If you haven’t been excited much about the few features iOS 5 has already unveiled, here is one that should get you pumped. iMessage.

iMessages is a service that works for all iOS 5 users. It supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and it allows you to send text, photos, videos, contacts to any of your friends, assuming they have an iOS device…

With iMessage, we’ve created a new messaging service for all iOS 5 users. You can send unlimited text messages via Wi-Fi or 3G from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to anyone with one of those devices. iMessage is built into the Messages app, so you can send text, photos, videos, locations, and contacts. Keep everyone in the loop with group messaging. Track your messages with delivery receipts and optional read receipts, see when someone’s typing, and enjoy secure encryption for text messages. Even start a conversation on one of your iOS devices and pick up where you left off on another.

iMessage will work on both wifi and 3G and is encrypted for extra security.

In short, iMessage is the iOS version of BlackBerry Messenger. I can’t wait to get my hands on this new app.

  • Trin

    Oooooh another way for people to bother me. Try again steve

  • Angelo

    I like the idea, but what i wanted to see is iChat for iOS with AIM and Icq support already included.

  • Jon Garrett

    Apple fanboys are always crying that others are copying from apple but now iOS 5 seems to be loaded with Android, RIM and Microsoft features.

    If any of these companies behave the way apple has (like suing HTC for using swipe to unlock) we should see a plethora of lawsuits soon.

    • Eric

      Apple sued samsumg because the phone looked EXACTLY like the iPhone. Not cause of swipe to unlock idiot.

      • SillyBear

        Where in his comment did he mention samsung?

        He’s talking about a completely different lawsuit. Idiot.

  • Excellent feature.

  • odengerrard

    isnt that this is the same as the apps called whatsapps ?

  • Potamus

    Worse. Whatsapp is crossplatform with blackberry…. IMessage just for Apple

    • William

      nay, whatsapp doesn’t work on iPod touch, iMessenger does.

      • Matt

        A better option is TextFreek. Its free and works on iPod Touch, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Plus if you are jailbroken it is integrated with biteSMS so you don’t need to use a separate IM app.

  • don

    is it supposed to be a copy of whatsapp messenger?

  • prithviraju

    good work

  • Onyxxx6700

    Blackberry has BBM ONLY for BB users, its a great idea……Apple does it, and its limited and lacking. Android has features that they brag about to Apple people, Apple gets it…..thats an issue.

    What about ALL of these touchcreen phones with swipe features? Where ANY of you clowns around when Apple dropped the bomb on the world in 2007. My how we forget. Anytime you grab a phone that is touchscreen, with full screen swipes, totally independent of hard buttons……thank Apple, clowns!

  • babeh

    encrypted? How Strong algorithm? Nice anyway.
    For multiple devices still whatsapp won with symbian, bb, iphone, android. If just bb,android,iphone: pmessenger, pingchat can be as alternatives.

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      It’s apple… Pretty strong algorithm.

  • jesse

    so if i text someone with an iphone, will it automatically use imessage? or will i have to configure all my contacts so it knows which ones to use imessage with?

    • Thor

      Excellent question. Would be a major pain to use two messaging apps.

      • geezer


      • NewMacGirl

        If the other person has iMessage it switches automatically in the messages app

  • Huey

    I’m guessing this is what the “BBM to iPhone” rumour may have been all about.