Last month, Apple’s VP of software technology, Bud Tribble, participated in a U.S. Senate hearing on mobile privacy. Although the conference was focused on consumer location tracking, at one point the conversation turned to Apple’s App Store policies.

The senate expressed their disappointment with the Cupertino company for allowing applications like Fuzz Alert in their App Store, and gave Apple a month to do something about it…

What do you know? A month later, and multiple media outlets are reporting that Apple has just updated their App Store Review Guidelines with a few amendments. The additions can be found in section 22.8 of the Guidelines:

Apps which contain DUI checkpoints that are not published by law enforcement agencies, or encourage and enable drunk driving, will be rejected.

As AutoBlog points out, although this will keep developers from including DUI stop functionality, it doesn’t prevent app users from adding DUI stops themselves in crowd-sourced software like Trapster.

Not to mention that there are several law enforcement agencies that do publish their checkpoints as part of a transparency policy for tax purposes. It appears as if developers will still be able to use this public data in their apps — business as usual.

The real question is, if applications do get prohibited or removed due to the recent changes, will we see those apps appear in Cydia? Should Saurik allow apps like that in the Cydia Store, or would that cast negative light on the jailbreak community?

It’s my opinion that applications specializing specifically in the aiding of drunk driving have no place in any app store. Too many people die from alcohol-related car accidents as it is, without the convenience of modern technology.

Did Apple do enough here, or not enough? Or are apps like these not a big issue to you?

  • Hmm something to think about

  • Chris

    Well its great that your opinion doesn’t matter to anyone else in the world… I like the idea of it for the fact that I don’t have to go through the DUI checkpoint, and I do not drink. I just hate the hassle, and this allows me to avoid it.

    • TBDM

      I think it’s more important to catch drunk drivers than accommodate your stupid ass.

      • Carl

        What ever happened to freedom of information? Accommodate me with some rights!

      • Shadow

        What happened to the “unreasonable search and ceasure” clause? If a cop sees you serving, that’s one thing, but a checkpoint where they pull everybody over is not constitutional (us of course).

  • Apple’s policies of caving in to the man are part of why I’m switching to Android.

    It is *shameful* that Apple feels free to throw free speech under the bus because some idiot congressman gets his panties in a twist.

    • Bill

      Have fun with your crap android phone. ๎‰

      • Shadow

        Got an evo 3d several months ago and couldn’t more happy with it. Still have 2 old iphones but haven’t turned them on in months. Will not likely go back to a crAppie iphone again anytime soon.

      • Shadow

        I meant 4g, not 3d, although that one looks really slick and I may have to upgrade. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hardly. Have you seen the new Samsung Galaxy 2? Or the Droid X 2? Those knock the iPhone 4 flat on its rear in terms of… well, everything. They’re just cool as heck, man.

  • lol I use Trapster, and the only reason I’d like to know where cops are is obviously to avoid them. However, the reasoning is not the same, as this idiot congressman is so slow to realize. I don’t drink and drive. It’s wrong, and quite stupid. However, police are brutes, they’ll get you for damn near anything, to make quota. I avoid cops because I don’t want to go to jail for “having residue on me” or some other ridiculously childish excuse.

    I still use Trapster ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rommel

    If you are TOO drunk to drive, you also are TOO drunk to check this type of apps and make sense of them!!

    • Cano1818

      Thats the damn truth i was going to write the sane thing!

      • Goofygreek

        Yea, but you could still be really tipsy yet sober enough to make sence of the app. Then you go and kill someone and get the shit sued out of you until you have nothing left. Apps like this should not be allowed on any store. If your doing something wrong. You deserve to get caught. I know a lot of cops think there god,but not all of them. Some are actually trying to do there job respectively. If I speeding and I get caught, which I have been, I don’t bitch and moan, I take it and say well, that was stupid. Not I wish I had a app to avoid them. I don’t even have a radar detector.

  • Yeah… And they should do random full body cavity searches whenever they want and security cameras should be installed in EVERY house in America because god knows we need to protect ourselves from the evildoers! Even though speed limits are set intentionally low for revenue generating purposes, they should lower them even more! Safety First!!! Most importantly, All apps that have not received the personal blessing of Jesus Christ as determined by Sarah Palin and her posse of conservative extreme right wing neo-nazi’s should be yanked IMMEDIATELY as they are the work of the Devil!

    Proud Moderater/User of Trapster and radar detector,

    PS. I don’t drink but I do drive really Fucking fast!

  • Vic

    It’s funny nobody mentions the use of their phone while driving. We see quite a few MVAs in the ED with many people sober. Hell, three weeks ago there was an 11 y/o that has probably had a BTK amputation because her neighbor was doing some shit on his phone at an intersection. Using a phone, especially when one is drunk, trying to avoid police because they want to speed, etc. are a fucking hazard.

  • Morgan

    Nothing like a drunk driver weaving down the road while studying his phone to find out where the DUI check points are. Maybe using both hands to hold it an expand the screen so it can be seen better.

  • Hartza

    Who cares about iPhone. Consumers have the real decision power and iPhone will be dead anyhow in few years.

  • Note to self: Load up on stock of whatever Hartza says will be dead in a few years!