A major downfall [to some users] in iOS devices is the lack of expandable memory. In fact, that’s generally one of the first things an Android-toting user would mention in a debate between the 2 popular breeds.

The iPhone comes in a 32GB, but that may not be enough space to lug around all of your files and media content. While even feature phones sport card readers nowadays, Apple has yet to include them in their lineup. So what if you want information on your SD card on your iPhone?

Though there are several ways to do this, portable media drives have been rather popular lately. Enter the AirStash, the device-iOS app combo that allows you to view content from a standard SD card on your iDevice without any wires.

Sebastien posted a video of the accessory last fall when it was first announced, but since portable storage and cloud systems have been a popular topic lately, we felt it was relevant to shine some more light on the product.

AirStash is an SD card reader with a twist. The device creates its own Wi-Fi network, and connected iDevices can access the SD card using a web browser or the compatible iOS application. Up to 8 people can be connected to AirStash at once using the built-in web server.

The reader is compatible with standard SD cards up to 32GB. A lot of mobile devices now use micr0 SD cards, but a simple adapter should make them work. Battery life comes in at 5 hours of streaming video, similar to the Seagate GoFlex drive.

Although I like the idea of AirStash, it does have its drawbacks. The fact that you must connect to its broadcasting Wi-Fi network means you lose whatever connection you had. The app doesn’t support background audio though, so multitasking is really out of the question anyways.

While this solution might be perfect for someone who frequently transfers files from an SD card or micro SD card to their iPhone, I think I’ll walk casually by this one. But for folks interested in the AirStash, you can pick one up here for $99.

What do you think?


  • Dios

    99 dollars for something that doesn’t even have multitasking is absurd… I think they are just trying to cash in fast before people realize this piece of hardware is useless… Like really, what stuff would you put on there anyways… Nothing private or personally like sexy clips because if you lose that thing, your business would be out in the open, music?? of course not because, then you cant even leave the app if you got a text but still wanted to listen to music, videos??? Maybe but who wants to spend 99+ to have a portable storage that let’s you hold more movies… Great idea, but worthless, they should have gone with blutooth so it doesn’t interfer with the Internet..

    • Exactly.. That what I was thinking though.
      I agree with you

  • KingDJ

    I’ve shown you guys that adding memory to a iPhone to iPhone 4 and 3GS isn’t hard at all. I’m running on 132GB but shows 129Gb on an iPhone 4 not wireless memory but modded memory and my gf is running about 80gb on her 3Gs I modded these phones and there’s no physical changes looks like there’s nothing changed

    • Param

      Kingdj : great ! But how do us regular users ‘mod’ the iPhone memory ?

    • Chris

      Yeah??? How do we mod, and keep our warrantys??

      • KingDJ

        To answer both your questions just like upgrading a pc it’s simple to upgrade a iPhone just convert the ssd drive into a wired connection and
        It’s as simple as inserting and closing the back or front. And if you ever need to take it to get fixed just remove
        It and put it as factory build.

  • Hans

    I use the Huawei E583C as mobile wireless router while on the way. It has an SDcardreader for up to 32GB, and you have Broadband internet through the Simcard (stay connected to the world/cloud) and you can connect 5 clients through WiFi. (iPhones, iPod, iPads, MacBooks/laptops, etc). Hans

  • brutek

    You can read and write wirelessly for documents and photos, so there is value. It is a wireless USB drive for your iPad and iPhone!

  • KingDJ

    for people who havent seen it


  • XepptizZ

    I see a use for this for pro photographers who want to quickly share some shots from their dslr to the web or someone else.

  • Pj

    Can you use this to add things, such as ring tones, to the iphone 4s?

  • Flynn

    RAVPower has a 4-in-1 Wireless filehub with similar functions. And it is said to be with a built-in 3000mAh battery that can charge phones and tablets. It’s bigger but the price sounds more favorable. Has anybody tried it?