emails daily each with various importance levels. At present when I read a mail my iPhone 4 if it’s important I have to mark it unread to remin me to follow it up the following day at work. Please Apple, integrate Mail Flags with Exchange server!!

  • justme

    MobileMe users can still keep their accts. via iCloud yaY!!!! cause I love me some MobileMe (push)!

  • Nick

    I’ve been screaming for a “Mark all as read” option in Apple mail … any chance this will happen in iOS5?

  • Emmanuelle

    How can I keep my email on my Hotmail server with IOS5? Everytime I erase my email in my iphone, it erases it in my Hotmail also! Never had this problem with the IOS4! thanks

    • Verse

      Then dont delete it! Reason why u had that option on ios 4 cos u had to input the hotmail account manually, now in ios 5 it comes with the hotmail support, i also find it annoying that if i erase an unwanted email from my iphone the email still remain in my hotmail when i log into it via pc

  • Hector

    Wow! Thanks, I was having a hard time with this. Thank you!

  • MattP

    Yes, many people still use hotmail, and have done since before Micorsoft bought it.

    I’ve had my lastname_firstname@hotmail.com email address for nearly 15 years, why would I bother to change it? So that I can be user9239423949@somesuch.com? And have to tell 100s of contacts about my “new” address?

  • kiwi_scooter

    I noticed with the switch to IOS 5, my hotmail accounts (which were set-up as Exchange type accounts & worked well) have automatically switched to ‘Hotmail’ type accounts, and now the hotmail account and devices aren’t syncing deleted emails. I tried to reload the account as ‘exchange’, but because of the use of server m.hotmail.com iPhone 4 switched email type from ‘exchange’ to ‘hotmail’ …. again.

  • Rosa


    with the new OS if I delete mail on my iPhone it deletes from server which I do NOT want to have happen… I want it back to being able to delete from phone and the server is separate!! how to put this back. When I look at the email setting, there is no advanced on this version to allow leave on server. there is on the Yahoo account I also have… I deleted the hotmail and went to set it up again there is no option to choose leave on or not… and if I turn of sync, then the email accoutn doesn’t show at all…


    • in_d_in

      I want the same as Rosa.. Does anyone know how to do this?

    • Anonymous

      I had the same issue. I added my Hotmail account as “Other” instead of “Hotmail”. Adding it that way, the “Advanced” option appears and you can then change your options for “Deleted Messages”. I checked it by sending myself an e-mail. Deleted it from my phone, then checked my inbox on my computer and it was still there.

      I did notice, however, that all the folders I have set up in Hotmail don’t show up (they used to when I added the e-mail as a “Hotmail” account). But, since I want to double check my e-mail on my computer anyway, I can manage folders there so it’s not a big deal for me.

      Hope that helps.

  • She likes

  • Is this still a pop or is this exchange ?