As if you needed any more reason to anticipate the biggest upgrade to iOS ever! Yep, we have a few more savory pictures of iOS 5 in the flesh, and we want you to see them.

This next batch of photos show off three new features to iOS 5: Newsstand, Reminders, and Twitter integration.

It’s funny because prior to the show, Twitter integration was probably one of the most highly anticipated rumors. After the show, you almost forget that Apple even announced it, that’s how insanely deep iOS 5 is.

Check out a few more screenshots of iOS 5 inside…

I know Apple is concerned about making iOS the most comprehensive and fleshed-put mobile operating system ever, but it’s almost as if they’re cannibalizing some of their partner developers.

I’m sure not too many of the smaller to-do list app makers are stoked about Reminders. Oh well, I guess it’s time to step your game up, or step your game out.

I’m not too excited about Newsstand, as I rarely if ever use iBooks as it is, but Twitter integration is a welcomed feature.

What about you, what do you think?


    good 🙂

  • OH MY G*D you guys are shooting out new posts like 1 every minute!!

  • Jim McGraw

    Still no unlock tool yet, MuscleNerd still get pay by Apple or Gevey ?

  • Jorge

    All of you guys must be realistic: Inovation is not what we are seeing here, evrything is just a stolen copy of jailbreak developers and android, check out this article showing a video of Steve Jobs many years ago

  • Renato Pires

    No facebook sucks 🙁

    • your mom.

      No, facebook sucks 😛

      • Jareddddd

        Facebook is awesome… If you’re 11

      • Shaz

        twitter isn’t any more sophisticated THATS for sure

  • pn2bade

    I sure hope that we aren’t forced to have that newsstand app on our idevices in the final release. I have no use for it so I don’t want it.

    • your mom.

      just put it in a folder or something. Or use Poof.

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    F*ck ALLLLL OF This I Just Want an UNLOCK for the iP4 PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEAASE!!!!

    • your mom.


    • Binary-Stalker

      Your name describes you.

  • Angi

    Yeah, newsstand is going “Poof” here.

    • localemo


  • Flo

    That’s all IOS5 brings?????? Come on!!!!! I want REAL improvement! That brings nothing that I can’t get with a jailbroken phone!

  • Annoyed

    Yeah thanks to crapple I won’t benefit from the new features seeing got a 3GS and from what I hear you’re planning on doing away with the 3GS as it won’t work with 5! Ya mf poofs!

    • That’s actually untrue. In the Keynote Speech it clearly states that whichever iOS devices currently support iOS 4, will also support iOS 5. Including iPhone 3GS.

  • Rich

    Damn you Apple for making me wait till after the summer to start using this.

  • dfgbhfdv

    Unless you didn’t notice, Scott Forstall had a pornographic magazine in his news stand