Getting rid of a folder can be quite time consuming, depending on how many applications it contains. If there are just 2 or 3 apps then it isn’t that bad, but 5 or more can get pretty tedious.

That’s because to delete a folder, you must first drag every application from the folder back to the home screen. After the last app is removed, the folder deletes itself. A new utility is coming to Cydia though, that could change all of that…

From the creator of SlideAway, comes UnFolder. The yet to be released, jailbreak tweak will allow you to finally remove folders with a single tap, instead of the aforementioned cumbersome method.

With UnFolder, simply hold down on an app icon to enter “shake mode,” and the tweak spawns an ‘x’ over your folder icons. Are you more of a visual learner? ModMyi posted a demo video of UnFolder in action:

Though the utility is not available yet, the developer Filippo Bigarella promises it will be free and open source. If you’re dying to check out UnFolder before its official release, add to your Cydia sources. Once it’s installed, do a search for it.

What do you think?

  • Another simple but very practical tweak that should be on iOS by default

  • Binary-Stalker

    It says the folder is a bookmark. :/

  • Now in the iDB repo

  • Op

    What’s the iDB repo?

  • Burge

    Now on modmyi repo…..nice tweak , but I just don’t need it..

  • Angelo

    Would be nice to shake the device to have the capability to undo incidental folder deletion.

  • i need it. when it will be launched.

  • Tsiv

    I don’t see it’s usefullness. For me making a folder is a process of deciding what apps I want to have in one same place. I don’t see how I would suddenly feel they don’t belong together anymore, hence I’ve no use for the program!